Updated 3/2/09: Jamal Harrison Bryant and Wife Gizelle Divorcing…”and another one down”

Update 7/7/09:  Case still open

The MD court records show that they are again divorcing (Filing date 2/10/2009).  Don’t blame the messenger. http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/inquiry/inquiryDetail.jis?caseId=24D09000418&loc=69&detailLoc=CC – Case # 24D09000418 (type: Divorce Absolute)

EURWeb.com is reporting that mega church pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant and his wife Gizelle are headed to divorce court. After 5 and a half years of marriage Gizelle Bryant filed for a divorce in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County on January 9. The clergyman also filed divorce papers in Baltimore City Court on the same day, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Jamal Bryant is the affable 38-year-old pastor of Empowerment Temple A.M.E in Baltimore, Maryland. Many view him as a burgeoning voice in the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) denomination as his influence has extended nationally and internationally.

Known for articulating relatable sermons, the former 11th grade drop-out who entered the prestigious Morehouse College with a GED, has not released a statement about the situation, likely under his attorney’s advisement.

“This is a private matter between Dr. Bryant and his wife, and we’d like to keep this matter private,” attorney Jimmy A. Bell told the paper. The copious blog and chat entries on the troubled marriage suggest this may be a personal matter, but it is far from private. Scandalous rumors of alleged affairs with several women have been rampant since the couple’s engagement. His supposed womanizing went overboard when he impregnated a church member said to be 17 at the time of the time of copulation. When accusations of this affair surfaced in the Summer of 2007, church leaders asked him to step down while they initiated an investigation and awaited paternity test results. Months after the investigation, Jamal Bryant remains the pastor of Empowerment Temple.

Court records acquired from the Circuit Court of Maryland do indicate the pastor is the father of a least one other child who was born before he got married. The couple has a set of 1-year-old twins and a 3-year-old. This story is developing. More details will be provided as they become available.

Links to Jamal Bryant Court Records:

Id=03C00007941&loc=55&detailLoc=CC – Regarding Daughter Naomi




Update 6/21/08: One of our readers, BK, pointed out a possible change in this case…

I’m not sure what has transpired since this filing, but unless something else has happened, this is the last entry.

Docket Date: 01/24/2008 Docket Number: 6
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff


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184 responses to “Updated 3/2/09: Jamal Harrison Bryant and Wife Gizelle Divorcing…”and another one down”

  1. Was this child born when they were together? I somehow doubt the child is the sole reason for their divorce. There might be a long history of infidelity that she didn’t want to put up with anymore. It might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Women put up with A LOT for the sake of their family. If she’s leaving him, things are probably very wrong, the irreconcilable kind of wrong, in that home.

  2. Angela Marie

    There is a lot to be said about being a leader. Leader denotes you have followers. If any allegations are true, we will see the same behavior popping up in and around the church and the participanats will be very obscure about the issues. But when something of that magnitude is going on, the people you are leading deserve your direct explanation. It is like finding out your daughter is preganant from someone in the street and she defends it as her personal business. What makes us true family (church and biological) is our accountability to and for one another. We need to air the absolute truth with out every detail and move on. But Pastor Jamal , Lady Gizelle, the Empowerent family and the AME structure are on display to our generation and the ones yet to come. We need to get this right>

  3. Dana Gray

    What ever the problem is, true or false we need to pray. Because the unbeliever is not looking at HIM they are looking at US.(the Church) To see how we react. Do we send to hell or do we restore?

  4. This seems to be something rampant in the AME Church. In reading the other article, I read of the Bishop and “higher ups” skirting around the issue. This happens to be what they do. This behavior doesn’t seem to be addressed unless these people are forced to deal with it. I say this is rampant because this same issue of adultery and infidelity is happening in another AME church in New Brunswick (the only one in NB) the pastor of that church is still preaching and denying the fact that he is fathering a child outside of his marriage. HE has even told people that he has cancer to detract from the fact that he will soon be having a child-and last time we checked his wife is not pregnant. He is paying more attention to his wife- the guilt factor (which he never did before) and he is doing his best to continue his bragging and his flamboyant lifestyle (just like Rev. Bryant). When do these men have to be held accountable? They don’t have to be because the Elders and Bishops turn a blind eye. I hope that the young lady having his child exposes him and shows all of those people that believe his lies that this leader is not such a good leader. He is a liar, adulterer, and a very selfish man. Men like Rev. Bryant and this “New Brunswick minister” and I’m sure there are others need to be held accountable and also would be seen in a better light if they would just be honest from the beginning with their congregations (and be encouraged to do so) because after all these shepards are supposed to be leading their sheep-not deceiving and having sex with them. We need restoration in the AME church FAST!

  5. karen thomas

    This is happening in all denominations – not just the AME church.

  6. Rainman

    I’m just praying for Jamal, ET, and the church community as a whole. As a young pastor, I find myself praying for us as the church because how can we witness effectively when we let the enemy have his way in our churches? I pray for Jamal because I liked his unorthodox approach to the Bible and I know very little about his wife, so I’m not going to talk about her and I don’t know her. I don’t believe we have the right, responsibility, or even the authority to send Jamal to a hell that we didn’t create and don’t have any control over. I honestly believe that if Jamal confesses his sin to the tiers of leadership he’s accountable to, I believe he should be restored. I don’t believe that he should be ousted as pastor as ET simply because he had the vision for the church. However, I do believe a sabbatical should be in order. It would be proper if he took some time to evaluate what’s really important. I say this because pastors and preachers [men and women of God] are human too, but when we’re about Kingdom business, there’re just some things that are too risky to be involved in simply because they compromise our anointing as well as the credibility of our testimony. No matter what happens Pastor Bryant and Lady Gizelle, we’re praying for you and the family of Empowerment Temple!! We love you and God bless!

    Pastor C.C. Rainer
    Assistant to Pastor C.W. Rainer
    Pilgrim Rest Church
    Jackson TN

  7. Riane Blaaker

    I hope that this is not true!
    If the woman wanna divorce, that means that there is something wrong with the man…Nobody wants to divorce a man if the man lives how Gods says and i can tell because i’m married to. And i can be a witness about it! Not that you have to be perfect, but this isn’t right…
    I’m verry dissapointed, and i don’t wanna know how much pain God has about this

  8. A. Maurice


    I was raised to say nothing when you don’t have anything nice to say… but I do.

    My brothers have got to get it together… no excuses. Pastors, Teachers, Reverends, Ministers… 2008 is getting off to a terrible start for our brothers heading these flocks.

    Maybe some of these high profile (i.e. Bynum & Weeks) events will lead to a revival in the pulpit.

    Worship Him!

  9. ClassandSassy

    It’s a shame that Jamal is caught up in this type of behavior. While I am sure not all of the blog comments and rumors are true. I am sure some of them are true. While he is a Man of God, we must remember he is a Man first. And our Faith is what keeps us in the realm of things. He is not perfect-so his faith is not perfect and there are things that his flesh is weak too as well. However, that is not to say he should not be held accountable.
    Yes, he should confess with his mouth and in public to his congregation only..though. what he has done and let them and the AME conference boards decide how our what should be done. And let us not forget it takes 2 to people to make babies and well as 2 people to make or break a marriage.
    I will definitely keep Jamal and his family in prayer. For no one knows all the turmoil they are going through by just being in the public eye.

    On the real though I really think delivers great message of Faith and truth in spite of all his flaws.

  10. steviedee

    So? What’s the big deal already? Just another case of the chickens comin’ home to roost.
    Never did trust him from the first minute I laid eyes on him. Just another pulpit pimp living a grand lifestyle in prime real estate on Baltimore’s socially upward jet-set turf, overlooking the Harbour. Ya better off going to a storefront. It’s REAL there.

  11. David C. Madison

    I am deeply saddened to hear this news. Gizelle was a childhood friend of mine from grade 5-8th. She is one of the nicest people and is very intelligent. I know that her family hates that she has to deal with this. She does not deserve to have to deal with the stress of someone who is cheating on her let alone fathering children with other women. It’s sad that we have so many ministers who can’t seem to keep it real and be as Holy as the book they preach from. When I learned that she had married him, their success, and about their children together…I wanted the best for them. Never would I have imagined that this would happen. I pray that she and her children make it through this rough period virtually unscathed. May God bless you Gizelle! You are in my prayers!

  12. Sifiso

    This is a very sad matter. I can feel their pain. People often make the mistake of thinking that it is just the one who has been cheated one that goes through the motions. They are probably both going through a lot and dealing with a lot. While I do feel for his wife, I would also like to pray for him and hope that he finds the strength to lead his family through this very trying time. It is a shame they are having to divorce. I assume if has come to this point they both feel they have done all they can to fight for the survival of their marriage. In infidelity there are no winners, everyone comes out of it with pain. The healing process is long. We should not be quick to encourage a divorce, as much as we do not condone sleeping around, we must pray that they will come to a place of peace. We must place them in the hands of the mighty king. In GOD we trust.

  13. Tracee

    I think it’s really sad to hear this kind of information regarding a pastor.(and your regular Joe at that matter!) But he is a man first, he is not perfect. I understand what he and his wife/family are going thru because of infidelity & all the consequences that come with it, divorce being one of them. Despite his alleged mistake, I still feel he is anointed and his messages have helped me in my walk with God. I pray whatever the outcome of his situation, that people will remember pastors are people too, and they have the right to fall and get back up again. If he continues to practice that type of alleged behavior after confessing his sin & getting back on the right track, then that’s another story! Don’t curcify him, pray for him!

  14. Gloria Smith

    I feel sad that a man of God would not look at the feelings of his wife,family and church members. I am not for curciting any body,but he must repent for this sin. We must realize that people with broken lives need to see people of God walk out a life that shows that the Christ way of life living is the right way of living. We have got to start seeing more example of the covenant call marriage.

  15. Belema Dago

    Let us keep interceding for our leaders in the body of Christ (especially those in the frontline). “Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered”. The devil is really after the flock.

    Whilst we do not condone inappropriate behaviour, I think we should still rally around our brethren as one family and give them the support, encouragement and discipline they need…rather than giving the world something to laugh about. This is our life.

  16. abouttee

    Jamal Bryant came to our church (another mega church). I was impressed with his sermon, or rather speech, that I went home and looked for all of the information that I could find about him. Although I did detect a little bit of “game” about him, I never considered him to be one of those jive ministers who are just pimping congregations. All that has changed now. Shame on you Jamal Bryant.

  17. I have read all the comment and my heart goes out to everyone that is judging this man. Who are we to judge someone, GOD said he will do the judging not us. How can we as GOD fearing people try to treat the man of GOD like that. Deuteronomy 32:36 says ( For the Lord shall Judge His People, and Repent Himself for his servants ). So before you or anyone pass judgement on him, look at it in this way, it could be you in his shoes. We must pray everyday and repent because we fall short of his word everyday. And I will leave you with this. Matthew 7:1 ( JUDGE not, that ye be not JUDGE ) I am pray for him and his family that God will take them in this time of there lifes. My heart Goes out to everyone that has talked bad about him. WOW he even spoke a word into your life and this is what you do to him. May be you need to look at yourself and say Lord I’m Sorry Please forgive me……… GOD Bless you Pastor Jamal Bryant.

  18. Venus

    I think that it takes a strong man to resist the temptations of women throwing themselves at them. Rev Bryant is no different. I don’t know if I could stay — I can forgive — but stay with a man out there fathering other children. That means no protection for him or me. My children and I would have to get tested. And, God help him if something was wrong. That makes the violation even worse. At no point was I a consideration. I’m sure she expected that there would be the occasional indiscretion, because more men of the cloth than not, fool around. I’m sure 1st Ladies of many churches know that going in. People need to look at developing the God within rather worshipping the man in the pulpit use his words not his actions.

  19. Batho

    It is sad really!!1

  20. Asinnerlikeu

    Pastor Bryant needs to take some time to deal with his personal issues. He has truely dispected his wife. No we should not judge him, but as the body of Christ we should hold him accountable, especially if the other idividual involved is a 17 year old child. Not to justify his actions, but as much play as the average pastor get from women, he should not be with a 17 year old child. If her father is in the picture he needs toi have a talk man to man with Pastor Bryant. Shame on the church members who tried to hide this shame.

