Michael Jackson’s kids have a Black Nanny

Update 6/26/09: The King is Dead.  Michael Jackson aka “Your favorite artist’s favorite artist” died yesterday, 6/25/09, in Los Angeles, CA.  A Legend.  An Icon.  The KING of Pop.  We love you Michael.  Never can say goodbye…

Now, that being said…please post kind words and tributes to Michael in the comment box in the future.  Let’s end this discussion on his children and pray for them instead.

Update 4/24/09: I almost closed this post because there have been so many comments on it.  Damn, you guys have been posting since 2/13/08.  Why hasn’t one of you developed a blog around this?  I just might have to.  I’m sure the Google Ad revenue would be huge.  Maybe I’ll call it “Is Michael Black?”  Sigh, ok I’m going to leave the comments open for now…I guess.  Carry on.

Maybe I was supposed to know this, given the fact that Michael Jackson has been in the news a lot lately with the 25th Anniversary of Thriller…but I’ve been busy living life. I understand that he may face foreclosure on his Neverland Ranch for $23 million secured by Fortress Investments. Lot’s going on in Michael’s world too, huh? If it wasn’t for the Floacist’s Blog, I would never know of MJ’s former Black nanny (Floacist hit me with an update, below), Grace Rwaramba, a Rwandan native.

Photo: NVision

Allegedy, those 2 white children in the photo are supposed to be MJ’s. I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think that Vitiligo has an effect on one’s sperm. Michael Jackson was HELLA dark. Not blue black, but not light brown.  I’m “dark-skinned” and I love it. I’m sure that if I married a white man and had kids they might be light, but genetics says they will likely have “visible signs of blackness”.

Anyway, it’s interesting that MJ had a black nanny for his children.


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  1. YAY I got a shout out! LOL. Grace Rwaramba is not his former nanny, shes still there. Shes since been promoted as the governess/assistant. Roger Friedman talks madd ish about her, like her drugging Michael, not letting his parents be able to see him, controls his life, and all some other crazy stuff.

    Grace went with Michael to Washington DC when he received that award from the ‘African Ambassadors Wives’ (a humanitarian award). Grace went to the awards with Michael, and he asked her to help him out with the people he wanted to thank because he couldn’t pronounce all the names, and she could because she is African.

    I’ma have to disagree with you on something. Michael Jackson was never hella dark skin, he was always a lighter brown skin color complexion, like a dark caramel. Under different lighting, he may seem darker like in Thriller.

    As for those children, I don’t think there are biologically his either. Not that it isn’t impossible to have a child with a white woman and the offspring can look totally white, or the opposite totally white in appearance, but to do it twice in a row…I call Maury. Evan Ross looks more like Michael than these two. But his third child Prince II (Blanket, lol) looks a lot like him. And he claims that the surrogate mother was black, perhaps we should take his word for it? LOL.


    One thing though, while vitiligo can be hereditary, it does and will not make your skin completely white from the get go. It forms in white blotches/patches, and gradually may spread, depending on the person. Lee Thomas, the news anchor, for example, has vitiligo skin of 35%. The diagnosis starts around the early 20s, and if you remember the Oprah Winfrey interview Michael Jackson gave in 1993, he said it was ‘sometime around Off the Wall Thriller’ which would be about right in age.

    Some interviews Lee Thomas has given, where he talks briefly about Michael Jackson.


    There are two different types of vitiligo, and what Michael has is ‘universal vitiligo’; which affects around 80% of the skin. Vitiligo patients may opt for depigmentation therapy to make their complexion uniform, which is what Michael did. (There was an episode about vitiligo in that ‘University Hospital’ show thingamabob, but it was taken down on YouTube). If not, most tend to use make up to even out the skin, which is what Lee Thomas’ does, and what Michael used to do back in the 80s. White people can get vitiligo too, but it won’t be as apparent.

    Yeah, sorry for making this madd long. LOL. If you’re wondering why I call her Nippy, its cause I think she looks like Whitney Houston =P

  2. 🙂 Much love to you Floacist for the run down.
    Ok…so I’m going to leave it as former…she has a new role now. She’s still on board.

    However, Michael was dark. Lots of Black people look lighter in certain lighting. I’m not saying he was blue black, I’m just noting that a man who was as brown as he was would not likely have children this european looking. Check out the image I added above.

  3. c

    i think, at least in this photo, the children’s features seem devoid of any traces of African descent. Of course, that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot. We look all kinds of ways. 🙂

    But as long as they are loved and taken care of, that’s what matters.

  4. kelly

    Hello negro you are not being fair. you went and found the darkest picture of michael just to prove your point . That picture was taken in bad light and is not of good quality. I have that same picture on a cd cover and he doesn’t even look that dark on it.
    its odd that of all the millions pictures taken of mj you would pick this one.

    Heres some real pictures taken in perfect lighting where you can clearly tell what his skin tone is:



    you can clearly see in these pictures that he is NOT
    hella dark. He is not “light” skinned but he is not dark skinned either he is Medium brown skinned

  5. kelly

    michael was never dark skinned he was light medium brown skinned that picture above is of bad quality and taken in bad light look at these pictures and then tell me he’s dark skinned


  6. Oh my goodness Kelly! God forbid Michael Jackson was Dark skinned. That would just be horrible, right? *SMH*

  7. kelly

    look sista i’m just telling you the facts if you are going to say something you should tell the truth, and it is possible that they are his children looks at this boy named jan silva his father is Fully black( darker than mj was) and his son has white skin blue eyes and blond hair and yes that is his real biological son.

    http://www.jansilvatennis.com/images/sacbee_2.jpg ( this is his father)



  8. kelly

    sorry to keep posting but i also want to add i do think those are michaels children. you can’t just judge from one photo.

  9. kelly

    i hate to keep posting but i just have to add these pictures. look at this picture of mj when he was about 8
    now look at the second picture of prince( he was 8 here too) If you just ignore the bleached blond hair and skin color and look at his face you will see he looks just like michael at the same age


    heres some more pictures to compare


  10. kelly

    sorry that link to the youtube video does not work heres another one

  11. Kelly, unless you are MJ in disguise…please stop. You look crazy…seriously. Being a Fan of MJ is great but this is just too much.

  12. kelly

    look i’m just trying to have a healthy debate. do you think michaels son prince looks like him in that picture?

  13. kelly

    why not besides the skin color and hair color

  14. Show me DNA results, and I would still say something’s fishy there… Has anyone ever seen or known a white person with straight blond hair be of direct descent of a black person? Hmmmm…

  15. kelly

    he’s not blond his hair is dyed blond!!!!

  16. Who dyes the hair of a child that young?

  17. kelly

    it was probably for a disguise and you didn’t answer my question

  18. Kelly…honey…really. You are not going to convince me. I don’t think MJ contributed to the making of that child. I could be so, so wrong. However, I’m ok with the fact that I might be wrong. Can we just agree to disagree? Unless you are the child’s mom or were during the time that the sperm was given, the egg was prepared and the doctor did what has to be done with artificial insemination…you don’t know either. Let’s all just get along.

  19. kelly

    if its so impossible then how is it that black man (jan silvas father ) had a white looking child when he’s darker than michael

    Jan silvas father


  20. Buena717

    Kelly, you can’t be serious. That child with Jan silvas has black characteristics- the skin is not pale, the features resemble the father, I’ve seen black children who looked like that, etc…, but the kids with Michael Jackson, come on???

  21. kelly

    No he doesn’t look at the video where you can see him clearly that child looks like a straight white child
    and he has a TAN because he’s out in the sun ALL day playing tennis

    and besides in this picture michaels son prince doesn’t look pale he looks tan


  22. kelly

    and in that picture princes hair looks thicker than jan silvas and jan silva is a NATURAl blond with stringy hair princes hair is.was dyed blond he was born with BLACK HAIR.


    now they stop dying his hair blond so it’s back to black again

  23. kelly

    and tell me how does he have black characteristics he looks like a white boy witha tan. he has stringy blond hair, and blue eyes while michaels son has Naturally black hair and dark brown eyes

  24. I really didn’t know that people were this obsessed with MJ anymore. My Goodness.

  25. kelly

    im not obssed i just hate when people make ignorant comments there are plenty of biracial people who look white. and you know you are being bias if prince belong to any other black man you would say it was his but because its michael theres no way .
    It makes me angry because both of my parents are black but i look white( and i’m not an albino) we just have white ancestors like EVERY black person in this country. I hate it when people asked me why i’m white and my parents are black. Its just ignorance. It’s called genetics . Genetics will do as they please. I think you just refuse to believe Mj is capable of having children . Let me ask you this do you think blanket is michaels

  26. I think the MJ may be the father. Without a DNA test, no one really knows who their father is. LOL

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  28. Floacist did a great job on that post. I think you might be able to convince me that Blanket was sired.

