Catcher Freeman was a Sexy Man! (Boondocks Spoiler)

“He sold the crew out for a script.” – Riley

Oh my goodness…this is one of the best Boondocks I’ve ever seen.   The best is still the M. L. King Jr. episode, but this is #2 for me.  “The Story of Catcher Freeman”!!  The fact that the lead female character is named Thelma…brilliant.  LOL  The dialog between Riley and Grandpa during the fast forward scene to the trap laid for Catcher’s Brigaide…LOL.  The dialog between the house negro and the 2 field negroes…man…so many layers, oh my goodness.  Like a ghetto, hip hop-ized Roots.  Loved it!

“The Nigger blocked the bullet with his handcuff?” LOL

Uncle Ruckus’s version…Oh Lord.  “Catch a Freeman”  A field slave on all fours…flipping from tree to tree.  They turned the black man into a dog…so wrong.  He was like the Dog Whisperer.  Riley WOULD love that…“He’s so gangsta.”  “Don’t trust them new niggas is not a spiritual”…LOL LOL LOL!   Slaves making watermelon drinks?  Slaves laughing and cracking jokes on the master?  The Master putting slaves on timeout? LOL  They got the attacking black folk looking like zombies from Thriller.  LOL!!

Sword fights, love stories, slave shooting his daddy…This joint is classic Boondocks!!  Did any boy else watch it?  Can someone please send me the song they play at the end!!  LOL  I’ll be looking for it online tomorrow so I can watch it again.  I’ll post a link if I find it.


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5 responses to “Catcher Freeman was a Sexy Man! (Boondocks Spoiler)

  1. Aline Sitoe

    That episode was hilarious, especially when Grandad and Rukus learned the truth about Catcher Freeman – and hated it.

  2. Catcher Freeman gonna come and cut that cracker head clean off…..

  3. tubes

    “won’t you come save us catcha and kill all these crackas” hahaha one of the best yet!

  4. Riley

    Masa colonel you a b****……………..*hilarious*

  5. Brian

    The name of the song is “Our Black Asses” by Phonte of Little Brother. He’s got the song posted on his MySpace page:

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