  21. Stanley Dove

    This is not a sad matter this is the sign that Jesus is coming back.Whether we like it or not Jesus the one we worship is coming back.We’ve been worried about our so called leaders.Jesus said that if any man should follow Him he first should deny himself.It doesn’t seem if these (leaders) are denying themselves.They seem to have the world on a string. Big conferences,fine hotels,stadiums.We should worry about the unchurched,we are so concerned about this man and the children and his wife.I’m sorry but they have they’re reward.Unfortunately for them the husband jacked it up for them.Now we can stop worrying about these so called generals and worry about the lost.Get over the crap and this is crap.I’m tired of us worrying about pastors who can’t keep they’re johnsons and they’re legs close.People are dying lost and we are blogging about these sinners. We try to restore them and they do it again.When are we going to stop worrying about people that know to do but doeth not.They teach and preach good: sorry no they don’t. Preaching is two fold you must live what you say then you can talk about it.We are giving so much consideration to people who keep making mistakes and we hold them in high regard because they speak so well but speaking is not preaching.Start living like Jesus.He made no reputation of Himself.When will we see preachers going out to cities without an itinerary or being scheduled to speak.We have been getting prefabricated words from these speakers.Some of these speakers have agendas that don’t seed into the plan of God.They have big conferences and then ask for enormous amounts of money to pay for them or to (pay) the speakers.Something is wrong with this.Some of you will not see this as a problem because you are part of the problem.You look at going to speak at a service as a blessing (to you) when you should look at being a blessing.Should you get an offering? Yes,but not a per diem(paid by the day).The reason I know all of this is because I am a musician I am a employee of fellowships.Pastors are not employed by fellowships they are employed by God.I am a hireling you can fire me from being your musician,you can ask me to step down.I am an employee.I do what the parishioners say.They sign my check.God signs the check of pastors.Read his word for yourself Luke 10:3 Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

    Luk 10:4 Carry neither purse, nor scrip, nor shoes: and salute no man by the way.

    Luk 10:5 And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace [be] to this house.

    Luk 10:6 And if the son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again.

    Luk 10:7 And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house.

    Luk 10:8 And into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you:

    Luk 10:9 And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

    Luk 10:10 But into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you not, go your ways out into the streets of the same, and say,

    Luk 10:11 Even the very dust of your city, which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you: notwithstanding be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

  22. Shirlene

    Romans chp 1 v 16- v 20. For i am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
    For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, The just shall live by faith. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteouness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the thing that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Now my brothers and sister’s in Christ, not forgetting the world. The Word of God, it involves the highest responsibility, it will reward the greatest labours, and will condemn ALL who trifle with it.

  23. There are so many divorces going with the saints of God. This really hurts. It hurts in so many ways.
    There are a few issues that need to be addressed. One problem is that the focus was taken off of God. Another is that we look at Pastors, Bishops, Preachers, etc as if they are God. They ARE NOT! We have to separate the man from the ministry. They are vessels to be used as well. Let us not forget that. So what is the difference in what he did and what you did? Lets be truthful about it. So what if you did not cheat and he did. Was it an ungodly thought that came to your mind? Did you cuss at someone? Did you have a sexual sin that nobody knows about but you? What? It is still sin. And one sin is not greater than the other in the eyes of God. The only difference is that he got caught and you didn’t. If everyone had it all together, we will not need Jesus. Please understand, that is not to be used as an excuse. But know that, people fall and that is why it is important for us to see people like God see them. At least that is what I pray. Because soon as you get off focus, things like this can happen. 10 minutes of flesh and look at the consiquences that you face. It is not worth it at all. I do not believe he should not pastor. He should continue to do what God has called him to do. There is not one place in the Bible where God took a man’s position because of the sin committed. God never told David that he couldn’t be king anymore because he messed up with Bathsheba. He never told David that he couldn’t be king any longer because he counted the people instead of focusing on God. God never told Eli that he could not be priest any more because of not being accountable for his household. No No NO. When God made David King, didn’t he know what Davis was going to do in the future? Yes. God is concerned about loving us and getting us to where he wants us to be.

    Another issue is that sometimes we marry people that God did not tell us to – so we marry the wrong folks. And the same thing with positions. We get into positions without God ordaining it. I am not saying this is the case at all with this matter, but it is for other people of God – known or unknown.

    Only the things of God will last.

    I pray right now, in the name of Jesus, for every leader that is chosen by you Lord God. I pray that they will seek you daily Lord God. I pray that their faith will fail not. I pray that you will increase their discernment. Bring them all back into focusing more on you and not their situations. I pray that you will give them the wisdom to deal with things in life. Faith and the word to sustain them. And power to overcome. Thank you Lord. I pray for every marriage that was ordain by you God. That you will bring it back together. I pray they will use that experience as a testimony to bring people to Christ. It is all about souls Lord. I pray that where the sheep scattered, they will return unto their ordained place for that season. I pray that the Leaders and the sheep will have such a hunger for you Lord, that no one else can fulfill it. I pray that they will all drink from their own cistern. I pray that with God, each marriage will be so filling that there is no room for outside desserts. I cancel every fleshly and soul tide in the name of Jesus. I cast down every thought and imagination that come against the knowledge of God. I bind of every bad habit in the name of Jesus. Lord I pray that you will fill them with your desires. God fill them with your thoughts and your ways. I pray that you will remind them who they are in Christ Lord God. I pray that they will walk in boldness and continue to declare the name of the Lord. I pray that when faced with temptation, they will use the authority given to them by the blood of Jesus to overcome it. I pray that they will give the devil a black eye. I cancel every witch assignment that have been assigned to Pastor Jamal Bryant and his family. I cancel every demonic force attached to them. I come against everything that is in them that is not like you Lord God and I command them to be filled with your Glory Lord. Fill them with ALL of you Lord. Fill their life with your presence. I pray that you will restore his wife’s mind Lord God. I pray that you will fill them with Christ like thoughts. I pray that they will have the peace of God. I pray for their children Lord God. I speak no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I pray that every lesson has been learned so they can go to the next level and dimension in you Lord. This is my prayer, in the name of Jesus. AMEN

  24. BK

    I’m not sure what has transpired since this filing, but unless something else has happened, this is the last entry.

    Docket Date: 01/24/2008 Docket Number: 6
    Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff

    Just Pray God is in Control.

  25. Charzette

    As a woman of God this disturbs me for more than what has happened in this marraige. If Pastor Bryant were not a pastor, this would still disturb me. This is why, it is a struggle as it is to live as a believer before the unbelievers. Unbelievers are always looking for a reason to queestion why we are saved! I guess this just hurts more because this is a mega televised ministry. It just proves that as a believer, we must strive daily to live what we believe, preach and teach. We must also remember that Dr. Bryant is a man first. To much is given, much is required and also the more anointing the more the enemy attacks because there is a bigger threat to him. The Bible speaks of restoring not tearing down. Let us pray for the Bryant family and this ministry.

  26. Activist

    It saddened me to read all the negatives against Pastor Bryant on several blogs. This one is one of the better ones. I know it must be difficult for his wife, kids, and believe it or not HIM. People are so quick to destroy others no matter what the costs. Who are we? God. I do not think so. Like a few others said, we must PRAY for the entire family during this difficult time and remember if you are true Children of God – be slow to speak, pray diligently, do not tear down, but lift up, for vengenance is God not people. And, if nothing else, ALWAYS remember – God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, and God’s ways are not our ways. And as long as all parties have confessed their sins before God not man they will be forgiven; along with humbly themselves, pray, seek God, and turn from their wicked ways, God shall prevail. Let us all look at our own lives, communities, and families and help others because just as sure as we condemn others, condemnation will come to our doorsteps.

  27. Vickey

    “Judge you not that you will not be judged”
    Just pray for them all. The power of prayer can do anything. God bless all

  28. washie murombo

    jamal wife did attend church service on 13-06-08

  29. Roxanne Foster

    A lot of this comes from the top down. When you are a “first family” secrets abound. Usually it is the wife that is required to do the hiding of his misdeeds. I know a woman who hid her husbands affairs and abuse…for 16 1/2 years. But on the appointed day… God revealed all! ALL. In front of the Church, where his daddy is the Bishop. What is done in the dark will come to light. Yes! Judge not lest ye also be thou judged… BUT ALL scripture is God Breathed and useful for what?… Reproach is one. No body needs to be stomped on for being human, we are our BROTHERS keeper..we are responsible for showing each other grace, love and mercy. However… we are not bound to darkness so nothing we do should be in the dark. It will all be revealed in the fullness of God’s time. But time is running short.. .and I am running for my life… WE all fall short of the Glory of God, but man when you are in that leadership position.. the blood is on your hands.
    Be blessed

  30. Royal Hyness

    One thing for sure, if the wife has filed for divorced based on the grounds of adultery, she is free to remarry.

  31. lady libra


  32. Pastor Calvin M. Berry

    I dont care if he impregnated more women, he is still the man of God who has a word in his mouth from the Lord. Everybody always point fingers and judge Pastor’s but, Pastor are human just like anyone else. It does not make it right IF HE DID IT but who are we to judge him. Just think about it and ask yourself the question, are you 100% holy. Have mercy and compassion on him. I pray that God will have his way and that they will not divorce. It is not in the plan of God for them to divorce. Let’s ban together in prayer and intercession for them and stop talking about them.
    Talk about yourself first.



  34. Cop

    J. Bryant needs to step down (or be forced down) and get his life together.

    How can a minister lead his church when his crediablity as a man of God has been shot by the his careless actions towards his wife.

    I dont expect pastors to be perfect, but I do expect them to be of good reputation, and manage their households well.
    Clearly if J. Bryant has been sleeping around with other women he is in need of much prayer and instruction on how to live a life pleasing to God.

    ” Your actions speak so loud that they cant hear what you say.”
    Ralph Emerson

  35. CARLEE


  36. Smitty

    Love hides a mulitude of sins. That’s the word of God. We’ve all done things that were not right in the site of God. The Bible says: Examine your self!!
    God is coming BACK! and if were not right including ME! where going to bust hell wide open!
    There’s NO Excuses! When we stand before our Heavenly Father!! Men and Women of God, “Everywhere” ask the Father to create in use a clean HEART! and renew the right spirt that is within Me! We can’t stay in our mess and still preach, sing in the chour, on the praise and worship team, on the usher board, because if we do not get it right. And deal with the issue. God will expose US….. He coming back for a Church(heart) without SPOT or wrinkles or any such thing. Let us get right Church and lets go Home!!!!


    The man is a pulpit pimp. And a hypocrite.

  38. chile please

    Lipstickalley.com has a lot of documentation and proof.

    The divorce cases were combined into his. Giselle is still charging him with adultery.

    Jamal Harrison ISrael Bryant should be about a year old. The mother is not 17 but in her 30’s

    Jamal needs to be fired. IF AME won’t fire him, then you fire him from your support.

    By the way, hsi fathr knowingly sent a child molester to another stae where he molested 3 more little boys. famegate.net has documentation fo the lawsuits. Bishop Bryant defense cost $850,000 and still growing.

    The whole family is corrypt.

    The AME church has allowed sexual impropriety amongst pastors for years.

    The book of Timothy in the Bible says that ministers must be above reproach and men of of honor.

    THe minister should not be the biggest sinner in church.

    Any Pastor who defends him needs to be investigated.

  39. David

    Royal Hyness.. you are mistaken..Jesus never sanctioned divorce. Read 1 Corinthians 7:39

  40. We must always remember, that we are not exempt from falling. Although sin is not acceptable, who are we to judge. The scripture tells us that if we see our brother or sister overtaken in a fault then those which are SPIRITUAL should restore in the spirit of meekness. There is another scripture that reads: This i recall to my mind therefore have i hope. It is of the Lords mercy that we are not consumed. Because his compassion fail not his mercy is made `new every morning GREAT IS THOU FAITHFULNESS. If it did happen, God is a God of mercy and forgiveness. Judge not lest ye be judged!

  41. Rev Renew

    Matthew 5:28 (Whole Chapter)
    But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    Romans 1:24 (Whole Chapter)
    Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    Romans 6:12 (Whole Chapter)
    Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof.

    1 Corinthians 10:6 (Whole Chapter)
    Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.

    Galatians 5:17 (Whole Chapter)
    For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

    Galatians 5:24 (Whole Chapter)
    And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

    James 1:15 (Whole Chapter)
    Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

    1 John 2:16 (Whole Chapter)
    For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

  42. Rev Renew

    it’s just WRONG!

  43. Rev Renew

    When will this madness cease, I guess when Jesus finally burst through the clouds to gather those who are called and, have not fallen prey to their own lust and desires. Serve God and his ways and, all the worldly/fleshly desires will not control the lust of the flesh. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

  44. GJ Coleman

    Its a shame that peoples personal affairs are blasted all over the media. I’m not condoning his actions but suggest that we that are of the Body of Christ pray for our leaders.