  29. Teri

    Yeah, sorry. Not his kids.

    I actually have a theory that MJ is a Castratto which would make him incapable of having children.

    I believe his father castrated him at a young age (has his testes removed and replaced with implants) in an effort to preserve MJ’s boy like features and sweet singing voice. It would explain his strange behavior as if he was castrated he never would have fully matured into adulthood…
    Also, it would explain his affection towards young boys, his strangely youthful features, and his high voice.

    I mean, I have no proof but this idea was first explained to me a respected doctor and since then I have definitely been convinced.

    So, No, those are not his children.

  30. kelly

    okay and people say his fans are crazy. Thats takes the cake as the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard someone say about mj. News flash his voice is not rally that high.

    if he was a castratto he would not be able to hit that note

    when he was talking at the world music awards thats probably his real voice. do some research before you type ignorant comments.

    you must be a sicko if you really think someone took his testes out

  31. kelly

    oh yeah and the little boys crap is so played out. but since you seem to want him to like little boys then go ahead and keep believing your little fantasies

  32. kelly

    oh yeah and someone who is castrated will have no sexual feeling of any kind not even for “little boys” so pick which one you want to believe is he a pedophile or a castratto you need to make up your mind cause you can’t have them both

  33. Samantha

    Kelly really now… you are quick to call people ignorant just because they don’t conform to your way of thinking, is it really that serious for them to conform to your reasoing, it was a question asked, and opinions given to answer, you’ve given yours so stop trying to change others. It’s gettin old!

  34. Samantha

    and she does look like Whitney! lol

  35. Teri,
    You’re crazier than any MJ Stan I’ve ever met with that theory LMAO! Yes Michael’s is soft spoken, but his voice has changed and he has gone through adolescence. The entire family is soft spoken, does that mean all the males in the family had their testes removed and the females clitoris’ too? What a stick proposition, seriously. Why do I even have to explain this? He has matured indefinitely. Theres a difference between child like and childish. MJ is NOT the latter. No one can accomplish the things and feats Michael has if he was a childish man. He is a business man, he owns the publishing rights to The Beatles Sony/ATV catalog, he has [heterosexual] pornography in his home, he is a man not a child.

    Sorry, ain’t nothing but a Maury test going to make me believe his first two children with Rowe are his, lol. I will give you this; when Prince was first born he did look more negro-ish.

  36. kelly

    okay explain this

    now compare with michaels son prince as a baby ( notice prince has jet black eyes not BLUE eyes like garcelles baby)

    notice some of the hateful comments they are saying about garcelles babies that what the same thing they did to michaels son when he was born

  37. First of all, its Media Take Out! Of course there are hateful comments, thats all they ever do, 90% of the visitors there are ig’nant with no articulate grammar game. I already did mention to you that Prince did seem to look more “negro”-ish when he was first born. MJ is messed up to dye his son’s hair blonde; as if people already didn’t think that child wasn’t “black” looking. I read one MJ fan say it was for a disguise. OH PLEASE!!! The paparazzi still recognized them so clearly that ain’t work, lol.

    Secondly, you keep posting pictures of mixed children who are light skin, but they still have notable features like a wider nose, nappy hair, full lips, etc. As case with Garcelle’s twins you just posted. From what I’ve seen, Paris has none of these features. Not saying it isn’t possible for a mulatto to appear completely white, but twice in a row? MJ fans believe in too many coincidences.

  38. kelly

    please tell who did i post that had nappy hair or even slightly curly hair?

  39. kelly

    um garcelles babies do not have nappy hair yet. and i bet michaels daughter looked a little like those babies when she was baby i don’t know there are not any pictures of her as a baby. paris looks like her mother so you can’t say she isn’t michaels because she doesn’t look like him. because if her father was white she would still look like debbie rowe. and her hair is curly. in some pictures it looks straight. but it could easily be flat ironed. the nanny flat irons her own hair. so i know she knows how to do it. most black women know how to press hair.

  40. kelly

    well since since no ones replied back i guess i finally talked some sense into these ignorant people.

  41. No, more like I gave up on you, and possibly everyone else LOL!

  42. kelly

    someone please explain to me how garcelles babies look any blacker than prince


  43. kelly

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people on other discussions use tito kids( 3T) to prove theres no way michael could be the father, just because tito’s kids look stereotypically mixed. But what most people don’t realize is that the mother of titos kids ( dee dee) was not white. in fact she was a very dark skinned hispanic women, she was almost as dark as tito acually.

    heres some pics

    here are some more pics of 3t



    some pics when they were children

    http://members.lycos.nl/ttthinkin3t/920.jpg( taj)
    http://members.lycos.nl/ttthinkin3t/932.jpg(taryll, check out the brown hair)
    http://members.lycos.nl/ttthinkin3t/937.jpg(taryll again)

    you can see they look what most people would consider mixed with black and WHITE. but their mother was a dark skinned hispanic woman with thick black hair and dark eyes

    i just wanted to post these because some people think that just because titos kids are darker than michaels kids should be as dark as them. But debbie rowe is pasty white white with blond hair and blue eyes

    i mean really look at her she is probably 100% european with no other ancestry. all children get half their genes from each parent, its obvious the only genes prince and paris could have gotten from her are white genes. michael is mixed just like all black americans and you can tell he’s mixed recently because how else could joe jackson get green eyes eyes unless he has white in him.

    if the white genes michael got met up with debbies genes then the kids could look white!!! its not impossible

  44. kelly

    so this and this

    can make these

    but this

    and this

    can’t make this

  45. I know Delores wasn’t white, lol. She was a black Hispanic, you’re not telling me anything I didn’t know before.

    And I think its about time you give up.

  46. rachel

    I think Kelly has a point with Garcelle and Lionel. U see how white that girl was ? I would have never guessed.
    But I still don’t think Paris and Prince I are his.There was too much secrecy around those 2. ANd Debbie even said they weren’t Mikes. Then the whole dying of the hair. I think he had Debbie give him a baby just so he could get him a blonde baby and relive his macauly days. Those aren’t his kids Kelly.

  47. kelly

    um debbie rowe never said they weren’t his that was a rumor made by an “irish newspaper” supposedly,


    this was a lie. think about debbie rowe lives on a farm in the US why would she talk to an irish newspaper.

    she denied the rumors and was furious that they said that


    when you think about him dying princes hair may have been a good idea. think about all these years his kids may have been going out in public all the time and we just didn’t know it. The blond hair may have been used to get people thinking his kids were blond and blue eyed. they could go out in public more that way cause people think they are blond and blue-eyed and their not.

  48. kelly

    This is a picture of prince when he was about 8/9 years old, if you ignore the skin color and the dyed blond hair and look at his facial features you will see he looks a lot like Michael when he was little

    prince (zoom in so you can see it better)

    5 year old Michael

    – if you notice in the pictures prince has “full” just like little Michael in the picture, ( even though Michaels lips weren’t that big anyway) not only does he have full lips if you notice their ears are identical and they have the same facial shape

  49. kelly

    heres another picture of prince where you can kinda see his face

    once again his lips are pretty full

    more to compare

    In all these pictures there is a definite resemblance even though you can’t even see princes whole face. I’m sorry But i truly believe prince and blanket are his kids.

  50. kelly

    here is another picture of lionels daughter you can’t tell me she doesn’t look white

  51. Terence

    The question of whether or not those are MJ`s children in my opinion is really not worth debating. (with all due respect) Michael, the artist and the entertainer is what captures me. So really I couldn`t care less about all the speculation when it comes to his personal life.

    The very first time that I ever saw MJ on television and saw him perform is what captivated me, and to this very day it remains as such. The 4 octave vocal range and his incredible dancing skill is what makes Michael Jackson in my opinion very unique, not his sexual life…………..

