Bill, your colors are showing…

This video shows Bill Clinton’s reaction to Obama’s win in South Carolina. In his response, Barack took the high road and didn’t use the situation to imply that Bill Clinton’s comments had underlying racial tones.  I respect that, but Bill’s comments (along with prior comments) certainly make you wonder how he really views Obama’s candidacy. The mere reference to Jesse Jackson’s win in SC back in 1984 and 1988 as a comparison to Obama’s win somewhat suggests that Obama is just the black candidate for 2008. What do you think?


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5 responses to “Bill, your colors are showing…

  1. c

    The parphrase-
    Bill: I beat a Black man when I was running so I’m not even worried about this.
    Barack: M’okay, anyway, this is what I want to do…

    Jackson and Obama are two totally different people but let’s face it, the Clintons aren’t stupid. When a person wants something badly enough, they’ll stoop.

    They are playing to the majority vote- a vote that is primarily white. Sure, like every candidate out there they realize that to get the vote of Black folks they have to spend a little time speaking to “our” issues (Althouh i’m not sure how our issues are differen from the issues- we want healthcare, we want peace, we want a better economy, etc.) and because of that feel that they have an in, especially the Clintons. (Remember, Bill is supposed to be the unofficial 1st Black president because he did “sexy” things in his office and played the saxophone.) They are assuming that because Barack is Black, Black people are automatically going to vote for him.

    We couldn’t possibly be concerned with policy or any of that nonsense. Obama could not possibly have anything to offer to us but his Blackness. /sarcasm/

    i like Obama and i am glad that he did not fall for the okeydoke.

  2. This is exactly why they lost…stooping…

    Bill is letting his mouth write checks that his a** can’t cash…meaning, treating Barack as just another Black candidate isn’t going to work, treating him as just an inconsequential thorn ain’t gon’ work…

    Seriously, they need to let this race crap go!

  3. The funny thing is that a lot of black people who were Clinton supporters are now Obama supporters because of the comments that Bill Clinton (and Bob Johnson) has made. They do seem to think that we’ll vote for Obama out of black loyalty over political policy…which is insulting to a lot of would-be Clinton voters. My father is one of them. Clinton politics now looks more dirty and business-as-usual, and NOT like a voice of change at all, despite Hillary’s timely tears (never publicly shed in light of her husband’s infidelity..hmmm). For the most part, Obama has kept his head in the debates. I wonder how effective his idealism will be ultimately, but I feel he is genuine. His professionalism over bullyism makes his character shine.

  4. Diana

    Bill Clinton is just showing his true colors. He’s a white man first and he’s not the first white man who has an office in Harlem.

  5. Angela Marie

    I think we oftentimes place too much on our shoulders. At the end of the day…we are all who we are with our views, etc regardless of our office. Bill made the reference, because Obama is black and it is noticable (smile) But I do not think the comments intentions were strategic or malicious as much as it was it was recognizing…”it is what it is”. It was a point of reference. News Flash, Obama/Jesse… Black and ran for president.Those are the similarities…Nothing wrong with that. We need to stop chasing Ghosts.

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