    Money is the root of all evil. We have to pray that our leaders remember this and not let worldly enticements cloud our spiritual eyes. Church people are the most unforgiving people I know. We sit in church and read the word and forget that God asks us to forgive and not judge.

    Pray for the sin and forgive the man.

  45. Kim Lee

    Ps Calvin Berry

    You just told on yourself. You don’t want to cast the first stone because of your own skeletons. Oh! I know you have them and I pray that the spirit of the Living God exposes you, NOW.

    The bible states clearly what the requirements must be met to take the office of a leader in the church and if the leader is sinning against God how can he effectively lead the people of God. He must not be reading and meditating on the Word because it will wash and cleanse you if you so desire. Stop excusing his behaviour and tell God thank you for exposing his sin. God desires humility, clean hands and a pure heart. We are to judge a tree by the fruit it bears and Ps Byrant’s is rotten and it stinks; he could care less about what he has done and recently stated in a leaders conference the greater the anointing the greater the horniness. Let’s get real people pride goes before the fall and just because someone can quote scripture it does not mean they are called to the pulpit just ask Lucifer.

  46. Hans Smit

    The Lord is raising HIS Church, bearing His Sign and called the Church of the Living God and is prepairing herself according to Rev. 19:7-16 and 1 John 3:1-3. The simple result of following the Lamb and those who follow Him wherever He goes according to 1 Cor. 11:1. They will cherish the Kingdom of God within and live from it – live Christ. All our carnal nature, the secular and the religious one, are to be put to the cross with Jesus.
    No human nature can ever stand in the judgement of God, be it “good”or be it “bad”. Christ IN us only will hold in the fire of judgement, that no flesh should glory in His presence. LORD Jesus, help us all to glorify You in the day of judgement!

  47. GJ Coleman:
    Money is not the root of all evil. It is the LOVE of it that is:
    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.
    1 Timothy 6:10 ESV

    Concerning judgment, I’d like to share the following Scriptures w/you:
    Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”
    John 7:24 ESV
    Also.. From GotQuestions.org – In Matthew 7:2-5, Jesus warns against judging someone else for his sin when you yourself are sinning even worse. That is the kind of judging Jesus commanded us not to do.

    This dude is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He does not pursue holiness nor the Lord Jesus. He is not dying to himself, which the Bible talks about. He is not submitting to the Lord Jesus. He is ridiculously self centered and all about himself, and one day – he will meet the One he so falsely represents.

    Cats like him disgust me. Pimping in the name of the Lord Jesus. Dude needs to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus before it’s too late.

  48. GLORIA

    The scripture says, ” he that knows the way will be whipped with a many stipes.” You would think he knows the way. Why should we sit in judgement when GOD has already judging him and has already decided the punishment? We also know the way and shall be whipped with a many strpes for our sins,so why add more?

    This man has already or should have already been taken down as pastor. He’s lost his family. He’s been judged by God, and his anointing, which man cannot touch, is tarnished by the Lord. Would you want him to pay the same price as Samuel?

    Leave him alone!

  49. Gods chosen one

    i realy feel for his congregation more than anything. They are the ones that truly suffer from his actions. Remember God is going to judge and reward pastor bryant for what he has done. we need to pray for the men and women who followed and dipended on him to be a man of God without te spirit of compremise operating in his life. can you imagine the trust issues that have been created from his actions. How will they ever believe that a man or women of God is truly living what they are preaching. They need our prayers. The word says WOE UNTO THEM THAT SCATTER MY SHEEP! Let us all imagine how we would feel if it were our sheperds. Then again do we know? I pray that his people were not so focused on him that they missed a true relationship with God. Lets begin to war on their behalfs and stop giving the enemy anymore glory by putting our mouths on Gods chosen man. we did not create, call, or appoint him, God did, and he knew what he battled with when he chose him(like all of us) but God will use just who he wants to. He is awesome like that. Pray for the sheep! they need us people of God. God bless and run FROM your past and INTO your purpose. pastor j.e woodall.

  50. Evangelist Toni L. R0berts

    Pastor Jamal messed up, but I;m amazed at how amny so many can say some hatefuk things. Was he right? No Do I have a Heaven and Hell to put him in? No Am I GOD? No Can I pray for his deliverance? Yes and that’s all we can do for our brother.

  51. Caroline Matome

    I was really impressed with Pastor Jamal as i watched him on TBN and i wanted to google to find out more about him for 3 weeks but i forgot about it until a friend sent me an email about one of his sermons today.All i can say after finding all this things about him is that we are all sinners and sex is one of the most powerful thing here on earth.I used to think that once i get married then i will sin no more but life is really hectic.The goodness is that God forgives sins that no man can forgive.I have messed up big time in my lifetime and i still feel loved by God irrespective of what i have done in this lifetime.If anyone is judging Pastor Jamal they should know better because we are supposed to encourage one another in times like these. For all new couples getting married please understand your vows because divorce is not what Christ ordered.And women in general pliz stop fantasizing about married men of God. Watch your tongues because some of you just wish for one night only and nothing more and this end up wrecking families.

  52. cj

    we need to intercede for our brothers & sisters in christ, because the devil is busy…

  53. lllwhite

    Instead of people trusting GOD they trust a man that
    they can see; looks good smells good. That is not GOD. He is a messenger from GOD just that nothing else. He is human he has feelings too, he is weak too.
    These women come to church with these short dresses on and sit on the front row. What do you expect? They have 1 mission and that is to get that fine man. There are no more mothers at the church because no one wants to get old any more. No one baptize any more or the morners bench. Getting saved what is that? So see church has changed in the past 20 years, it is a business , money, way of living. Saints are lost. People are playing church.

  54. Truly Committed

    People are shocked when they read or hear in the news that a minister or some other clergy is caught up in extra-marital affairs. As Christians, we all know that it’s wrong.

    However, let’s not be niave. It didn’t just start happening with Rev. Bryant or Rev. Jackson. If we were to take a look back into the Old Testament, didn’t David send one od his captains off to war so that he would be killed and he (David) colud have his wife? This is not a justification of any of their actions – just a reality check.

    Men are weak for women. There is nothing that God made that is more beautiful than a woman. Adam gave into Eve and took a bite of the forbidden fruit because of his love of his woman. Satan knows where a man’s weakness lies and he preys on this weakness. We can’t loosely toss around blame at one another. Instead, we need to pray for one another’s strength, and that the Holy Spirit might empower us to fight us these temptations when Satan sends them our way.

  55. missladyvirtue

    We should be very mindful and careful not to put our mouths on the men and women God has anointed….for the word say “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm. ” There are several prophets of the word (David) that has fallen privy to there flesh nevertheless the anointing remained. Don’t get me wrong I am not by no means trying to justify the actions of men and women of God that give into their flesh….but it’s like this they are still man so therefore we should not look at man when we attend church service what we need to be looking at is the God in the man. It would save alot of people a lot of heartache and disappointment. The problem is we get so caught up in the man that we forget that he himself is not God…then we get let down and want to move on to the next and its not right. If you supported him when you thought everything was all fine and dandy support him while he’s going through….situation come to make us better people with purer hearts….if you ever thought he was on fire for God before just wait until he comes out of this……AWESOME…..praying for the Bryant family…..May God continue to use Jamal Bryant in a way that eyes have yet to see.


  56. Dr. Jamal Bryant Scandal!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Negro_Spiritual

    People, please wake up! The man is in sin, his actions have disqualified him from being a pastor. The real issue is people need to stop following these liars. Seek the Lord for themselves and do not put their confidence in man. Jamal should step down, he needs deliverance. Many people in that church are overtaken by the same spirit of lust and adultery he has. You can be no greater than your leader. If the leader is blind they will all fall into the ditch.

    Leave these places of worship, quit sending them your hard earned dollars, and call upon God to lead you.

  58. the craziness of the church world--

    yes i said CHURCH world–makes me pray 4 myself even harder. How can I judge anyone, when I am sooo capable of falling myself? I am no longer “shocked” when a brother or sister falls, because the bible even says that a righteous man falls seven times.
    But what counts amongst christians is how we recieve those who have fallen. We are to do it in LOVE……….just as CHRIST did, and continues to do it for us! No one should be holding pastors or leaders on a pedistal…Only Jesus belongs on the throne. He is one who NEVER falls. My responsibility is to continue to love the brethren regardless….and that is what i am going to continue to do–despite what anyone says or what they do.

  59. Weeping for the Church

    ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But to cover up and not come clean with the people who love and serve you as your members and followers, is the real scandal that breaks my heart and, the heart of God – I’m sure!

    Bishop Weeks did the same thing, which was the deciding factor in my leaving Global Destiny. The man has a powerful word in his mouth, just like Jamal and I would could NEVER say that these men are not men of God – they’re no different than David. But Bishop Weeks was unable to ever face us like a true father would and should have, and he started contorting facts (which he is a master at doing), misrepresenting the seriousness of what happened, and lied (and is STILL lying) and now he’s fully engaged in damage control – even to the point of bringing his baby girl into the fray to bolster his character. What a wound I received i my spirit, over his inability to be honest. What a rebuke to him! Holiness needs no defense. And sin requires repentance!

    These men (and women because women of God mess up, too) need to be held accountable. Committing adultery, fathering children and committing sins of various nature, leaves a string of hurting people it its wake. And when it’s done by men of God of the caliber and influence of Jamal, Bishop Weeks, Donnie McClurkin, (I hear he has fathered a child, too but has only confessed to it in a round about way), Randy White (Paula’s husband) have all spoken of their failings in “passing terms.” No season of mourning (we as your members, would be HONORED to go into sackcloth and ashes with you) was called, and rather than confess and repent openly, a very wicked precedence has been allowed to be set and is now festering, in the Body of Christ. Pastors are placed at a disadvantage for rebuking, chastising and correcting their members, and so the leaven in the Body begins to thickens and grows, unchecked.

    The Church of the Living God and the men and women who have been anointed and appointed to lead that church, need not be deceived; God will not be mocked. Just like He dealt with His people Israel when they refused to confess and deal with sin, He will deal with us.

    The sin is not the issue, because we’ve all sinned! Most of us were simply covered by God’s mercy and not caught and exposed. But when God DOES expose us (and believe me….by the time He starts pulling covers off of His people, the mess has been stinkin a long, long time), because He’s merciful like that, it’s time for us to be big men and women, boys and girls and confess openly, so that we ourselves and the Body of Christ, can be healed. And until we do, divisions, wars among us, rumors, lies, gossip, shame, a tearing in the Body of Christ and a fresh crucifixion of our Lord, will continue to plague all of the grandiose preaching and posturing that our church leaders do on television. Their lives are talking so loudly that Saints nor sinners can hear a word that their mouths, are saying!

    It’s prayin time church. For REAL, for real….we need to be weeping over the place that the Church of the Living God has fallen to! And if we’re NOT weeping about it, we need to weep over THAT!

  60. Jedeeke Williams

    Lies Lies Lies and more Lies. Jamal H Bryant is a man of God and those who scandalize is name will be burn in hell. Stop it before it’s to late!!!

  61. Rev: Darrell J. Armstead

    I dont know what happen and neither do the rest of the world but God forgives all 1st Jn 1:9 why cant man be more like God.

  62. Gerald Clark

    Alot of people use David as an example. So let’s examine David. David committed adultery with Bathsheba. So obviously, it is possible for a true man of God to stumble. But let’s pay close attention to what happened after David committed adultery. God put a sword in David’s family. His whole family fell apart. It even got to the point where his son Absolom turned against him and was trying to kill him. David spent a large portion of II Samuel fleeing from his son. He temporarily lost his kingdom. And through all the tribulations that God allowed to happen, David felt like he deserved every bit of it. David was totally humble and was willing to permanently forfeit his rights to the kingdom if God saw fit. There was alot of weeping and mourning. He stopped eating and wouldn’t even take a bath. He was totally remorseful and sorry for what he did. Yes David sinned, but he totally suffered the consequences of his sin. He also confessed everything. Since everyone likes to bring up David when it comes to Jamal, don’t we see a huge difference in what happened to David and what happened to Jamal after they both committed the same sin? Jamal hasn’t even come clean. He’s still walking around in his expensive suits and diamonds. He hasn’t stepped down and hasn’t experienced any consequences that come close to David’s consequences. So can we really compare him to David?

  63. Queene

    There is one thing I am certain of…there is only ONE perfect being. His name is not Jamal Harrison Bryant. Pastor Bryant is a man, and we (as humans) all fall. We only hear what people want us to hear, but as a person that watches the services at the church via internet and having family that attends the church every Sunday, I can say, the First Lady doesn’t attend church on a regular basis. It seems that she is unsupportive of her husband and the calling on his life. I am not defending what the Pastor has done, but instead of talking about him and their situation to each other, we need to go to the only person that can change it around for the good. God is the only one who has the power to make a certain change. For if WE keep discussing it and making judgement we leave ourselves open for judgement. Pray and forgive…it’s all we can do!