  52. kelly

    heres another picture of lionel’s BIOLOGICAL daughter sophia

    I guess someones going to say she has “black” features too With all that long flowing natural blond hair, please if i don’t know i would think she was a regular white child

    or I guess someone is going to say the Lionel is somehow “less black than michael therefore able to have a white child


    by the way sophias mother


  53. kelly

    This is what i meant when i said michael’s daughter paris probably hair her hair pressed out

    look at kimora lee simmons daughter ming
    This is her hair before it was pressed out

    while it was being pressed out ( with a blow dryer)

    the results

    see it’s bone straight. michaels nanny grace probably presses her hair out too when it looks straight

  54. dylan

    hahaha this must be both the funniest as well as the saddest piece of crazed fanship I’ve seen in ages. thank you for this. classic!

  55. kelly


  56. kelly

    it’s not crazy i’m just a person who has to listen to the same comments that are said about michaels kids about me every day and i’m sick of it im sick of ignorant people who still think even in the year 2008
    that all mixed kids look the same.

    and to all these so called “african americans on here”
    you are not fully black

  57. “Hurt people…HURT people”

  58. Lissa

    On my moms side, her mother is latina, medium brown. Her dad is a black man, very dark skinned.

    On my dads side, two white parents.

    My mom is dark skinned and wildly beautiful curly black hair and my dad is white, blond hair thats super straight and blue eyed.

    My twin brother and I are white skinned, pale blond straight hair and blue eyes. So if it’s not possible then I guess we just don’t exist.

  59. kelly

    hello again everyone

    it seems like the black blogs are in to showing black celebs who have white children nowadays.

    now as I said with karyn parsons I know victoria is half white but still I wouldn’t know if i hadn’t looked it up, she looks like the average black woman with permed hair of course

    anyways here is her biological daughter


  60. REALLY?

    Kelly, please, stop.

    Out of the 66 comments so far, you are the author of over half of them. And they all say the same thing.

    If you have to make your point in more than 2 or 3 posts (and I’m being generous), then be forthright, otherwise your POV will not be taken seriously.

    At this stage, we, your readers, are forced to perceive you as either A) a fanatic or B) a fake. If this is a joke, the laughs have since faded…a long time ago. If you are for real, then, I am left to believe you need to reassess your priorities in life.

    (I really don’t know how else to help you without possibly offending you.)

  61. kelly

    yet another example of a very dark skinned black woman with a very light baby

    this is a picture of Singer Mica Paris and family

  62. kristine

    Kelly, honey, we get it. I personally don’t think that either of his 3 children are bioligcally his, but whatever. It doesn’t affect my life in any way. You are doing all of this research to find out what? If you think the 3 are his biological, more power to you, but listen to me, unless you have a document of their DNA results, you don’t know. I don’t know, Floacist or Sista don’t know either. Yeah, it’s sort of fun to make an arguement like this but you are really going overboard. Please find a new hobby to do because this can’t be healthy for you to just sit around and try to make us believe things that aren’t very possible. Prince does NOT look like MJ (to me) and you can shoe me a million pics and i wont change my mind. Even if Grace Rwaramba is straightening our Paris’s hair, she still does not look mixed. Yes, it is possible but it is not likely. Blanket, with that long hair, is probably not his either especially if he was 100% black. Whether you choose to accept it or not, black is a dominant gene. 8/10 when a black person and a white person have a child, that child will look more black then white. All three of these children are pale with caucasion-like hair (with the exception of maybe Paris) and you and I both know that MJ is not the same man he was 30 years ago. He is crazy now, whether you can accept that or not, so only God knows how his mind works. I personally think that MJ would never have children because he is probably afriad that they might come out looking like the real him (and therefore look like Joe-his nightmare) or he probably thought they would have big noses/bad skin/liver-lips whatever he saw himself as when he was going through puberty. It makes perfect sense that MJ wouldn’t have bio children, so that probably happened in this case.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter if he is the real father or not. All that matters is that at the end of the day, he takes care of these children, they look healthy physically (idk about mentally) and he is recognized by the law as the legal guardian.

    I just wish people would leave his children ‘lone. It’s not like those kids have anything to do with his career *sigh*

  63. kelly

    well if God only knows what going on in his mind what gives you the right to say he’s crazy and michael doesn’t look like his Father he looks more like his mother

    and what do you mean i need a new hobby i’m not on here every single day commenting on all these blogs the comments I wrote are days apart I have a life and as I said before i only post on here when I have absolutly nothing to do and even then it takes me all but a few minutes to write these comments

    I’m not going to stop posting because I’m doing this for all those “white” look biracial child( myself included even though I’m not mixed i just look white) who Have to go through through their life being ask “is that your real father” and all those parents that can’t go anywhere without hearing ” Are you the Nanny”, all those people you can’t go anywhere with their black parent with out being stared at ( I myself again have experienced this many times). For all those people who been told to their face that their own child can’t possibly be their child( my mother has experienced this many times )

    I’m not obsessed with michael I was on other blogs defending Garcelle’s white looking twins from the ignorant fools over there. I always defent biracial people from Ignorance because I know how it feels do you get it.

    so you believe what you want, It seems you have your mind made up about MJ prince DOES look like him he may not look identicle but their is enough of a resemblance that he is his father. All I can say is if its impossible than I’m not my black parents child cause I sure do look white

  64. kelly

    sorry for all the errors i was in a rush

  65. Blanket is definitely darker than his two (non related) siblings. Paris does have curly hair though. Grace does dress her, so presumably she probably does her hair too. Prince is beginning to look like a high yellow color complexion, since there are more clearer pictures sufficing as of late, and dare I say it just a teeny bit like Michael.

    I don’t think MJ would be afraid to have biological children in case they might look like him. He loves kids (no not sexually you perverts out there) so if one of them happens to look like him, he shouldn’t be scared.

  66. sweety

    i comletely agree wit u kelly. whether u want 2 blieve or not, u people out der, but u’ll find little mike in those kids…..(little means childhood here). considering overall personality besides facial feat. u don’t hav 2 argue on dat. right kelly?…

  67. kristine

    uh, i looked at the pictures kelly posted, and i don’t see any resemblence in Blanket whatsoever, (or Paris and Prince) And isn’t Blanket 100% black? I’m not saying that it’s impossible for a medium-dark skinned man and a “high-yella” woman to have a light skinned son, but come on. And, let’s not mention the fact that he has caucasian-like hair. I have never seen a black person with natural hair like that. Yeah, i;m sure they exist, but unless Grace is straightening his hair too (which she shouldn’t anyway) i don’t see how he could have hair like that. And no, that’s not a wig.
    Prince looks like a regular white kid, really, he does, somebody PLEASE show me a picture where he looks at least an 1/8th black or something. Now if anybody looks mixed in that picture here, it probably is Paris. I’ve seen a picture of her where her hair looks “nappy” (before ya’ll attack me i used quotations) and her skin looks like a SHADE of darkness. Even still, i see no resemblence of Michael. In fact, none of these kids really look like him besides Blanket’s facial expression in that one picture from “Stuntin like my daddy”
    by the way, sorry if i came off sort of rude, Kelly, i didn’t mean to be.

    also, Michael looked like his father and his mother. He had his daddy’s nose and his mothers eyes. He got his first nose job supposedly 1978-1979 when he fell during Off The Wall taping (or was it the Wiz? somebody will correct me) and he had the nose fixed, THEN he had trouble breathing so he had it done again, resulting in the nose he had on the cover of OFF THE WALL but originally, he had his father’s nose.

