Black Cop Shot to Death by Other Officers in NYC

“They’ve done it again,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told The New York Daily News, drawing a parallel to the 2006 slaying of Sean Bell by four New York officers in Queens. Officer Christopher Ridley, 23, reportedly was shot to death after running into a government building and calling for backup after witnessing an assault outside a homeless shelter as he drove to White Plains, the Daily News reports.”He went in and asked for assistance,” said the Rev. Franklyn Richardson of Mount Vernon ‘s Grace Baptist Church , said Sunday. “The police who came ended up killing him.” Richardson said that Ridley, who was off duty at the time, was not given medical attention for up to 20 minutes after fellow officers pumped four to five in the back of his head, chest, hip and wrist, Richardson said. –

Is there no accountability when it comes to police officers shooting black people? Is there no rhyme or reason. I thought I’d had it all for the week when the sista and her infant were shot!!! I know this has happened before, a black cop shot by other cops. It’s not a new thing. All I ask is…Can someone please change the manual, the protocol??? Learn what Negroes are on your team (hand out photos)…create a hand sign or a signal or something. Don’t shoot babies. Only the Klan and Nazis shoot babies…

I mean…not only…but you get my drift.


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2 responses to “Black Cop Shot to Death by Other Officers in NYC

  1. Aaj

    But why do White Cops have to shot another partner to dead. Can’t you people see that they is something behind it.
    No matter the Color of Race, there must be something wrong.
    Aaron Jay from Cameroon..

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