  64. D. Elmore

    First of all, I would like to see that I am very sad to hear this news of this couple divorcing. I am also a Minister of the Gospel and I understand the many complications and the great attacks that the enemy puts on us. It is hard to meet the Superman/Superwoman expectations that man makes up for ministers as well as the mandate that God has for us at the same time. Someone is going to go lacking!! All of these current divorces within these Pastors and churches in the public eye is a part of the enemy’s stragedy. John 10:10 tells what satan’s agenda, which is to steal, kill, and destroy by any means neccesary. Satan is on his job, but the church needs to wake up! Satan is doing his job quite well because while he is attacking these high profile couples, he is also attack his other greatest enemy-THE CHURCH!!! Therefore, he is killing two birds with one stone as the ole saying goes! There is nothing new under the sun, so why are we surprised that man is still not perfect, only Jesus. I am a divorced woman who ended her marriage after a long history of infidelty. Therefore, I will not judge his wife, Gizelle, for deciding that she would have more peace of mind divorced and living the truth than being married and living a lie! I have been there and it is a very painful position to be in. Just as I didn’t decide to leave my marriage at the first sign of trouble, I believe Gizelle prayed and sought Godly counsel before she even got an attorney. God has called us to peace. This world is coming to an end and we don’t have time to pick and choose who we want to condemn and call them everything but a Child of God. When you a point finger at someone, you are pointing 3 fingers at yourself. This means that we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. This is a time of self examination, not for judging others. When we judge others, we shall be judged with the same judgment. It is alot easier to see other people’s issues than our own. We get the mote out of other’s eye, when we have a whole house in ours! Let us see this for what it really is, an attack on the CHURCH! When these things happen, we are focused more on their issues than the WORD OF GOD!! God’s Word tells that in this world, you will have tribulations but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. Be encouraged people of God, this is only a distraction to keep the unbeliever’s from coming to know the Lord as their personal Savior. But no weapon that is formed against shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise up against us shall be condemned! Let us be in the proper frame of mind-WATCH, FAST, AND PRAY!! Be blessed today and always!!

  65. robert

    The truth sets us all free, but if it is not told, how can anyone (including Pastor Bryant) be free?

    The problem that I have with Pastor Bryant, and other preachers, is not the lavish lifestyles; it’s the fact that Sunday after Sunday these people of God put others in hell for their sins, without apology, but, when it comes to their own transgressions, they hide behind the cloth.
    My 100 year old grandmother used to say: “Your dirt will find you out.”

  66. Brenda

    We must continue to pray for this family.

  67. LMB

    I just heard about this tragedy on yesterday and my first reaction was shock, which immediately turned to sadness. The enemy has stepped up his attack, BUT, God is more than able to fix whatever is wrong with our lives. We must pray our own prayer for the blood of Jesus to wash us and cleanse us of our sins. Especially those that have caused us to take our eyes off Him and lust after the sinful things of the world. God is a jealous God (Ex 20:5) so many times we forget this and don’t reverence Him. He is also a loving God. He is so in love with us that He sent His only begotten Son to save us (John 3:16). He is a forgiving God. He requires us to forgive others because if we do not forgive others, He will not forgive us. (Matt 6:15). I am praying that the Lord will heal and restore Rev. Bryant, his wife, Giselle, and his entire family as well as any and all participants associated with this tragedy. I am also praying that the Lord shower down blessings of mercy and grace upon the entire Empowerment Temple AME church family and that NONE of those who were saved, delivered, and healed thru this ministry loose their faith. Remember that the Lord has told us to pray without ceasing (I Thes. 5:17). “Hold on to God’s unchanging hands!”

  68. Linda

    I don’t understand many comments on this site. Sin, Sin, Sin and there is no consequence? Pastors need to rely on other Pastors when they are having troubles, not other women or. If he has all these out of wedlock children, the need to be acknowledge just like the ones he does acknowledge. Repent, Repent, Repent, admits your sins and take responsibility. If the leaders of the church are constantly sinning, how can you lead the flock? GODS word is very clear on leading the flock.

  69. Dr. David P. Moten

    “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance…”
    Acts 2:4

    “…Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost…”
    Acts 2:38

    Ladies & Gentlemen, THAT is how you are saved.

    “…But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you…”
    Acts 1:8

    “…Now if anyone has not the Spirit of Christ,
    he is none of His.”
    Romans 8:9

    If you don’t have the Holy Ghost, you don’t have power, and you DO NOT belong to Jesus…
    it is as simple as that.

    If you aren’t baptized in Jesus’ name, sin is still on you, and no sinner will enter the Kingdom of God.

    “He that committeth sin is of the devil, for the devil sinneth from the beginning.”
    1 John 3:8

    Yes, I am an Apostolic Pastor.

    No, the words I just wrote aren’t my opinions…

    They are all found in The Holy Bible.

    Please obey the words you see written here,
    and the words of Jesus, the Almighty God!

  70. Latasha M.

    He who is without sin cast the first stone…comes to mind…Pray for this man and his church family and his wife and kids. Thats all we need to say about this and move on already.

    Ms. MOody

  71. tap

    The bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against persons without bodies- the evil rulers of the unseen world. Which means all that’s fighting against that man is wrong, when we that’s so spiritual should be restoring with prayer in supplication! Pray all the time, pray earnestly for all Christians everywhere! Question for all you that’s judging, where’s your bowels of compassion? Have it been shut down? Another word are you constipated,have no love for another. GOD is LOVE

  72. beverley

    wow whats new… i came into the church from the world as an ex prostitute/drug addict/criminal the systyms description of me… only to find that jesus died for all sinners and that we as a world have prostituted our hearts..so is it any wonder the church is in the state its in….jesus said i did not come to anul the law..i came to FUL-FILL it with MY GRACE…jesus love is un-conditional when we become free from the law. To lead is to serve …the highest form of leadership is to serve ..to serve jesus..not man and his acceptance or approvel..we need to be in a deep personel relationship with christ…not our own ego..lets get real and give jesus hie rightful place in our hearts and then our world will change with little or no effort at all. Jesus has taught me to BE FAITHFUL and RESPECTABLE me who was mary magdalenes twin…come on now its your turn…church…let jesus love you on the inside…warts and all…let go and let god in…if you want to see a chnge..be a change…

  73. Cadriesha

    I remember listening to pastor Bryant speak about 6, 7, or 8 years ago and he was doing a sermon talking about how he had a child out of wedlock before he was married. Are they talking about a new child. I think his true followers already knew about one child frrom when he was a little younger.

  74. Disgusted with church

    I have not been to my own church in over 8 months for the same reason. My former pastor pursued my niece like a dog in heat. He sent a deacon to her house to tell her how bad he wanted her. She refused to answer his phone calls and stopped coming to church. How can pastors stand before an audience and say they are saying what GOD told them to say when they don’t do what GOD tells all of us to do. I don’t care if your flesh is weak! You should at least RESPECT the body enough to NOT mess with a member of the church you pastor!! It’s one thing to disrespect your wife, your family’s legacy, and your children’s honor. It takes a real narcisist to disrespect the body of Christ.You don’t have to be a H.S. Grad to know that. If it takes that many women, maybe that’s not what he wants.Ask Hezekiah Walker!!

  75. Heanen Help Us All

    The only thing worse than a jack-leg preacher is the board of trustees that allows him to remain the pastor. What is the difference in the Catholic church Bishops and the AME church Bishops…aparently not enough!!!

  76. tap

    Listen SIN is SIN there’s small sin, there’s big sin they all equal to the same DEATH! The WORD of GOD says confess your fault, repent of it, GOD said he’s faithful and just to forgive you of all your sin! What is ALL, that’s every last one of your sin! That’s the one you know of and the unseen one (those you was not aware of)! Now unto him whose able to keep you falling, stumbling and present you faultless(not guilty) for those that have fell! His name is WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR! For all those prosecutors, you can’t win JESUS get the last WORD because he is the WORD! He didn’t come for those that are perfect, them that think they got it all together! One thing I know all have fallen short to the Glory of GOD! Jesus is the propitiation for our sins

  77. tap

    I’m back saying is it right to sin, NO it’s not, is it o.k
    NO it’s not! We do have to come to GOD constantly
    telling GOD I need you everyday, hour & second on a second! The word of GOD says meditate on GOD day and night! Wait a minute, if you are honest with yourselves you realize there’s a battle going on within yourself your spirit & your flesh! Your spirit wants to do what the Spirit of the LORD wants it to do ! Your flesh wants to do it’s own thing! Now I’m not here to judge but if you keep doing what the flesh wants it to do, the flesh will drop you off in hell and back up off you then go back to the dust from which it came! Listen you
    must have a Godly sorrow when you done wrong because Godly sorrow brings true repentance! The only one that knows if Godly sorrow came about is
    God the father, God the son,and God the Holy ghost! WHY, because they are the only one that knows the heart! Now when I say they I’m talking the Trinity of God in one part! So I say don’t worry about the naysayer! Get up when you fall and press toward the mark which is the higher calling through Jesus Christ!

  78. tap

    If Jesus said, forgive seventy times seven to us humans. How much more do you think that he will forgive? I don’t believe he will tell us to do something he wouldn’t do! That’s just to the ones having a hard time to forgive! People leave the bad alone & start looking at the good! I guarantee Pastor spoke a word of encouragement into your spirit! God use whom he please and have favor on whom he choose!

  79. Ravens Fan

    J Bryant is a repeat offender. What can he offer Gizelle but more lies and fake tear?.That’s the same stuff he offers his church. (The devil made me do it. You know he’s out to get us preachers! Pray for me!!) She needs to find her a Raven and be done with that ladies man.He obviously doesn’t want to be married. If I were Gizelle I would burst up in church with finest, richest Raven on the team and shout all over that church. Then I wouldn’t look back. Right now she looks weak and just stupid for coming back.Move on and move UP!!

  80. tap

    o.k When Jesus said forgive 70 times 7! He didn’t say keep up the count! I forgive you that’s one oh oh that’s two you got 488 more times to go then I can stop forgiving you! That means I’m watching you, I don’t have time to see my own mess!

  81. we should pray for jamal that god would renew the right spirit within him and continue to use him to win the lost and any cost.be strong jamal get up and walk again confess your faults before god and ask him to forgive you and take time out to fast and pray and get yourself together. be strong brother in christ

  82. tap

    I have a question, why is this site still here? Why do people seem to forget that this happened back in 2007? Pastor has already gotten up, dust himself off, and still pressing forward toward the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus!

  83. Saint Joseph

    “The sinless one among you, go first: Throw the stone.” John 8:7b [Message Bible]

  84. Angela

    I agree with Raven’s fan, Jamal is a “Repeat” offender! As for the comment by Tap, Jamal no good Bryant has brushed the old dust off but immediately added new dust on top of that. He will be completely exposed very soon, VERY SOON because he is acting as if he’s above getting caught again and lying to unsuspecting women. Jimmy Swaggart (prostitutes), Pastor Ted Haggart (gay), Jim Baker (gay-fraud-prostitute), Zachery Timms (adultry), Paulk family from Atlanta’s 12 million dollar church (family sex scandal), they all survived for many years until God got completely fed up with their mess. Jamal’s name is on the list but will be at the top of the list if he keeps his mess up.

    Pray for him all you want as I’ve done but I’ve prayed not my will but God’s will be done in him and with him.

  85. dana

    Hi everybody. Here’s my comment. Some people live to spread rumors about someone else’s life. I guess it takes their mind off of their own mess.I really don’t care about what’s going on with Pastor Bryant and his wife. And I feel that this is something that only God can fix. He knows everything about the situation.While you all are trying to figure it out, He already knows. What’s it to you? What can you do? You need to stay out of their business and deal with what’s in your own backyard.This is just the plan of the enemy to distract us from what’s realllly going on. Pray for them and move on!! God’s go this and Shut up!!

  86. dana

    I agree with you Tap. The Lord is not keeping count, why should we and whoever this Ravens fan is………Shut up. YOU ARE DELETED.