  68. kristine

    i mean, i’m no scientist, i’ve never studied DNA, but at least ONE of those kids should be “negro-looking” I have a cousin (black-like MJ was) who married a white man and they have four kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. one boy looks more caucasian, with light skin and blue eyes, but the other three are about two shades darker with dark blue eyes and thicker hair. I understand one of the kids looking like Prince but the other two should really look more mixed. Maybe those are his kids, maybe not. Not that my opinion matters, it really doesn’t. All of you can disagree with me and that’s OK but unless you have actual proof those are his bio children, i don’t think they are

  69. Kimberly C.

    ya’ll can sit up and agrue about the skin color all day long but I will tell you that there is no way in the world to get around that real negroid nose of michael’s. his children would have gotten some more curl due to that nappy hair gene of his too. michael has a complex and hates black skin and black features. he’d never have his own biological children due to his fear of them appearing in any way – oh no! – BLACK!! all of the jackson’s hate their “blackness”

  70. Kimberly C.

    oh yeah, and kelly, you keep showing those children and comparing their features to their father as he is as of now. yeah, they resemble his “remodeled” face at times and angles. prince’s little nose and chin. however, “remodeled” faces aren’t hereditary. out of that many mixed children, their would be some variety going on and none of them are black in any way whatsoever. they are not and never will be his bio children. and he’ll never have any b/c he hates himself

  71. kelly

    well kristine you have a right to your opinion but I’m just wondering do you think lionel riches daughter sophia looks “1/8” black because I’ve seen pure Europeans that look Blacker than her

  72. kelly

    And I have seen a picture where blankets hair looked “nappy” his hair probably is straightened I don’t know know where the picture is but its one where prince and paris are holding each others hands in the air

  73. Lol

    Are you joking? Vitligo having an influence on the sperm?

    Haven’t read something that stupid in my entire life…

    Vitiligo goes straight through the genes. It’s something that is produce while you’re growing… Get it?

  74. kelly

    who said any thing about vitiligo?

  75. cook2rk

    came back to see Kellys fuckery. This saga is drawn out longer than those damn Harry Potter movies.Wouldn’t be something if she turned out to be Paris or Blanket’s mom. I envy those kids though. I’d love to be that close to that man. I’d give anything just to be a sperm cell in Mikkas nutsack.

  76. Kristine

    Paris has mixed hair, i’ll give her that. But i still doubt those are HIS. HOWEVER, i respect you Kelly for taking the time and proving your point because it takes a lot of time and discipline to do this, lol. Anyway, i just really doubt Michael had kids with anyone because in an interview he did in 1984, he talks about how he does not want to bring his “own” into the world, and if you think about it, Michael had some serious self image issues. I have a feeling that he probably had a vasectomy (seriously, you guys) because in the 80s 90s and even now, there were millions of women claiming that he fathered their child. He was probably afriad that another thing like this would happen (example, Billie Jean. That is a true story, you know, her real name was Lavon Mohammed. I promise i will back this up if you guys ask) so he probably got the vasectomy and didn’t want to bioligacally father them. AND, he didn’t like the way he looked so he probably didn’t want some little Michaels running around, looking like him. If this makes no sense, i’m sorry, but if you add the pieces up together, you might see that Michael maybe never really had children

    but anways, continue doing what you are doing, i guess it’s possible that the three are him, and i know it is very possible for a mixed kid to look white, but Kelly, i just don’t know…

    happy summer.

  77. Kristine

    and by the way, if Grace Rwamba (sp) is taking the time to straighten Blanket and Prince and Paris’s hair and dying them, i think there are more issues going down in the Jackson house anyways lol

  78. angelajackson

    he and Diana would have made some pretty babies… Not to be random but does anyone else here think that he and Diana you know…some time between 1978 and 1984? LOL i want MUSCLES… ooh…

    and by the way, Evan Ross looks like the product of Michael and a white woman.

  79. kelly

    well kimberly c. It seems like you already have your mind set. so if you want to believe that all the jacksons hate their “blackness” and that mj bleached his skin then go ahead. I learned a long time ago that people are going to believe what they want to believe,

    ( though I do wonder why James brown(rip), Al sharpton, and jesse jackson like him so much if he’s such a traitor to black people, I mean all of them seemed like proud black men)

    just because a black person doesn’t like the way “they” doesn”t mean they don’t like the way all black people look

  80. kelly

    all black people don’t look alike you know. And just because michael didn’t like the way he looked doesn’t mean he doesn’t like being black. He just didn’t like the way HE looked its as simple as that, but black people always have to make everything about race. If a white person doesn’t like their nose NOBODY says its cause their ashamed of being white.But if a black person doesn’t like they way they look their ASHAMED. Like floacist is always say he loved diana ross and shes black. he probably thinks alot of black people are good looking.

    Michael didn’t like the way he looked because he just didn’t like the way he looked. it has nothing to do with with him hating being black if anything he probably has BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER and he probably still thinks he’s ugly to this day


    it explains why he multilated his face. Having Vitiligo probably made it worse

  81. kelly

    people who have body dysmorphic disorder only think that THEIR ugly thats probably why he thinks
    janet is beautiful but not himself

  82. msday

    First of all, I hate to say it but Michael Jackson is not a medium brown color, he is dark skinned. No, he didn’t have a nose like his father. Google and look at a photo of Joe Jackson. His nose is small and his eyes are somewhat light. He is also light skinned. Now as far as michael Jackson’s children are concerned, yes in most cases multiracial children do indeed have some features that are non Caucasian. I am multiracial and my son’s father is white. So although I am darker skinned, my son was very white with blonde hair at birth. However, now he has my full lips and his hair is darker and curly. As far as lionel Richie is concerned, Lionel Richie is very light skinned, so yes his children can come out very light as well. One cannot compare Michaels children to Lionel Richie and yes his children indeed look totally white. I just wonder if that is why he kept their faces covered for so long.

  83. kristine

    yes, exactly. Michael may not have had a problem with being black, he just didn’t like himself. That’s fair.

  84. Rachel

    Um no. Michael was never dark skinned. If you look at pictures of him in the 70s those were low quality cameras. But look at those same pictures in HQ today and you can tell that Mike was a medium brown color. He and Janet are a honey brown. And also Michael wore dark make up that didn’t match his color. Look at the Off The Wall album cover. That is clearly dark make up caked on his skin. Not his true color.

    Kristine do tell the story of the infamous Billie Jean. If I remember correctly it had nothing to do with Mike but rather Jermaine.

  85. kelly

    thank you Racheal i was just about to write a long article in response to msday”dark skinned” comment but you summed up what I was going to say.

    But any way i found it odd that msday considers michaels father “light skinned” and michael “dark skinned when he and his father had the EXACT same skin tone

    sorry msday but whether you want to believe it or not in the black community mj is not dark skinned hes medium brown

  86. kelly

    don’t take it the wrong way everybody theres nothing wrong with being dark skinned. Black is beautiful. I have some dark skinned people in my family but if someones not dark skinned then their just not dark skinned

    I mean you must being delusional if you think michael was this dark


    charlie murphey is what people most would consider “dark skinned

  87. kelly

    just saw this from youtube. and I’m talking about the 8 year-old named Haley she looks COMPLETELY white. Now I don’t know how dark her black parent was but i assume he/she was just an average black person because they did not say the black parent was half black or hispanic or whatever, the just said BLACK anyway this is just another example of a biracial child that looks white

  88. kelly

    the man is her biological son. keep in mind he is a full grown adult, michaels son is only and child he might look like this when he grows up


  89. fellipe

    Unbelievable! MJ got 4th place on a list that chose the best banned videoclips ever!! http://www.weshow.com/top10/en/music/top-10-banned-music-videos

  90. kelly

    great example I kinda look like her only my lips aren’t that big, my eyes are a little darker and eyebrows are darker

  91. kelly

    anyone who tries to deny blanket is crazy

  92. kelly

    absolutley crazy

  93. kelly

    you people may think what you want but I still think those are his children

    once again paris looks nothing like him(debbie clone), and you can’t really see blanket.

    prince’s nose looks very wide in this picture (especially compared to paris’s nose)

  94. Astra

    lyk alot of ppl on here, i wanna point out that michael has never been dark skinned, his skin was a “cocoa brown” colour til the vitiligo, and thats ur problem if u cant face the truth that maybe he just has a disease. people somehow think that Michael Jackson is only on this earth 2 be criticised, but he aint nd yall have 2 leave him alone. whatd he ever do to you????
    NOTHING exactly.
    oh yeah……
    i also just wanna point out tht it dont matter wht race his nanny is from so i dnt c y ur pointin it out, cz it aint a big deal.
    Grace Rwaramba was also his girlfriend til the album hes makin now so dnt yall start callin him gay :D:D:D
    peace out!!

