42.3% of Black Women Have Never Been Married

How many of you can identify with these women??? Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate???

“We are the most un-partnered people in the United States.” Dayum…that is a powerful statement. Andrea Wiley is talking about it in her documentary “SoulMate“. It was featured in the 5 part series that NBC did on Black Women in America. From the website…

For those still waiting to exhale, Soulmate is a gripping cinematic journey into the realities facing today’s successful, saved, and single African American women. This deeply personal portrait reveals the trials, and triumphs of unforgettable women while offering hope and practical advice on such issues as loneliness, the desire for sexual intimacy, men on the “down low”, the ticking biological clock and the uncertainty of the future. This film offers uplifting revelations about the quest for your true… “Soulmate.”

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One response to “42.3% of Black Women Have Never Been Married

  1. There’s is both a favorable legal environment and constant feminist media campaign stigmatizing men. I believe this has led to the shunning of women in general as men are beholden to prove themselves human first. “I dont need a man”, “I can do bad by myself”, “Strong Black Female”- these credos didnt help either but hindsight is 20/20. BM have been the topic of derision for quite sometime. And not in a “Superman that Hoe” fashion but directly as in black men aint **** way.

    Present legal structure makes single motherhood a viable choice. Feminist actually ALWAYS promoted the idea as they believed marriage a destructive institution in the 1st place. In the wake of this you have black men freed more by feminism than woman and with built-up resentment. I would of preferred the marriage/family route but feminism SPECIFICALLY hates that and they have polluted the secretive family court structure/divorce industry. And they are way stronger than our voices so…..

    But we love U.

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