  87. Gerald Clark

    This is exactly why so many people are turned off from Christianity. Here we have bishops, who are supposed to set the true example, committing adultery and having children out of wedlock. This is exactly why so many people refuse to convert to Christianity. Because they feel that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites. And to be honest, they’re not that far from the truth. Paul addresses this in Romans 2:21-24

    21you, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal? 22You who say that people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? You who abhor idols, do you rob temples? 23You who brag about the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? 24As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

    Gentiles back then were simply those who did not know the LORD. So Paul is actually blaming the hypocrites in church for causing the Gentiles to blaspheme God’s name. And that is exactly what is happening today. These bishops who committ adultery and have children outside of wedlock are just causing unbelievers to further blaspheme God’s name. I wish the people of God would stop making so many excuses. Why can’t we just try to live right? There are some areas of the bible that are gray and there are some areas that are black and white. Clearly the bible states that bishops MUST be faithful to their wives. That’s black and white. So instead of making excuses, why can’t we just follow what the bible says. Yeah, it gets rough sometimes but why can’t we just ask God for strength instead of giving into our flesh. Think about it, how would you feel if you were an unbeliever and you constantly saw bishops committing adultery? Would you want to be a Christian? We as the body of Christ need to make a committment to use more energy in living righteous lives and less energy in making excuses for our sins

  88. Ravens Fan

    Oh I’m deleted but J. Bryant can keep on keeping on? I don’t think so. Mother’s day is coming soon. How many baby mommas is it now? Instead of preaching about Mary or other virtuous women in the Bible, he ought to come clean about all those baby mommas.That doesn’t include the ones who didn’t get pregnant.Some of them still sitting in church. You think he’s smiling at you and he’s smiling at somebody behind you.(Sounds like its not hard to have him.) JB ought to be ashamed! Don’t let church-folks keep you in a loveless marriage (mirage)! Gizelle spring football has started. Handle that my sister and don’t look back (you might turn into a pillar of salt).

  89. tap

    I’m so glad God is spirit and not man! When that time comes, we all have to stand up before the Lord and give account to God! But question, who are we to judge? We don’t hold the future. There’s only one judge and him alone! Remember you nor I earn our way into heaven! You don’t get to heaven just by living morally good, it’s only one way and that’s only through the grace of God! Jesus didn’t come for those that think they done everything right, for those don’t need a healing, for those that don’t need deliverance or for those that don’t need to be made free. He came to those that acknowledge they need help and they know can’t do nothing without him!
    Listen, be careful on how you judge, because by that same judgement you will be judged by that same measure.

  90. tap

    JESUS is full of COMPASSION & LOVE! Listen you can keep the love man can give, which is on one condition! But I choose the LOVE OF GOD, which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

  91. tap

    I wonder have those that is trying to judge ever read, God speaking to Moses,”I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion (pity) on whom I will have compassion.[Exodus 33:19.] So then God’s gift is not a question of human will and human effort,but of God’s mercy! I say grant me God’s Grace and mercy when it’s all said and done!

  92. cjl

    yes, I feel u 2 on that one…

  93. cjl

    I guess I’m kinda late on the news, but what’s really strange is he compares himself to david, the worshipper in the bible. But when david REPENTED of his sins, he did not REPEAT that sin again. I think that’s what the true essence of repentance is: if you really do repent, your heart will not fail you again in that area because it has been committed to the Lord, and you’ve learned your lesson, so obviously poor JB hasn’t learned his lesson and hasn’t committed that weakness/ sin to the Lord which leaves him room to do it again, again and again…..this also leaves him vulnerable although not exempt from temptation. This has nothing to do with the frailities of human nature and being perfect, but it is about being committed and loving God wholeheartedly as david did. Another point I want to make is that we must clearly understand the difference between a mistake and sin. The last point is that I think alot of us, just people in general (including JB) are sorry for the wrong we have done and sometimes even ask for forgiveness, but being sorry and repenting are 2 different things. You can be sorry and have the best intentions of not doing it again, but as sure as the pressure is on, you will fold ….but when you repent, there is a heart transformation that takes places that does not allow you to commit that act anymore. You have not just given lip service and even tears, but you have given your life over to Holy Spirit to stand guard over those areas. It is hard…temptation will come it always will be, but anything is possible with God, without him, we all are “men most miserable.” I’m afraid that JB will be like samson, he will shake himself one day and the power will gone….God help us all..

  94. tap

    That’s good and well put. I totally agree with that, but real talk, how many Davids do we have out here? There’s a lot more prophets, teachers, evangelist that God has called and their character don’t fit David. I also know that God is a God of more than one chance nor just a second chance but to me of many chances! Listen some get it swiftly some get it slowly some just don’t get it period! Jesus choose 12 disciple none of their character was the same, but he loved them all!

  95. hurting heart

    all this is a sad situation as i read most of the comments on this site i started to cry because i dont see hope for marriages any more noboby see’s the pain that sexual sin leaves in it’s path nor does anyone care about the pieces that the woman/man has to pick up when their soul has been torn to shreds i pray that people start to realize that hell is real and that sexual sin isnt even worth it people have compassion on others and forgive them jesus died for all of us on a cross in the most brutal way so who are we to not forgive seventy x seven.

  96. Ravens Fan

    JB is a narcist with serious control issues. He gets a rush from stirring up church-goers until they are full of emotions only to they tell them to “be seated please”.He is the same way with his relationships. He pulls his wife back in only to drop her on her face again.While he wants you to believe he is God sent, he knows he is not God led. His messages have “street” overtones because he is still in the streets.He has one foot in the church and one foot in the street.In the words of Robert Johnson, he is at the crossroads…he has a choice to make (before God makes it for him).

  97. tap

    For all the people that speak about repeat offenders.
    When you started walking did you walk immediately or did you crawl? No you didn’t! Did mom or dad give up on you or were they patient with you? How much more patience will your heavenly father have for you?

  98. Ravens Fan

    Tap are you saying JB should be allowed to run around the church like a dog in heat and no one say anything until he LEARNS better? Come on! He knows it’s wrong and so do the women he fools with. He just doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks! We’re not God. God is his only judge. Who are we to judge him people say? Blah blah blah …cast the first stone… blah blah blah… he’s just like David… blah blah blah ….No!!! Bottom line-sit it down until you get it right. Admit your shortcomings and pitfalls then get it together.

  99. Ravens Fan

    Hurting heart, you are exactly what I’m talking about. People look at preachers and say that if a man of God can’t get it right, then there is no hope. Not so, not so. If JB and other ministers were held to a standard, they would get it right. Because their conscious no longer alerts them when they do wrong, it up to the rest of us to let them know. How can you lead me in prayer with all of that lust in your heart.? I’m not closing my eyes (I might miss something). You can lay hands on folks alright. You pervert. The church house is now the new whore house. I see why they call preachers pullpit pimps. They get free sex and money from weak women. Seek God for yourself!!!

  100. tap

    No Ravens Fan, but I’m saying that is it God that we have to answer to for our action! You nor me died for no man sin. There was only one that did that, and he’s the only one we will have to answer. But I do say that there have to be a God conscience; an urge to do right! That’s including name calling also!
    When God said,” Let us make man in our image, after our likeness! He was talking a reflection of him inside and out! Now we all was born into sin and because of the Grace of God & his Mercy, there’s a lot in that! I’m not saying we shall continue sinning, but I’m saying it’s all on GOD’S timing! Everybody has to give account for their action! So my I say, let us walk, talk, and show more love for one another.

  101. Ravens Fan

    Tap when God made man in his own image man had not sinned yet. It wasn’t until later did man sin by disobeying.Man was influenced by a naked woman and woman was influenced by a snake (you know why).I recognize God’s grace and mercy in my own sinful life, but I’m not up telling people God told me to tell them anything. No one is coming to the altar for me to pray for (prey on) them either. All I am saying is sit down until you get it together. How much more powerful would his testimony be if he could show how God has really changed him? It makes people outside the body of Christ say “what’s the difference?” Bottom line-preachers who claim to be the voice of God need to live like it or move to a pew.

  102. tap

    Let us realize we haven’t arrive yet, for as long as we got this flesh we have a war all the time! Because there’s a war between your flesh & spirit constantly! So I must say again, there’s a growing that is to take place in all of us! The thing about it I can’t say how fast someone is to grow! But yours & my part are to plant seeds (life) and water the seed which is speak life not death to it! That’s God’s job to grow us! He’s the only one that separate the good from the bad! God is also the one who does the calling & choosing who he want to be his spokes person, not we ourselves! Our job is to pray for one another without quitting! Nothing but LOVE, because it’s love that’s keeping me!

  103. tap

    Good morning Ravens Fan and everyone else,Raven Fan I’m going to address that last comment you wrote. I understand you have some bible knowledge about the fall of mankind but I want to talk about God’s perfect plan! Now you know the bible said all have fallen short to glory of God. That means Rev.Jamal Bryant, that ‘s the bishop, the pope, the deacons, your momma, your daddy, you, me and everyone else except the one that knew no sin but became sin because he took our sin & lay it upon himself! That also means my own dependancy means nothing. All that goes out the window! My dependancy is on the Great Picker Upper,” JESUS”! The one that lay down his life and got his own self from the grave for you, me & for anyone else that accept him! We win God’s plan never fails!

  104. Ravens Fan

    Tap I find it hard to believe God is using JB and others when they have not changed. Wat about Saul and Moses. They both had experiences with God that made them stop wat they were doing & serve God.I understand people are flesh and struggle with the flesh. What about their Demascus experience.When are they gonna change.

  105. tap

    Everything happens on God’s timing! That’s not our call! We didn’t make man God did that, so don’t you think God can handle what & whom he create! Our job is to show & give love no matter what! That way our character & statue will be right with God. Do what you are told to do,and that’s pray without quitting!

  106. Ravens Fan

    Sorry, I’m not there yet. I want to believe that there are some “called” men/women of God who really fast & pray and live as they say. Not just those who duck and hide and tip and slip.Is God not in all places at all times. Are they so removed from the feet of God that they can’t see his face? Don’t they fear God? Do they really believe in an omnipitant God. No! They think of God like people in the street think. Like he is an invisible sugar daddy you can ask for stuff from like a healing or money. I don’t have anything against JB and the like. I just think they do a lot of harm to the body of Christ. They are charismatic, smooth-talking men. Nothing more, nothing less. State prison is full of them. All I’m saying is tell the truth. No matter how ugly or how shocking tell people the truth. I have nothing but love for Donnie McClurken. It was ugly and most of all shocking but it was the truth. There are so many people who have the same struggles in life. His willingness to tell the truth shows me he is tyring to live holy. Paul did the same thing. He had a struggle (not an illness) and asked the Lord to help him with it.

  107. tap

    Praise God any how! I’m not defending Rev. Jamal Bryant for the wrong he’s done! But I do say,” If Rev. Jamal Bryant didn’t repent than it’s Woe unto him and go to God in prayer before it’s too late before you bust hell wide open, but since I’m not God that I can’t see everything nor hear everything! I’m going to keep praying and speaking life not death! But I also say be careful at calling something filthy whom God has called clean! Because you’ll be calling God a liar and God is not a liar!

  108. Ravens Fan

    I don’t have a hell to put any adulters in but I do have a pew for them.If U R struggling with sins of the flesh, sit yo flesh down. God condems adultery throughout the Bible. His word is clear.

  109. tap

    Ravens Fan I love you and will pray for you! As you stated a few writings above you’re not there yet (keep living you will)! As for the rest walk in LOVE and don’t judge as the scripture has said! Note this we need the Lord in our everyday walk, we are not God , but with God we can do anything! Like priest like people, like people like priest we all have a journey to take! I hope we all press toward the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus!

  110. Ravens Fan

    Tap thanks for your prayers. The Bible says you will know a tree by the fruit it bears. To call a tree a fig tree because it bears figs is not judging. To call a person who cheats on his wife an adulterer is not judging or name calling, it’s just a fact. Pray for people like me who have been so discouraged by the behavior of “church folks” that we are now distracted, but most of all, pray for those who do the distracting. I believe our communities and unfortunately our churches have become a modern day Sodom. Anything and everything goes on there. Just like in Sodom, the people who may not like what is going on are not standing up to say anything about it. Are there any just people left in the church who are willing to say wrong is wrong no matter who does it? Or are we just going to let it continue to happen. We allow preachers to do anything nowadays. They don’t even try to hide it. I don’t believe God is pleased. Jesus himself turned over the tables of the money changers at the temple. That tells me that he does not approve of allowing church folks to do anything and everything in the church. (Don’t get me started on these preachers selling the word for money.) We already know the church is under attack by the world. We don’t have to help them find reasons not to believe.