  95. kelly



  96. kelly

    i thought i’d post this. its an interesting article in which a black mother talks about her white looking biracial children. there are no pictures but she says she “Brown skinned” and her children look white, she even says her son has blond hair


  97. kelly

    this little girl is half black half mexican ( she plays on a disney channel show) she has curly hair but she’s still pretty pale

  98. kristine

    and BY THE WAY, even if MJ wanted to dye Prince’s hair blonde (which is stupid anyway) why didn’t he die Paris? And No, prince still doesn’t look like MJ. However, Blanket is a “maybe” still doesn’t look black, if they said he was mixed, i might believe them but with hair that straight and long? How could 2 black people (i’m supposing the mother had kinky hair as well? and even if she didn’t, we know Mike had napps back in the day so Blanket would have at least had a curl. dayum)

  99. kelly

    maybe because he sold pictures of prince when he was a baby to the media and people knew what he looked like so he thought she should disguise him more than paris.

    And it worked really because for years people called his kids blond and blue eyed when they are not. who knows they’ve probably been going out in public without michael for years.

    and who cares if you don’t think prince looks like michael kristine. you probably have your mind so set that they’re not his you CAN”T ( or should i say don’t want) to see a resemblance

  100. kelly

    I know you may think it but I’m not some crazy MJ fan( and some of his fans are insane) If i was i would say paris looks like him too they way some of his delusional fans do even though she looks nothing like him, Some of the crazy fans thinks she does because they WANT to see a resemblance thats not there.

    now you may see what you see but I see a resemblance between prince and little mj, sorry but if a resemblance is there its just there.

    and about the hair have you ever heard of a blow dryer or a pressing comb i mean really a full black person with extremely nappy hair can have straight looking hair if you STRAIGHTEN it

  101. kelly

    i can’t remember if i posted this already but

    another black mother with a full white looking son

  102. kelly

    I thought this was interesting. Blanket looks just like little jermy


  103. ahhhhh kelly wow thanx for making me look like the sane MJ FAN lol and i totally believe that mike did not change his skin color nor would he want to ( come on who would want to change their skin color on purpose when they got such a beautiful brown color) MJ had a skin disease FULL STOP. However when it comes to his children i must admit they are white children soo not MJ children. biologically i mean

  104. wow.

    This is the LONGEST internet debate that i have ever come across.IN MY LIFE.I can’t believe that it has managed to span across MONTHS. Well since EVERYONE has put their share into this i think i will too :).
    1).Michael Jackson is a VERY talented artist.I think everyone should just leave him alone.He had a very abusive childhood and African american People with vitiligo are often psychologically damaged,believing themselves to be ‘freaks’ or disfigured.
    2).I admit that the kids do like caucasian,but i find it VERY hard to believe that he would pretend those are his children.What would be the point in that?
    3).It’s possible that half white children turn out looking fully white.It’s all in genetics,and i don’t want to launch into a scientific debate so I’m gonna leave it at that.

    I hope everyone reads and considers this statement,especially part #2 because even if somehow they aren’t his kids he either adopted them or is standing in for their real father because maybe he abandoned them.

    Either way Micheal’s not the bad guy.this doesn’t even really concern or affect our lives,but this has been kinda interesting.Good arguments guys =D

  105. Amy

    All you people are crazy and are wasting your time while Michael Jackson and his kids are living their life and not giving a Sh*t of what you all think.
    Make yourself busy and move ur butts.!

  106. kelly

    wow i have not posted on here in forever. anyway i saw this on youtube and thought it was interesting the biracial couple has twin boys 1 of them looks mixed the other completely white. The mother is biracial too but her father was pure african so she doesn’t really look different from the average black american

  107. kelly

    heres the video

  108. kelly

    also i was a website called mullato .org and a woman posted pictures of her biracial son who looks white and has straight blond hair. the mother looks “full” black ( alot darker than michael was) not biracial and her son came out looking completely white

    mother and son


  109. Orie

    LMAO@how long this post has been going on.. Well Kelly I agree with you on certain things. I know a few people that could be “passe blanc” but have 2 black parents and I know some biracial children that either have dark skin or very fair skin. It’s the luck of the drawn when getting that color gene. Blanket looks like MJ to me, as for the other 2 well they look like Debbie. In the end they are his kids because he loves them, feeds them, clothes, and his name is on that birth certificate. All this “I won’t believe it until I see some DNA results” is B.S. because he doesn’t have to show the public sh**. Just like adoptive parents don’t have to tell their children that they are not biologically theirs. MJ is the only parent those 3 kids know and who are we to say different.. Blanket is just 2 cute, and his facial expression is funny..
    MJ stan 4 life!!!

  110. I’ve seen a lot of photos of MJ from back in the day and we all know that there’s no one on earth who has his skin color nowadays, but I disagree that he was HELLA dark back in the day. I think people base this view of MJ’s color on the inside of the 1978 “Destiny” album cover which was badly lit. If you look at the Jackson’s 1981 live LP cover, you couldn’t say he was HELLA dark. I don’t think we can accurately define a black person’s skin complexion without actually seeing them in person. I’ve seen photos of myself where I look dark and others where I look lighter. Just a thought…


  111. James

    This is a looong debate
    Kelly you are my hero.
    I admire your preserverance and willingness to continue giving proof even though everyone is telling you to stop.
    At first I thought those wern’t MJ’s kids, but now after all your examples I think they have a good chance of being his kids.

    Keep up the good work Kelly!!!

  112. Sussanne1

    great job Kelly!!!

    Everyone who thinks that other black-white couple can have kids looking completely white and Michael Jackson can’t is IGNORANT MJ was never that dark and his wife was a 100000000000000% pure caucasian woman which is OBVIOUS
    anyhow there will always be ppl who’ll claim that Michael Jacksons children are not his, even if he had a black child there will ppl who’ll feel that the child is “too black” to be his.
    it doesnt matter, Michaels always the loser, cuz no matter what they always find something thats “too much” to be normal about him

    fuck racist motherfuckers and leave Michael Jackson alone stop hating, all of u just cuz ur king is dead and our immortal, fuck OFF

    and leave him alone! the kids are his biological kids, I’m sure even if would show a DNA test which will state that he is there biological father ppl will say its a fake just FUCK OFF

  113. kelly

    pytluvsmj4life ( i hate you , just kidding) you beat me to posting those pictures but i found this pictures of blanket that compares him to michael when he was child

    This is so cool

  114. kelly

    here some bigger pics than the ones on tmz

  115. pytluvsmj4life

    lol@Kelly, I just saw your post on Floacist’s blog.. I must say you put up a good fight, you don’t back down for sh**. I applaud you for that. I will be going to Las Vegas next weekend for my bday and I hope God blesses me with an MJ sighting, better yet a chance to get his John Hancock. I wonder what he and his family were doing in LA other than shopping for comics….??

  116. Sandra

    Hello Guys!
    I read a few old comments, most were from Kelly, as she spends most of her life on this blog. Who cares if ‘the kids are really MJ’s? MJ is still there father. So, just eccept the fact that we will never know for certain if MJ is their biological father, and move on will your own life.

  117. kelly

    um i’m guessing you can’t read beccause if you could you would have read the dates on my comments and realized i do not spend my whole life on this blog. In fact i didn’t write anything for quite awhile at one time. so try and tell me i don’t have a life.

  118. kelly

    excuse me i meant because

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  120. kelly

    i want someone to point out ONE black feature in Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon’s BIOLOGICAL child he looks pure white!


  121. Rachel

    For one the curly hair. Michael’s children have hair that is bone straight

  122. kelly

    plenty of white babies have curly hair

    I’m sorry but garcelles baby looks like one of my classmates ( who is nordic white) little baby brother

    and michaels daughter has curly hair

  123. kelly

    if you look closely at this picture it looks like blanket and paris both have curly hair

  124. Orie

    If any of you have ever watched the reality show “Bad Girls” season 2 on the Oxygen network, there was a woman Hannah who is bi-racial. Let me tell you she doesn’t have any blk features. She has dirty blonde hair and I think green eyes or maybe brown, anyway everyone on the show thought she was a 100% caucasion.. But like I said before MJ is the father because thats what the birth certificate says and thats what those 3 kids call him..

  125. the nanny looks kinda like whitney houston… i wonder how much she gets paid. also, i wanna know who the guy in the red shirt is. a tutor? another nanny? or just a random guy walking by?

  126. kelly

    biracial child with bone straight hair for all the people who said it doesn’t happen

  127. Orie

    google G.K. Butterfield, he is a Rep. from North Carolina and he is BLACK.. He is an example of a black child getting the “white” gene from both of his black parents and as a result getting white skin.

