Michael Jackson was greedy, won’t be on the Grammys tonight

Michael Jackson won’t be making a comeback at tonight’s Grammys 50th celebration for the tribute to the 25th anniversary of Thriller.  He was invited to open the ceremony by singing hits from his record-breaking album, but asked for a special on stage honor in return.  The Grammys said no.  Dag.  I think he should have just asked for cash since he’s rumored to be in debt in the tune of £150million after his 2005 court case.  Good lawyers cost.

Instead the Kanye, Wyclef, Akon and Will.i.am will do a medley.  Come on MJ, you’ve own tons of awards from the Academy…you need another one?

Source: People


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3 responses to “Michael Jackson was greedy, won’t be on the Grammys tonight

  1. yasmine

    you claim is NOT TRUE.!! Keep your head up Michael!

  2. it’s not my claim…check the news!

  3. That not NEWS that tabloid BS
    Grammys dont give awards for people
    performing – plus _You cant just ask
    for one and recieve one :LOL: …
    plus MJs Thriller and Off the Wall
    was inducted into the Grammy Hall
    of Fame this yr – Michael didnt want to
    perform for a re-release – he is waiting to
    perform when he releases his New Material.

    Lots of positive news about MJ and Thriller 25
    this week and programs .. The MJ Expose was
    excellent and very positive – from Access Hollywood. Plus all the icons of today are
    Michael fans and credit him for their inspiration.

    God bless

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