  111. tap

    Ravens Fan, I agree with that wholehearted, but the bible plainly state we don’t wrestle with flesh in blood! We fight against the the evil ruler and authority of the unseen world! I’m not saying over look what’s going on, because the word of God says WATCH & PRAY! This is a spiritual warfare we’re in, which tells us you don’t war in the flesh but in the spirit! The devil not going to tempt you with something you don’t struggle with. Look,it really is hard to fight an enemy that knows your weakness. So who do you turn to when you can’t fight? The King of King, the Lord of Lord! Who is the King of Glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord,invincible in battle! The Lord Almighty he is the King of glory! Listen, this may be what the Lord want you to do, that’s to give warning to the wolves in sheep clothing! Because the judge of judge will judge rightfully! But as I say I’m going to pray constantly without quitting! That’s for everyone to get it right before it’s too late! But also in doing this don’t excuse ourselves by pointing the fingers at others whose sins seem worse than ours.

  112. MyEastCoastPastor

    Ok – First off ALL of the information on the Court website has been there for months! They closed out their divorce and are now back together. OLD NEWS! There have been alot of scriptural postings but here’s the most important “Touch not my choosen and do my prophets no harm” and (here’s the REALLY important one) Jesus asked (as a crowd was gathering to stone and kill a woman who was caught in adultery – yes in the actual act) “He (or she) who is WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone!” Remember, ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD! Not just Pastor Bryant – You (yes you!) have fallen short! Even in this very hour, you have sinned!
    And for those of you who said you were crying when you found out or your angry or hurt – it’s because you were following the MAN and not the CHRIST! Check yo’ self!
    One final note: To Pastor Bryant I say “PREACH BLACK MAN!”

  113. tap

    Thank you for the comment, praise God that the family is back together! You also would have notice that this blog is beyond Pastor Jamal Bryant! It’s about, quit judging and pray for one another! Because I believe the CALL is Greater than the FALL!!

  114. Shol nough

    Jamal is up to his old tricks again. He’s still a “Pimp”.

  115. Someone Who Has Been There Berfore

    What we must realize is that “sin” is “sin”. There is no big or little sin. The reason why adultery is always noted as something castrophic is because it involves more than one person. It takes God to deliver you from the sin of adultery. It is known that warning comes before destruction. If you are a believer, there are indicators that let’s you know that this is not of God. God will not have you ignorant to satan’s devices. We ignore the indicators and do what we want to do. Initially, there is remorse in committing adultery. Paul states that when I will to do good evil is always present. The signs of adultery doesn’t begin with sex. It is a little conversation, some flirting, dating, sexual implicit phone call, vulnerability, and low self esteem. When you put yourself in a compromising position, sin is bound to happen. Your relationship with the Lord determines the outcome of a situation. When I committed adultery, it was not something that happened overnight. It was several months before I found myself in a compromising position that I wanted to explore. After the first time, I continued to justify my wrongdoing in my mind. It wasn’t until I truly repented and ask God to help me that I was delivered from this sin. Even after that, I had to keep my mind focus on God. I begin to have accountability for my actions and whereabouts. Through prayer and fasting, trusting God and a determined mind to live holy, I am able to say that I have made it through the storm. I have been delivered for 12 years from the sin of adultery. To God be the Glory!

  116. Frustrated Evangelist

    What do you think non-believers are thinking when they see cases of adultery in th pulpit. While everyone is trying to make excuses for Jamal’s sin, non-believers who were considering converting to Christianity are now even more turned off. Everytime something like this happens, more and more people are turned off from Christianity. And personally, I don’t blame them. If you never grew up in the church and all you saw when it came to Christianity was ministers involved in scandals, wouldn’t you be turned off?

  117. Ravens Fan

    Just what the church needs, another preacher telling a preacher to “preach black man” despite what he openly does.That is so sad! That’s the part I don’t get. What ever happened to holding clergy to a. standard. What about just not doing certain things because you are so-called “chosen” (especially with your members). The flesh is weak is an over-used excuse. It says to me that ministers are not focused on Christ.They are interested in self. That’s why you have to fast and pray. Anyway, how do you know he was called. Is it just because he is a decent speaker, so was Hitler. I just don’t understand how God can dwell in an unclean temple. It all seems like a hustle to me.There is no difference in this preacher and a pimp. They both are smooth talkers who get women to do what they say without out any commitment or sacrafice of their own. I feel sorry for Gizelle.I pray the Lord touches her with wisdom and strength. Most black women Iknow would have moved on after the first baby. The last thing Black america needs is more illegitimate kids. Thanks passa.God has to be tired of this!! I know I am. This time next year we will be having the same conversation about another child. I know this because he is not held accountable.

  118. We all fall short, no man is free of sin, pastor or pimp. God says we get back up again, I believe, not judge.

  119. Frustrated Evangelist

    What’s next? At this rate I can pretty much predict what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna have someone in the pulpit have an abortion. And then church people are gonna make the excuse that “we all fall short”. Then we’re gonna have someone in the pulpit participate in homosexual activity. And then church people are gonna quote: “He who is without sin throw the first stone”. Then we’re gonna have someone in the pulpit smoking crack cocaine and injecting heroine. And all the church people are gonna say “touch not my annointed one”. And THEN we’re gonna have someone in the pulpit committ adultery and have multiple children out of wedlock. And all the church people are gonna say…….wait, that’s already happened. Is there gonna be anything that bishops aren’t allowed to do?

  120. Panamas finest

    Enough already..I can’t even believe I found this silly site. You know when I moved to Baltimore I heard everyone talking about this situation…I stayed away from Empowerment for what I heard. Then one day I was invited and I went to hear the “word”..and received a blessing. I have continued to go since. The bottom line is, I can not get wrapped up in what Pastor Bryant is or is not doing….I can only listen to the word. What he does in his personal life is none of my business. No one is perfect. It is a struggle for everyone. So ease up on the man and just let him deliver the word. Pray for him. That is all we can do. I will continue to attend his church because he is a great preacher. Lets not judge..my goodness..

  121. Ravens Fan

    Thanks Frustated Evangelist!! You understand my how & why.

  122. Justa Man

    I think what non-believers are seeing most in these posts is alot of fingerpointing and alot less forgiveness. Check the mirror folks before you post 🙂

  123. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    I just searched for a Pastor Jamal Bryant sermon as I’ve heard good things about his “style” and Google gave me this. I was saddened scanning the posts over the past couple of years. No doubt we all sin and then look at another’s sin(s) as “bigger or badder” than ours. However, as I understand it, his sexual sins are no worse than ours, being fornication, homosexuality, adultery, beastiality – sexual perversion = sexual perversion and we’ll be held accountable. The exit door being to repent and turn from our wicked ways…certainly that’s been said enough re: this situation. However, what pains me is not that he’s still in office because who God calls is His wisdom for me to trust and we’re to submit to them as unto God. I more wonder about the hearts of those still sitting in his congregation listening and possibly ignoring the prompt to Run the Other Way! Our own disobedience having been exposed at the same time as we continue to partake “wisdom” where we ought not. We can’t blame the church for wanting to forgive and believe in the pastor – that’s what we’re taught! But wisdom, discernment, knowledge and understanding come from the Lord and when He prompts us to to move around, that’s what we need to do… and not beforehand.

  124. Cop

    I understand Pastor’s aren’t perfect. HOWEVER, I do expect them to stay faithful to their wife,

    Keep their penis in their own yard,

    Pay child support when TOLD to do so
    (Jamal had to be forced to pay by the state of Maryland)

    When caught act somewhat humble, instead of telling everyone, ” You still the man.”

    He should have step down when there was any hint of adultry.

  125. Common Sense

    This is not about judging JB, we can all agree that we all make mistakes, but a couple of things should be considered:

    1) he is a repeat offender;
    2) he is a LEADER of thousands of people who are not only listening to what he says, but watching what he does. That’s the point of a leader … s/he is someone whom we can emulate and aspire to BE like … we can listen to any old body talk….

    When you put these 2 things together, his behavior is of the utmost importance because, as leader to them, this is where his followers get their cues on how to behave. So if he’s cheating and having kids out of wedlock repeatedly (which he is, I don’t care if he’s back with his wife or not), but he’s never really repented, then what kind of message does that send to his followers? Do whatever you want and it’s cool? I ask you this (no disrespect intended): would you follow Stevie Wonder, alone, into the woods at night?? If so, then that’s the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!!! So why would you continue to follow someone who has indicated very clearly that HE IS BLIND?!?! You can pray for him and refrain from throwing stones at him all day, but it truly makes no sense to follow a leader who continues to set a poor example.

  126. Frustrated Evangelist

    What if there was a fat guy who weighed over 500 pounds and he was going around trying to give advice on how to stay in shape? Would you listen to him? Of course not!!! You’d only listen to him if he were slim and in good shape himself. But for some reason, people wanna follow and defend Jamal, who has committed adultery and has multiple children out of wedlock. Clearly the bible states that a bishop MUST be faithful to his wife. Marriage is a very powerful topic. If you read the bible, God not only uses marriage to unite a man and woman together as one flesh. But God also uses marriage to describe his relationship with us. Our relationship with God is supposed to be as intimate as a marriage. So I don’t think I’d want to follow a man who can’t even be faithful to his wife

  127. lilkunta

    Well it is now 21Jun. Is the divorce moving forward?
    Did he have sex with the 17yo old church member & father her child?

    Also, y did Gizelle originally file in Mont County when she lived in Bmore?

  128. Sherri

    My father was a pastor who fell from grace… Or committed adultery. He and my mother would have been married for 23 years this year. Being an attractive woman in the church is hard. It is hard because these idiots come after you like you are prey… I know some big named preachers personally who have all in some way or another who have come on to me… It makes me feel sick. No man on this earth will escape the judgment seat. No bishop, no pastor, no deacon, no usher, no pope… They (we) will all have to answer for the things we do… Now looking at Jamal, if he were just a regular man would he get all that ass? Absolutely not. He is not attractive, he is not sexy… It’s his status. His ego is super huge… It’s annoying to see these preachers up on stage screaming from the top of their lungs and preaching their gospel… What the heck? Knowing good and well what he is doing with this one and that one… I say we stand up for what is right… No I don’t have a heaven or hell to put him in… But that don’t mean I have to follow him… The blind leading the blind…. Such a sad thing…

  129. teachliterature

    In response to Just a Man. All of us have our own opinion, and I respect yours. However, this isn’t about judging another and thinking we’re perfect. When someone puts himself in a position of authority, and that authority is supposed to be from God, they are held to a higher standard. It’s not good enough to say that we all fall. Yes, we all do fall, but he’s wrong in what he did. He’s a hypocrite and he deserves to be criticized. In addition, he gives black people a bad name. He’s just another guy who got carried away with money and power and pussy, and he did the wrong thing. Yes, he’s human, but like priests in the Catholic Church, he is held to a higher standard and deserves the disgust and anger the people feel towards him.

  130. Cop

    A pastor having marriage problems is like having a life guard with iron boots.

    He needs to check himself before he can speak to others.

    How does this sound. “My DIVORCED pastor is going counsel me on marriage and how to stay together.”

    He needs to get his priorities together.
    1. God
    2. Wife
    3. children (even the children from another woman)
    4. Church

    JB seems to put his church ahead of his wife and his one child from another woman.

  131. pastor tim brown

    pastor bryant is a self proclaim preacher that was apointed by his father,(problem #1) apointed to pastor but not called….(problem #2) pastor jamal was the one who lead his wife to chirst after meeting her around there college years, lady gizzle was attending college while working part time as a exotic dancer when the young naacp national youth president jamal meet her ,prayed and exchanged numbers…..(problem #3) the marriage was not a god sent blessing anyway…… (fact) god is always in control its when we try to take control everything goes out of control…… ps. pastor tim


    Pastor Bryant Ithink you are doing a good job with word and god knows the plans he have for you declares the lord, plan to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) I’m standing with you and praying for you ,believing that god will bring you his verybest. GOD BLESS

  133. missy

    Pastor Jamal Bryant and his estranged wife Gizelle Bryant were spotted out in Baltimore this week. I hope she knows that he has a young lady by the name of Jesseca in Baltimore pregnant right now baby due in November. He also paid a young lady in New Jersey to have an abortion back in March ( he gave her a check someone gave him as an love offering 600.00 also he is having an affair with a married woman by the name of Nicole who live in Philadelphia…. He was also spotted at the Intercontinental hotel at the Baltimore Harbor with a young lady by the name of Tangie. So if Gizelle is taking him back I hope she knows the Baltimore HOE has not changed his ways and she is asking for more TROUBLE. Everyone knows he hates wearing condoms and takes all of is HOES to his home 250 South Presidents St. 1….. Gizelle must be missing the money and the FIRST LAdy lifestyle…… or she is just crazy she better make him take an AIDS test because he is out there. Jamal is still out there

  134. To Tap, I like how you used Ephesians 6:12 to try to justify this charlatan’s behavior. Especially since he’s a part of the “principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world…” that we are wrestling against. Let it go. The man is a FALSE PROPHET. His fruit bears witness to that. Jesus said “Many will come saying Lord, Lord…………….and I will say DEPART from me, workers of iniquity, I NEVER KNEW YOU” I hope your hero worship doesn’t blind you to the fact that he is a fraud. The fact that he is so arrogant about it makes people who defend him look more like the lemmings they are. Pleae wake up.Peace.