  128. mona

    Its possible that those are his actual children. I actually have a friend that is half black and half white, and she doesn’t look black at all. She has green eyes and pale skin–and people find it hard to believe that she is half black–but she is. So I dont think anybody can prove that these really aren’t Michael’s kids.

  129. kelly

    here is another biracial child that looks white

    justin chambers daughter


    him and his wife

  130. kelly

    justin chambers son

    he could be mistaken for white as well

  131. ergo

    well, this man spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to eliminate any black African appearance. Plastic surgery and chemical skin lighteners do not affect one’s DNA. He is not too well mentally, as I think we all know.

    He would never “risk” having black looking children after going to all that trouble. Of COURSE THE KIDS ARE NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN. He wouldn’t look the way he does if he wanted black children.

  132. ergo

    Michael Jackson, in his earlier incarnation, was a distinctly black looking individual. African black. Even one completely white looking child from his genetic contribution would be highly unlikely. The celebrities cited as having white children are already very mixed themselves, more so than Michael J. In any case, three completely white looking children from Michael Jackson is simply ridiculous. Why are you so delusional? Again–he would never risk having black children. He doesn’t want to reproduce himself. He wants to reproduce a fantasy–he’s sick. A DNA test will “prove” things out eventually.

  133. kelly

    whatever dude i don’t really care what you think and you can pretend mj was pure african and jet black if you want to but he wasn’t, sorry to disappoint you. some of the celebrities i posted weren’t any more mixed than him.

    he was not that dark

  134. Kelly [is effen obsessed]

    i came across this page because i found a link about MJ’s kids finally showing thier faces and i can not believe how freaken long you [kelly] have posted a bunch of crap, just to prove that his kids are his. the fact that you have spent several MONTHS posting/researching stuff online shows me that you really do NOT have a life other the the internet. personally i don’t think two of his supposed kids are his because they do look entirely white BUT i can see what you mean about how other people have kids from one white parent and one black parent. however, the links [i refuse to look back because there are way too many freaken posts you have posted] you have provided did show that kids can look somewhat entirely white from having one white parent and one black, but there are things that are noticable. you can tell they have some african genetics. the links you posted [such as garcelle i believe] with the “proof” that mixed children can look “all” white still shows that the child has a big nose similar to his mothers, just like lionel richies daughter. yes she looks white but her nose gives it away. MJ kids that look all white have a thin nose. where the hell are his features on them? now the one that is called “blanet” has his nose and lips / his features. the other ones don’t.

    despite that they had one black parent and one white doesn’t mean they can have an all white kid. hello, genetics, of course! most of the links you have posted have shown that the parents, of the supposed “all white” looking children, are themselves mixed and are from a one black one white parents. so ofcourse they are going to look completely white but STILL have charateristics of thier parents.

    as far as YOURSELF. i think you are full of it. you claim to have TWO black parents but YOU look WHITE. WTF?! that is absolute BS. because if you truely were from TWO black parents, you would more than likely look albino, since you say you look white. you’d still have the big nose and/or lips. like that one girl you posted that you said looks similar to you, she looks albino. you can tell she is black because of her nose and lips. that characteritics isn’t noticable in MJs kids other than the one i meantioned.

    i would LOVE for you to post pictures of YOURSELF with BOTH of your parents to prove to EVERYONE on here how a person that comes from BLACK parents can look “ALL WHITE”.

    complete BS.

    now you can reply and bark off anything you want about me or how you “do have a life” and whatever lies you want to fed yourself and everyone but i, myself, have a real life. one where i don’t have to constantly resort to defending myself, replying to every post on a website. the internet is not my entire social life, so i won’t see anything you write or respond to. be seriously, do something else on your “spare time” because you sure as hell have too much of it to waste it on researching micheal jackson lol. crazy fanatics.

  135. Rachel

    ^^^I have been following Kelly’s posts and its clearly obvious she doesnt spend every waking moment of the day trying to prove Michael’s kids are his. To me it just seems that if she stumbles across something she shares it with the rest of us. Her findings to me are very interesting. I am not going to say whether or not Michael’s kids are truly his because it’s too early to tell. Michael did not look a thing like his father when he was younger and favored his mother more, just like the two oldest favor their mother Debbie. Also when Michael was younger and around his kids age he had a cut button nose and his nose didnt grow larger until he was about 14 or 15. His kids seem to have that same button nose he had as a child. The only reason I am not saying they arent his because it seems to run in the family. Jermaine also has 2 children who are very fair(could pass for white) and do not resemble him that much..Now that they are older they do look a little bit more like him but when they were younger people would swear they weren’t his children.

  136. kelly

    Okay um “Kelly [is effen obsessed]” i will not waste my time responding to what you said about the subject at debate. but I just though i would tell Don’t expect and picture of my self because i would NEVER put my picture on the internet for people to see. especially people like you. you seem to have a lot of hatred and anger. why you even choose to read my post, if it upsets you that much i have no idea. But whether you believe me or not ( and frankly I don’t care) BOTH of my parents are brown skinned black people and I DO look WHITE, maybe to some people I do look like an albino but i’m not, my parents already had me tested when i was a baby. even so Most people ( especially white people) think I am white, so I obviously don’t look to far from a white person

  137. kelly

    correction of some of the typos

    Okay um “Kelly [is effen obsessed]” I will not waste my time responding to what you said about the subject at debate. but I just thought i would tell you Don’t expect a picture of me because I would NEVER put my picture on the internet for people to see. especially people like you. You seem to have a lot of hatred and anger. Why you even choose to read my posts, if it upsets you that much i have no idea. But whether you believe me or not ( and frankly I don’t care) BOTH of my parents are brown skinned black people and I DO look WHITE, maybe to some people I do look like an albino but i’m not, my parents already had me tested when i was a baby. even so Most people ( especially white people) think I am white, so I obviously don’t look to far from a white person

  138. kelly

    whatever i am going to say this

    I have never once argued that MJ’s daughter paris looks like him, because you are right SHE doesn’t , If you want to say she is not his on the basis of looks I can’t really argue with you there, But I still think she could be his because I have seen biracial girls who look like her or don’t look anything like their father ( I don’t even look like I am remotely related to my father not one single resemblance)

    I mean be honest do you think rashida jones looks like Quincy

    and if you do you are delusional, and don’t even try to say that quincy is mixed. He is no more mixed than michael or any other black person He’s black, Both of his parents are black and that makes him BLACK and his daughter looks nothing like him ( unless you are delusional)

    In all my post I have only said that prince and blanket look like michael. And even if you think prince has a “thin” nose which he doesn’t you can’t deny that his eyes are almost identical to michaels with their color and shape

  139. worldharmony

    This debate is making me laugh. But I have to add my two cents about that wild, long black hair of MJ’s child in that photo. It looks like a wig meant to disguise the child. Methinks the child’s natural hair color just may be blond.

  140. kelly

    um his hair is not blond . You could see his hair in that documentary and it was black . none of those children have blond hair. Prince did have blond hair but it was fake. If you saw the bashir documentary his black roots were so obvious you can tell it was a dye job. further more lets be sensible. #1 blanket has BLACK/Dark brown eyes, how many natural blonds do you know with really dark eyes #2 Blanket hair black eyebrows and black eyelashes. It is not a wig.

    The only reason you think he is blond is because you have probably been brainwashed by the media or Katt williams into to thinking all Mj’s kids are blond and blue eyed

  141. GeeGee

    Wow Kelly, all this research about MJ and others to prove your point. I to am a light skinned black woman from two black parents and can understand your irritation as to how our own people look at people like us like we are from outerspace. Although my features are not what some might say as overly black or overly white one can diffinitly tell that I am black. My hair is auburn, not straight and during the 70’s I did wear an afro. I do on occasion get snide remakes from darker skin blacks about my complection and that one of my parents has to be white which I could never figure out. To this day grown ass people still have someting to say like my being light skinned ruiend thier day! Anyway on the subject of MJ’s kids it is possible for his children to look white if one parent is black. I am a teacher and one of my students has a white father and a black mother. She took after her father and so did her baby sister. They look nothing like their mother. Their mother is not dark skinned but medium brown. Their dad has dark hair and brown eyes. Both sisters have very long brown hair , brown eyes and very light skin. If I did’nt know these parents and wasn’t around when the last baby was born I would swear that their mother was white. I also think that Blanket looks like MJ but I do question the other two even though I know it is possible. Just a gut feeling.

