Racist interracial dating songs make a great soundtrack!

First of all, where in the Hell did he find that “White Girl and a Nigger” Song??? Dayum! Oh well, who am I kidding…you can just google “racist songs” or “nigger song” and find a couple CDs and website for all the redneck Klans men out there. They say ni**er just about as much as the average rapper does…no maybe a little less.  That singer is saying the N-word in the traditional, old world south, “I really mean it” kinda way.

The details on YouTube said that this is the trailer for “Who Are You”, a new documentary I am working on it should be set for release March 2008. I’m sure it will be viewed in many a barbershop. No, but for real, I wish nothing but luck to the filmmaker. He’s telling the truth especially about history of european peoples and global terror. The black women with blond hair montage…priceless. Great use of footage. That Roots soundbite made me a little more angry each time I heard it. Sigh! Doesn’t this filmmaker know I gotta go to work with good white folks tomorrow. He’s trying to get me riled up. LOL

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