Fashion: The Obama Themed Air Force Ones (Nike)

Much love to Illseed Blog for posting these. Oh my goodness…I don’t even like custom kicks, but these are hawt!!! Van Monroe is the artist.


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13 responses to “Fashion: The Obama Themed Air Force Ones (Nike)

  1. Don’t hate. The world is a canvas.

  2. A.Q.

    Where can i cop them joints at?

  3. this shoe’s is beautiful Obama deserves better thats why we need to design

  4. Velma Shadwick

    How do I get a pair of these Obama tennis shoes

  5. Frannie LaDay

    How Do I purchase a pair of these tennis shoes for Women? Is there a matching tee-shirt as well. What is the price?

  6. Frannie,
    Visit the artist’s Myspace for info
    Van Monroe

  7. flgirl

    This is so STUPID! Prolly the most dumbest thing I have seen so far. COME ON, YOU GOT MORE TALENT THAN THIS!

  8. naynay

    Please do not wear these to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Better yet do not release until after the voting day.

  9. brooklynbites

    you can purchase and get more information on a pair of these shoes or any of the artists’ other work by emailing: (V-2- zero) or by visiting

  10. augustine

    man thier some motivational kicks

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