  142. they are his children open your racist eyes

    Way to go Kelly!! Awesome job! Keep up the good work. I used to upload tons of mike and prince that show how much they look alike. I’m over trying to prove it to blind racist black folk. My son is biracial and he looks as white as Paris. Funny thing is I can tell by looking that that girl got some flava in her. Her attitude and demeanor let’s you know she’s a black child. Yeah she looks like debbbie but not completely. her bodytype is definite jacksonish. debbie is pale as rice and her eyes and hair are 50times lighter than Paris. If Paris looked so much like debbie her hair would be platinum blonde and bone straight. Paris’ hair is a wavy and brown. Where does the darker hair and skin come in if she’s debbie’s clone? Prince has brown hair that’s darker than Paris’. I think it’s hilarious that black people only see them as blonde hair and blue eyed, when NONE of them are blonde hair and blue eyed. Paris has blueish grey eyes and Prince and Blanket both have their daddy’s georgeous dark brown eyes. all three of them are a tan complexion. For the idiots and doubters just simply comepare a pic of debbie right next to any of mj’s kids and you will see they are mix children’s complexion. like derek jeter or nicole ritchie or mariah carey’s colour. they are not as white as people think they are. I think people are so used to sensationalism and downtalking mj they they want to believe he did something as crazy as claim another man’s kids as his own. They are his flesh and blood. children inherit more from parents than skin hair nose and eyes. humans are more complex than that. take a look at their hands and their legs and their bone structure and mannerisms. There’s so much more to genetics than what racist people focus on. I also think some black people are ashamed to admit that they can produce children that look so much like their previous opressors. Read the bible folks. even God said “I have made all nations of one blood” we are all closey related whether you like it or not. Read about jacob and esau they were a set of black and white twins with the same two black parents. This isn’t anything new. Love your neighbor PREIOD.Exclamation point! lol

  143. they are his children open your racist eyes

    white as rice mom and tan kids but you say they’re not mixed? hmmm..


    No jacksons resemblance? How did Janet’s smile end up on Blanket’s face?

    blanket looks just like mike

  144. they are his children open your racist eyes

    Paris looks like debbie but paris is clearly a prettier darker mixed version of debbie

    Prince is demonstrating the “Don’t mess wit me!” look he inherited from his daddy.

  145. newbie_D

    Hi Kelly
    I just read through a lot of these posts and I think this is a very interesting discussion.
    I think you have been very convincing in all your arguments and I enjoyed looking up the links you provided.
    The only thing that I would like to know is, why you believe so strongly that MJ died Price’s hair blond?
    I know a girl (whose parents both have dark brown hair) who was born with thick, jet black hair , but turned completely platinum blond by the time she was 2 years old.
    She is now 19 and her hair has slowly turned darker as she grew older.
    I do not have any difficulty believing that Prince’s hair could have turned blond for awhile, before turning darker again, considering that his own mother has such light colored hair.

  146. peep this

    imma put it to you this way, if he feedin’ ’em, clothin’ ’em, claimin’ them, puttin a roof over their head, and his name on tha birth certificate and they call him “daddy” ….

  147. ChiChi

    why the fuck are they not mullato (half black half white) m,aybee michael jackson bleaches them or swapped baby that looked like him as a white version secretly we would never know cause when michael used to be black had the same skin as my dad and my mother had blonde hair with blue eyes and i turned out mullatto brown eyes with brown hair and brown skin.

  148. kelly

    newbie_D i know for sure princes hair was dyed because #1 he was born with black hair( and i know it can change)

    #2 if you saw that bashir documentary prince held his hair down and his dark roots were visible. #3 I’m sure a kids hair can turn blond but not the color princes hair was I mean his hair was pale yellow, no real blonds hair looks like that, It was obvious it’s a dye job

    for instance look at that picture in “they are his children open your racist eyes” post. his hair doesn’t even look natural

  149. newbie_D

    Hey again Kelly,
    I saw the Bashir documentary too and I did not think Prince’s roots looked that dark. If they looked dark, it might have been because his hair was turning darker. Afterall, the darker hair has to start growing from somewhere doesn’t it?
    I don’t know whether his hair was dyed or not but I would not completely rule out the possibility that it wasn’t.
    Here are my reasons:

    #1As I said my friend was born with black hair and hers did turn “pale yellow” blond. Also, there are some people who have naturally yellow blond hair. I have a very dear Norwegian friend and everyone in her family has hair of that color. Their hair actually turns nearly white-blond in the summer and more yellow-blond in the winter months. I also know a Swiss girl who had the “yellow-blond” hair color until she was about 14. then her hair started growing really dark brown from the roots. She thought it was really funny because all of a sudden she looked like she had a really bad dye job as her new dark roots contrasted so much with the blond at the lower end of her hair.

    #2If you google “debbie rowe” one of the pictures that pop up is a family picture of MJ, Debbie and the kids, where Debbie is holding a very blond haired(including roots) Prince in her lap. His hair seems to be the same color as hers in that picture.

    #3For Prince to have retained his blond hair color for so long (he was captured in several pictures as a blond child up to at least 2006), without his roots showing anymore than they did, he would have had to have his hair dyed at least every 4 weeks or so. The strong chemicals for such extensive bleaching treatment can be very detrimental to the hair’s health and would have probably destroyed his hair’s natural shine and texture.

    Again, I am not certain of anything, but I would not necessarily insist that the exclusive explanation for the color of Prince’s hair is a dye job.

  150. Let me break this down

    Michaels parents looked really nothing like him

    Both Joe and Katherine had small eyes, shaped noses and had they own look

    Michael had big pretty eyes, big nose and resembled a black man

    Michael jackson had strong African American features as a child, including that big ass nose

    So there should be no way I hell michael should have 3 kids that have little to no similarities to him

    Black people have strong genes that’s 10 times the factor when u have strong black features like michael

    U can’t have plastic surgery on you sperm(I bet michael probally tried looking for ways to do that)

    And as for the whole skin disease issue. People thinkin michael bleached his skin is entirely his fault, u kno why?

    Michael was dianoised with it in 1985 and didn’t make a public announcement with it till 1993

    So Fans spend the whole Bad era and most of his Dangerous era wondering What the Hell happend to him

    A lot of stuff michael did is his fault, and the lies he tells and the bullcrap excuses makes things worst

  151. kelly

    found this on a website called mulatto.org

    this is a black women and her son



    now if he doesn’t look white i don’t know what white is

  152. kelly

    this is odd and NO those children are not albinos!!!

  153. kelly

    loso joe and katherine had shaped noses?

    her nose looks thin to you?

    his nose looks thin to you ? seriously not posting bull crap comments and trying to make michael Blacker than the rest of his family. Having a big nose is not only a black trait, native americans have wide noses too

    michael looked no more African than any other black person. infact alot of his facial features weren’t really african to begin with, some of them were native american

    this man is african

    michael is not 100% african get over it

    if you put this child in a crowd with full of pure african children he would stick out like a sore thumb

  154. Cut the non sense alright
    And stop posting links bout somebody elses Damn Child.

    Y are u showing me other peoples kids to prof a point bout this one man?

    Give me a link to a photo that shows strong features between mike and his so called kids

    All you have proofed is that his kids look like the Whiteplastic surgery version of him, and maybe the hair

    I said Michael has strong African american features when he was younger

    I didn’t say he was supperblack

    Its just u can’t have strong features then had kids that have no features similar to yours

  155. kelly

    I guess you have not read any of my post because i posted numerous comparison pics between mj and his sons. but i will post them again just for you

  156. fa-buh-lus

    y’all just give up…kelly, u win, they are his kids.

  157. Muffinz

    WHOO dey Got SuM EaRs!!!!!

  158. Jane

    I Just Read Loso’s last post, and Kelly You do need to stop posting links to pictures of other people’s children. That doesn’t really prove anything.