  135. Tap

    Tony Johnson, brother the only hero in my life is Jesus Christ! Didn’t no man die for my sins but Christ! I’m just following A commandment from the Lord! That’s having love for one another and also doing this I show my love toward Christ! You nor I get the last word but the one that died and rose that third day! Remember this: my heart is like this I pray that no man goes to hell I believe that God’s heart is that way. That’s probably why he didn’t send Jesus back so soon,and that’s for all of us to get it right!

  136. lilkunta

    I agree w what ‘cop’ posted up above. Here it is again:

    Author: Cop
    Comment: A pastor having marriage problems is like having a life guard with iron boots. He needs to check himself before he can speak to others. How does this sound. “My DIVORCED pastor is going counsel me on marriage and how to stay together.” He needs to get his priorities together.1. God2. Wife3. children (even the children from another woman)4. Church JB seems to put his church ahead of his wife and his one child from another woman.

  137. pastor

    To all you saying a divorced pastor cannot lead or counsel on marriage need to understand that not all divorce is “his” fault. I know too many pastor’s who wives have committed sexual sins. Is it his fault that the wife couldn’t stay faithful? Most of us do have our priorities in order its the wife, who we cannot control, that listens to another voice. So, stop beating up on the man of God. As far as Dr. Bryant, he still belong to God and God deals with us in a way you can never imagine.

  138. Real Man

    Let’s be real!! There know reason for anyone who say god call them to lead his people,to act so childlish.God is leting people see what our’s so call leader are doing. My prayer is, i hope all of god childern will stop following man and start read their bible for them self. When leadership act out like this, it his family. But real issure is the body of christ, it make chruch look bad when grown men are should i say men of god. Do thing that put spots on the chruch. No Excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. BEREAL

    I believe that realman is correct. Not because it’s right ,but because we in all our mess have made him right. Take a look at all the saints in the word they all had issues of which God dealt with NO COMPROMISE. There’s a scripture in old testament that said that for a moment God winked( closed his eyes) to the sins of man yet when he opened them again he said that from that moment on there would be no more excuses. We serve a holy God and are suppose to be holy people, and if we for the love of God can’t control our flesh then we send the message LOUD AND CLEAR to ALL. I love Jamal’s ministry and He is an anointed man of God.The book of acts tells us that the gifts of God are given without repentance so no matter how WE mess up the gifts are ours to keep with or without the anionting. God told us that the way we judge someone so shall we be judged. Now IF IT WAS YOU……would you want a chance to get right with God??????? for in the end we all shall be held accountable for every deed when we stand before our God. So how about we do as God did with David, Solomon, and others in the word forgive that we may be forgiven. Who are we to tell God which child he should forgive or not forgive. Are you willing to make that decision amoung your own? I am a mother of two and even when they mess us i still love them and i stay on them because i want to see the best they have to offer in life come forth. So it is in the natural so it is in the spirit God desires to see our best and when we don’t give it to him he doesn’t give up on us he pushes harder to get us there. We as a people have got to stop looking at each other and start seeking the face of God.

  140. Jamal Jackson

    forgiveness should be applied not denied!

  141. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    I don’t think any true follower of Jesus thinks the Pastor shouldn’t be forgiven. He is, after all, human and is subject to the weakness of his flesh, therefore. After careful study of my own “issues” (which should aptly be called sin that I CHOSE to keep in my life through ignorance, lack of courage or a bottomless pit of excuses), I’ve come to understand that God is NOT PLAYING! The consequences of my sinful nature have abounded in my life and while they have been repented for, they came. I had chose to dim my Light and had rejected God’s direction and wisdom. I think as a people, we’ve become so democracy-minded that compromise is our way of life rather than the Kingdom of God lifestyle. When a leader chooses to bow and worship his weaknesses over God, at the very least, he should sit down to take some time to re-submit to God, regain the peoples’ trust and then continue his mission. But to maintain an air of “I’m forgiven so back up off me!” isn’t giving God glory. We all know that heart issues don’t appear OR disappear overnight due to our own experiences. His will not go away any faster because he’s been annointed to preach! It takes time for the renewal of our minds. I submit this now for consideration: Refusing to hold the pastors/leaders in our day accountable for their actions against God is actually relative to our own approach in our individual walks. Meaning, if we’re nonchalant over the walks of those in our lives, we are truly nonchalant over our own – and that’s a very dangerous place to be.

  142. Theresa Smith

    I pray for healing for you and your family. The devil is busy. The devil is just during his job. Temptation is stong and some of us are weak. Maybe you Pastor Bryant need to sit down and be ministered too for a while. If you could have only stop for a moment and realized what you
    had a home. One night of pleasure should not been worthy loosing your family. The Holy Spirit is a keeper. We are all tempted everyday, it the giving-in to the temptation that hurt us. God give us choices and you made yours. Your marriage vows should have meant something to you.

  143. I can’t believe you all. You mean to tell me that God Himself actually loaned ya’ll His ruler to measure someone else’s righteousness or His gavel for YOU to be the judge? If God uses him ( Pastor Bryant), I think you need to take this up with Him. He calls who He calls, and uses them just the same. God in HIS infinite wisdom, gave a gift to Bro. Jamal, to spread HIS Word, and Jamal, with all his flaws and his sin, is being obedient to GOD; not man. So what, he messes up! So what!? If you have a heaven or hell to put ANYONE in, then go ahead, betray, judge and crucify the man… or better yet, I like the way Jill Scott say’s it… “Hate on HATERS”

  144. c. Dixon

    I just goggled J.Bryant and came across this site. I just started looking at teleministries less than 6 months ago. I was going through some tough times and I stumbled on J. Bryants ministries. I have to say what God has said through him has helped me to get to another level in my life. I only know what I have read on here. But I pray that if they are back together God will bless their marriage. It could have been me or my husband. Because the flesh is so determined to be pleased. So with this I say think it not that thou stand least thou shall fall. In other words DONT think this is above you unless you find yourself in the same situation. But Pray that your flesh stay up under subjection to God. We woman need to realize we have to give in account for laying down just as he has to give in account for what he did. If we repent God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. We have to get up and move on. I can tell you how mad i was that God saw fit to take my mother own. Is that not a sin (thou should love the god with all your heart body and soul) But he loved me in spite of my heart. He forgave me for all my sins and cleansed me. Wil I fall again I pray not, but evil is every present.

  145. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    Since when is it “hatin'” to ask leadership to be accountable for their actions? When we habitually commit sin, and we all do, it’s because we’re suffering from heart issues instead of facing them. Anyone being “real” with themselves and others know it takes time to deal with the pain and betrayal of waking up “in sin” so I see it as a red flag that the brotha didn’t miss a beat. I understand that having flesh means being subject to its weaknesses, but denying the weakness is a weakness in itself. We’ve all heard that the first step in getting healed is taking responsibility for the offense. If he hasn’t done that to those he’s accountable, God’s got something for him. The Word is clear on that. We as the Body need to study and show ourselves approved… and certainly keep it in mind that we perish for our lack of knowledge… we only follow the wolves in sheep’s clothing because we don’t even know that those zippers on the sides of their costumes aren’t supposed to be there.

  146. Frustrated Evangelist

    I want to be lead by a pastor who is faithful to his wife. Is that too much to ask for? Am I being unreasonable?

  147. Randy Harrison

    Thank you for this information. I was seriously thinking about joining his church.

  148. tap

    The ten commandment was written for us to know how important that we need a savior! There is to many people thinking that by their works they are getting to heaven! It is by one way we get there! The Lord knows that our flesh is weak but our spirit is willing. I hear you about wanting a pastor that is faithful to his wife and all that, but what if he is faithful to his wife and is a murderer! Would you respect him more? I say this because we all have flaws! There is only one Lord,one savior and that is Christ Jesus! That’s a fact not an opinion!

  149. Frustrated Evangelist

    It is also a fact that a bishop is held to a higher standard of morality according to the bible:

    Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect. (If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?)
    -I Timothy 3:2-5

    I understand that we all fall short sometimes but a bishop must be held to a higher standard. Should we allow a bishop to smoke crack? Should we allow a bishop to be a rapist? Should we allow a bishop to molest little children? Should we allow a bishop to participate in homosexual behavior? Where do we draw the line as far as who should lead our church? Tap, how much are you willing to put up with from a bishop? If he violated your daughter, would you still consider him “annointed” and follow him?

  150. Donna Dortch

    There is a lot of emphasis placed on sex, infidelity, etc.
    However, whenever you join with another you are taking on their sins, their shortcomings so to speak.
    The same thing that attracted you, will attract another. One marries one because they are special, they standout; they represent who you believe to be worthy of your love and devotion and attention.
    Being a Christian does not make one exempt from frailties or temptation. Being a Christian never means giving up on love.
    Jamal Bryant is a man of strength.
    He is a man of endurance. He is a man who has a healing for God’s people. He is young and gifted.
    His wife is beautiful and a good mother. They should not divorce.

  151. pastor kb

    Its a shame that you people dont have anything else to do but create blogs about a man of God this is not your man this is God’s man

  152. tap

    As I said before, if you’ve never done anything wrong in life you got a right to judge! But I notice that the bible said if you say you have not sin, the word of God calls you a liar! So with that am standing on the righteousness of Christ the Lord!
    Therefore there’s no condemnation to them that’s in Christ Jesus! LadyKat is right about, who gave these Scribes & Pharisees God’s ruler to measure someone else righteousness or gavel for you to be Judge! I say take the log out of your own eye before you mess with the splitter that’s in someone else eye! Technically we all have to go to
    God for our own flaws! People if one is overcome by some sin , you who are godly should gently and humbly help him back onto the right path! Remembering that the next time it might be one of you who is in the wrong! Share each others trouble and problems! By this, we are obeying God’s commandment! If anyone thinks he’s too great to stoop to this, he is fooling himself He is really a nobody!

  153. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    It’s interesting that half of the people are looking at this from a personal point of view and others are able to see it objectively. The name of the blog should be changed to “Leadership: When Is Sin More Important Than the Flock?” because whether it’s that pastor or another, the problem is the same. We are counting on them to be role models and leaders, tending to the flock without having adulteress affairs with them. They are really pioneers in a sense. When they fall into mess because of the evil desires (that we all have), it becomes necessary to take a step back and re-evaluate who we’re following (remember, the body can only go where it’s head goes). Issues like this one is a prime example why people are leaving churches every day (over 100,000 churches in the US have closed just this year) because the power and dominion that God has placed on His Creation is being abused…on His Creation. Perhaps it’s because of the “demon”cratic mentality of tolerance – decisions by the people for the people. But God’s Kingdom is just that, a KINGdom, and He is very specific about the atmosphere It is to maintain. We all love to concentrate on the forgiveness, mercy and love, but forget about righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Truths like this brother’s mess only came to the Light so that God’s people can be corrected. Stop making/taking excuses from people who CHOOSE their walks off of the narrow path. That’s simply seeding into the blind leading the blind. We have but one Teacher. It is God Himself Who allows those to have sight to see…. so, we all are where He would have us. His timing is always perfect. You’ll see.

  154. tap

    That’s real talk, but I say don’t shoot the messenger! Listen if GOD can open the mouth of a donkey to save someone from being slain dead, surely GOD can use anybody or anything to get our attention! There’s people that have done things that some of us never would’ve thought of doing, but they definitely can help you through their experience! Example you are not following what Jamal Bryant has done you are following the message that GOD has spoke through him. So just get the message and quit JUDGING!

  155. lilkunta

    @ Loving Love While Love Loves Me :
    Well said!
    @ Randy Harrison:
    Dont join. Harrison’s action are just of 1 of many reasons to not attend this church.

    @tap: If G*d is truly speaking thru him, why does Jamal not recognise this? Being Blessed with the ability to help others should tell him to act right. Jamal has REPEATEDLY cheated on his wife. What happens if he brings disease back to her?

  156. likunta reply to pastor KB

    @ pastorKB
    A tru man of G*d would not be repeatedly cheating on his wife & children.

    Jamal is the shame not us.
    Its a shame that you people dont have anything else to do but create blogs about a man of God this is not your man this is God’s man

  157. Frustrated Evangelist

    Tap, so are bishops free to committ any sin they want? If Jamal molested a child would you still follow him and consider him “annointed”. Where do we as the body draw the line? Or have we ignored the concept of holiness so much that there is no line? So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna molest some children, rape some women, smoke some crack, and rob a bank. And then I’m gonna come preach in the pulpit on Sunday and encourage people to live right. Because I’m annointed right? Would you attend my church?

  158. lilkunta

    @frustrasted Frustrated Evangelist

  159. Yolanda

    This was/is a sad situation in which prayer and forgiveness should go hand in hand . The word of God clearly states in Galatians 6:1 “Brethren, if a man be overtaken (caught) in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou shalt also be tempted”. Pray for the man of God because he is that and forgive 70 times 7. If you were praying, you could not be sitting in a seat of judgment. I pray that all the nay sayers do not fall in the same trap.

  160. EagleEye

    I’m not surprised at all concerning this mess. Its going on with alot of pastors,bishops,prophets,evangelsit ect. Need to sit down and get delivered.

  161. Frustrated Evangelist

    It’s not a matter of whether or not we’re praying for this man and asking God to forgive him. Trust me, I am. But the fact of the matter is that he needs to sit down from being a bishop for a while until he gets his life together. And it’s not like he made one mistake and that’s it. He has cheated on his wife multiple times and has had multiple children out of wedlock. A leader needs to set the example and be a good role model. So until he’s able to do that, he needs to sit down and let God restore him. We need to be led by someone who sets a good example. Now is that too harsh? Is that too judgemental?

  162. tap

    Had we never gone through something, we really can’t tell anyone anything! Experience is the best testimony. Some people seem to forget what GOD has brought them out of. People act like they have arrived, like they’re not going to have any more tests, talking like Peter use to talk saying,”I will NEVER do that”! Listen quit putting confidence in your FLESH and know that it is GOD who is keeping you! People, speak life and not death!Do you know that the stone you are about to throw, somebody else has a stone with your name on it too! Just take a glance behind you, you’ll find out you got a trail that don’t smell to clean also!

  163. lilkunta(reply to tap)

    @ tap; No 1 will EVER be able to throw a stone @ me bc I am not cheating on my wife and kids. Jamal has REPEATEDLY done this. His lying cheatong *ss needs to step down & get his life together . THEN return to the ministry.

  164. lilkunta(reply to Yolanda)

    I have no problem w praying for Jamal. In addition to prayer he needs to have a vasectomy. How will he be able to parent all these kids with various mothers AND preach? He needs to sit his cheating lyig *ss down!

  165. The problem with a lot of people is that, they forget that people in leadership is still human. They are not perfect. The only one who walked this earth and was sinless was Jesus. I just don’t understand why christians are so ready to call man of god or women of god false so quickly. The only way you can tell if somebody is fake or real is by the fruits that they bear. Since we call ourselves christians “Christ Like,” just think what Jesus will do when he heard this information……. we also have to realize that this is a spirit that Pastor Bryant is dealing with, so what does that mean, we have to pray for him!!!!!

  166. lilkunta reply to teen105

    @teen105: We have not forgotten that Jamal is human. We know this and that is why we forgave him for the first 3 times he cheated on his wife. he is continually doing it. He does not seem to care!

    & his shady *ss church is keeping him preching bc they just want to EMPOWER THEIR WALLETS !

  167. TAP

    We dare to say these good things by ourselves only because of our GREAT TRUST in GOD through CHRIST. That he will help us to be true to what we say, and not because we think we can do anything of lasting value by ourselves! Our only power and success comes from GOD. He is the only one who has helped us tell others about his new agreement to save them. We do not tell them that they must obey every law of GOD or DIE, but we tell them there is LIFE for them from the HOLY-SPIRIT! The old way, trying to be saved by keeping the Ten Commandments, ends in DEATH; in the new way, the Holy Spirit gives life!
    Sounds likes GRACE to me! Lilkunta, please don’t fool yourself! You yes you still come short to the Glory of GOD! You still caring some baggage, that GOD want you to turn over to him. If Jesus came not to Condemn the world, why are you condemning that brother? Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation them that’s in Christ Jesus!

  168. lilkunta

    @ tap What are you talking about?
    I am not fooling myself. Jamal is a repetitive cheater. He is lying to himself, his wife, his church.

    He needs to sit his cheating *ss down. He SHOULD NOT BE MINISTERING!

    What if all his sleeping around has him spreading an STInfection or worse HIV or AIDS?

  169. Frustrated Evangelist

    Ok Tap, it obviously doesn’t bother you that your leader Jamal commits adultery. But as for me, I’d rather be lead by someone who sets a good example. I’d rather seek marital counseling from someone who’s actually been faithful his wife. I wonder if you’d still follow Jamal if he got your daughter pregnant. Would you still defend him and say “he who is without sin throw the first stone”? If he slept with your wife would you still say “all have sinned and fallen short”? There has to be some sort of line that bishops are not allowed to cross. But I guess there is no line and that’s why bishops are committing the exact same sins as everyone else these days. The church has gotten way too lenient

  170. lilkunta

    @ Frustrated

    & since when his jamal’s lying cheating *ss a bishop?

    This is the same man who claimed he graduated from oxford. Bullsh*t that was just as bullsh*t he is!

    Run from him Gizelle! & get yourself tested!
    Of course allow him to parent the 3 daughters you have together, but dont fall for his lies anyomre.

  171. pat marsh.

    I was surprise too here that Dr.jamal bryant.was cheating on his wife.I hope that is not true.let pray for him.dont judge him.that god job.not our.

  172. First, It is baffling that a man of the cloth is held in such high esteem by naive women. He is like any man who commits adultery and all the scriptures alluding to David, “cast not the first stone and touch not my anointed” and so forth are poor excuses for Dr. Jamal Bryant to continue his mission in committing further atrocities.

    If he were a woman, it is more than likely that s/he would have been barred from the church and excommunicated from the Methodist faith. One does not understand the double standard. He is no different than Tiger Woods.

    Secondly, I do not believe in calling pastor’s wives, “First Lady,” because that is the title for the wife in the White House. There is a separation of church and state and this title was a slang invented by the black flock to satiate her subservient position in the church. It only placates her status and serves as a titular misnomer. It is akin to a pimp’s bottom woman.

    Third, a man who thinks with his penis is bound to suffer from “hero” egoistical evangelism and finds that his appeal is taken for granted with all women looking to be visually pacified by a male who dresses like the top rooster in the barnyard. Some of these fantasize over the “pastor,” in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    Fourthly, women who marry pastors, are similar to the NBA player’s wives: One must share the popularity of their spouse with the gold diggers and the Jezebels seeking a weakness in their spouses. These men have liquid bankroll and can purchase poontang at their whim.

    Summation: As long as black women use the excuse of male shortage, to accept a man’s fallacy and habitual indiscretion, men like Dr. Jamal Bryant will never stop and the church will always close their eyes to the truth. People brainwashed into believing that he is forgiven and the women who have had his children are liars, will continue tithing and building him up to find other victims to intimidate are just as guilty as Dr. Jamal Bryant.

    Dr. Ringer

  173. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    Wow, Dr. Ringer. Thank you for speaking the Truth and doing so without compromise…which I believe is the topic of this blog. The words you spoke/typed will remain with me as a woman. Thank you again!

  174. TAP

    What is Divine Exchange? The evil due to us came upon Jesus, so that the good due to JESUS might be offered to us: 1)We could not earn it 2) We did not deserve it 3)Human effort could never get it. It was Grace- GOD’S REDEMPTION AT CHRIST’S EXPENSE!
    As we look @ Isaiah 53 two powerful things become clear.
    On the Spiritual- Jesus took our punishment so we might be forgiven and have peace with GOD.
    On the PHYSICAL- JESUS bore our sickness and pains that through his wounds GOD could now heal us:(1 Peter 2:24)
    JESUS was punished that we might be forgiven.
    JESUS was wounded that we might be healed.

    THIRD DIVINE EXCHANGE- A sin offering (Isaiah53:10)
    By GOD’S Divine law something had to be offered to replaced sin.
    In the Old Testament:
    1) The sacrificial offering(transferred)
    2)The scapegoat

    In the New Testament what?
    On the cross all the sins of every human were transferred.
    1) Those who lived- looked forward to the cross
    2) Those who were living- looked @ the cross
    3) Those who were to live- look back @ the cross.

    One of the most powerful verses of scripture regarding this Divine Exchangeis (2 cor 5:21)

    Jesus did more than carry our sin or bears our sins, He actually became our sins.


    1) That lying Mouth…… He became THAT
    2)That hateful spirit….. He became THAT
    3) That lustful nature….He became THAT
    4) That person you use to be…He became THAT
    5) That ungodly habit….He became THAT ALSO

    Jesus was made sin with our sinfulness that we might become righteous with his Righteous with His Righteousness.

    Now that is what we ought to know; about GOD’S plan for US!!!


  175. Loving Love While Love Loves Me

    Divine Exchange simply boils down to this: The image and likeness of the Creator in exchange for ours. All else is just the hindrance of egos arguing to be right. Church, we have got to understand that the flesh profits nothing as this is what the entire Bible is pointing to. We, in our non-studying and/or asleep states, roll with the “I’ll be forgiven for all so…” attitude and that simply reveals just how evil-hearted and unaware of the Creator we truly are. Since Jesus died to self, fought darkness with the Word, Loved everyone He came into contact with – even those who had decided to persecute Him….and never stopped being about His Father’s business, we will too. The same Divine that was in Him is in us! But we tend to look for excuse after excuse to remain as we are. Oftentimes those excuses are defended by the “church” which is promoted to the lost as being a place for healing/correction. Instead, I’m finding that the institution of church IS Jezebel – a spirit trying to “hug up” to the boss (God) only to take make Him in OUR image and likeness. It has been minimized to a gathering place where people wear masks to look like Christ instead of submitting to the renewal of our hearts/minds so we can BE Christ-like. We’re so busy being “forgiven” that we’re not being transformed.

  176. lilkunta ( dr ellen ringer, to TAP)

    __ ” If he were a woman, it is more than likely that s/he would have been barred from the church and excommunicated from the Methodist faith. One does not understand the double standard. He is no different than Tiger Woods. ” __

    …@ Dr ringer: You’re so correct! I dont get why it is different standards for men.

    @ tap: You’re very lon winded. You posted that long comment that didnt say ANYTHING.

  177. TAP

    Evidentially, I pretty much knew you wouldn’t get it! But I’m going to chop it up for your understanding, Lilkunta! Here it is due to the fact you are trying to address everyone that respond:

    Paul wrote in 1corinthians 2:2(NIV)that’s the New International Version just in case you didn’t know.

    He said ” For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him CRUCIFIED

    An otherwards: Paul’s message is RADICALLY SIMPLE- SALVATION IS IN CHRIST ALONE.

    What does this mean?

    a) It’s not Christ plus your good behavior
    b) It’s not Christ plus the years you taught bible study.
    c)It’s not Christ plus your tithe
    d) ” ” the church attended.
    e)” ”the number of verses you memorize
    f)It’s not Christ plus your title in the church
    g)It’s not Christ plus wisdom from the latest christian seminar
    h)It’s not Christ plus a desert fast(or even a dessert fast)
    i)It’s not Christ plus women rights
    j)It’s not Christ plus well-behaved children
    k)It’s not Christ plus the right spouse

    It’s simply Christ! Christ plus nothing!

    So if that’s not simple enough for you, then oh
    well I tried!

  178. lilkunta (tap)

    @ tap: Still you’re long winded. Salvation is in Christ alone, I got that. So why hasnt Jamal gone to Christ? Him fvcking every lady in teh chruch is NOT the answer!

    So again, State your point in 20 words.
    Better yet, reply like this is twitter, 100 characters only!

    Is Jamal at fault for his repetitive cheating?
    Should Gizelle stay with him/
    Should empowerment ask him to
    -AT LEAST stop being a marriage counselor;
    -AT MOST take a leave of absense & get counseling & sex therapy?

  179. sad christian

    i wonder how many of you “perfect” saints have NEVER done anything wrong??? a sin is a sin, no matter how great or small.

    the only ones i feel sorry for are the innocent children involved.

    i pray the byrant’s get the help they need. i also hope and pray their are no skeletons in mrs. bryant’s closet.there are always three sides to these type of stories; his, hers, God’s!!!

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