  159. So you mean to tell me michael stucc his black penis in a white women and came out wit 3 NATURALLY WHITE LOOKING KIDS with barely any similarities to Mike

    THREE FREAKING KIDS! Not just one, but all three of kids,

    Yea right Kelly, I’ve read all your post, looked at most of the photos and I can say from that that this is st8 up bullcrap

    Those somebody else damn kids and untill I see some document papers I aint believing none of Michaels bullcrap lies

    As much as michael claimes he loves the kids I can’t remember the last time I spotted michael wit a black child

    He won’t be having them my friend

  160. Joel

    I’d say Kelly has several valid points. The kid does look a little like a younger Michael, let’s face it: similarly shaped faces, eyes, etc. Skin color aside. But as many have pointed out, there’s seemingly NO trace of any features that would indicate this child is bi-racial. However, I’m bi-racial, and people sometimes cannot tell. So really, who knows? It’s ultimately up to whoever these kids choose to be when they’re older that counts. Whenever they get old enough to come out and say “yeah, i’m that weirdo’s kid” is when you can cash your prize. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess.

  161. kelly

    whatever believe what you want

  162. kelly

    oh and stop watching katt williams he is an ignorant fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    and blanket could never pass for just white, and if you think he could you are delusional

  163. Lol I just finished watching katt williams its pimpin pimpin

    But however, how does only one child have a LITTLE TINY BIT of similarities to michael?
    And mike expects nobody 2 say nuttin? Yea riight

  164. kelly

    like i said whatever

    just keep listening to katt williams, he sure is a well rounded person, that why his ignorant self got put in a mental institution.

  165. kelly

    Joel are you talking about prince or blanket

  166. kelly

    cause blanket does look biracial he may not have super curly hair but he has black wavy hair and tan skin, beside if you ever seen some of his brother jermains kids when they were little they look just like blanket

  167. angeline

    I wanted to add my two cents haha. I’ve been following this thread for a while now and first of all, i like to thank Kelly for her time and her input. I’ll try and shed some light on the Michael Jackson / Debbie Rowe, biracial controversy.

    First of all, like Kelly said, Michael is african american. That means he is not 100% African. He, like most black people, is mixed with Native American, White, African and possibly other things. He initially had small lips and the only “african-ish” feature he possessed was his skin and hair

  168. angeline

    ok i have to make my post and divide it into sections, lol. so bear with me.

    I wanted to add my two cents haha. I’ve been following this thread for a while now and first of all, i like to thank Kelly for her time and her input. I’ll try and shed some light on the Michael Jackson / Debbie Rowe, biracial controversy.

    First of all, like Kelly said, Michael is african american. That means he is not 100% African. He, like most black people, is mixed with Native American, White, African and possibly other things. He initially had small lips and the only “african-ish” feature he possessed was his skin and hair

    ok here he is medium-toned, about seventeen or eighteen years old. Notice his lips aren’t all that big. Full, yes, but not big (at least not like Marlon, but that’s a different story) in this picture, it’s evident that he is mixed with other things, because, people, if he was 100% black, he’d be the color of coal.

  169. angeline

    This is the infamous Debbie Rowe

    see, her skin isn’t pale. first of all, and i don’t even think her hair is naturally blond. Look in this picture:

    her roots are DARK. which brings me to my next topic. Debbie Rowe is obviously not naturally THAT blond. Her skin isn’t all THAT pale. It’s pinkish, probably due to being older and having numerous skin burns, acne scars, etc.

    actually, Debbie is no lighter here than her kids are

    and these are Michael’s babies:
    [http://www.pajamadeen.com has asked that we remove this link. Thanks]

  170. angeline

    and these are Michael’s babies:
    [http://www.pajamadeen.com – has asked that we remove this link. Thanks]

    thats a more recent picture of them. Notice now their skin is maybe a shade darker than Debbie, but we can clearly see Paris and Prince’s face. Paris (in my opinion always looked the most “black” out of the three) strikes some african american features; her hair isn’t straight, its wavy and brown, her skin is dark(ish) and Prince looks like a regular white, brunette kid.

    Now having said that, these kids COULD be mixed. Here’s why.

  171. angeline

    quick biology lesson: the black and the white parent carry a light and a dark gene. If the two light genes bind, the child comes out fair skinned, like Rashida Jones.

    this girl is biracial. No, she doesn’t LOOK biracial, and if i were walking down the street, i would think she was some regular white girl. But putting these two side-by-side, her mother (on the right) is blonde, light colored eyes and lighter complexioned. Rashida is maybe a tad darker, with darker hair and darker eyes. If we put Prince and Debbie Rowe side by side, this would be the same connection. It is possible to have a mixed child that favors one race over the other. I mean, realisticly speaking, does she look mixed to you?

    that’s Rashida. Her dad is Quincy, and he is basically the same skin tone as Michael.

    So yes, it is possible for a black and white child to look more black or more white.

    Now, the only issue i have is that Michael’s children do not look like him. At all, really. Rashida DOES look like Quincy in some pictures


    their eyes are shaped the same. Now with Michael

  172. angeline

    their eyes are shaped the same. Now with Michael


    i see no resemblence. yes, Prince COULD be mixed, because it is possible, but he does not look like Michael. At all.

    Paris (who could totally pass as being mixed)

    (look how thick her hair is, and her face)

  173. Talking bout mental? Whoooooa


    Saying its ok for a 45 years old man accused of child molestation to sleep with other kids cuz its love?

    And actually caring for ur childs safety is just ignorant according to Michael

    Dangling your infant child over a balcony is a real good idea to

    You wanna talk bout nutcases? Need to look no further

  174. kelly

    are you kidding me That baby dangling thing happened 7 COUNT UM & 7 YEARS AGO, It’s not even that big of a deal, he held the kid over the rail for 2 SECONDS, more importantly do you think little blanket cares about that. I know you probably think those kids hate him well i hate to tell but you’re wrong. Blanket probably loves his daddy and got over that years ago. maybe you should too!

    I’m done arguing with you loso

  175. kelly

    are you kidding me That baby dangling thing happened 7 COUNT UM & 7 YEARS AGO, It’s not even that big of a deal, he held the kid over the rail for 2 SECONDS, more importantly do you think little blanket cares about that. I know you probably think those kids hate him well i hate to tell but you’re wrong. Blanket probably loves his daddy and got over that years ago. maybe you should too!

    I’m done arguing with you loso

  176. You trying to justify dangling an infant out the window cuz it was only 2 seconds?

    Point is He a fool for that shit
    Go dangle a baby out the window for people to see and see how that works out for you

    And what u gotta say bout michaels interview on 60 minutes? Why?

  177. angeline

    thats a more recent picture of Blanket. I’m not going to say he looks like Michael becuase he doesn’t (in this picture, that is) but it IS possible for Blanket to be at least biracial. The child doesn’t look 100% african american, though.
    Good job, Kelly. You made some good points there; you’d be a great lawyer.

  178. angeline

    Jermaine with Jermajesty. In this picture, Jermy (lol) is dark skinned, brown hair and noticably big lips and nose

    And this is Prince/Paris and Blanket

    …Could happen.

  179. kelly

    first of all angeline jermajestys mother is not white she is was middle eastern. I doubt very seriously that blankets mother was black, she was probly black or spanish or something,

    Don’t think i believe michael is perfect, i know he lies ( like every other human being) But about that picture you posted you can’t even see him that well so you can’t just say he doesn’t look like michael from that picture. In the pictures where blanket can be seen clearly it’s obvious he looks like michael

    like this one he looks just like michael


    besides you chose one pic from a group of pictures that fir your argument if you look at this one blanket even looks like michael, look at those eyes.

  180. kelly

    oh and that other picture, I have a suspicion that those are not even prince and paris in that picture, that girl looks like paris but that boy looks nothing like prince does in other pictures


    this one

  181. kelly

    and blanket had a big nose and lips

  182. kelly

    and blanket has a big nose and lips

  183. kelly

    this is jermajesty’s mother

    compare her with debbie rowe

    oh and call me crazy but i think prince has full lips as well

    his lips don’t look thin to me

    oh and thanks i want to be a lawyer thats why i’ve kept this up so long (as well as personal reasons stated above) it’s good practice

  184. peep this

    the link doesnt work

  185. angeline

    So…Prince does not look like Michael. What. So. Ever. Paris doesn’t look like Michael, at all. But she DOES look biracial. Blanket, he’s still up in the air because we have yet to see a good, full picture of his actual face, but he looks at least biracial. Michael’s kids aren’t going to look like exact clones, they DO have other genes in their DNA. I still don’t think they are biologically his, but i believe they COULD be biracial. In any case, i found an interesting thread that claimed this woman was Janet Jackson’s daughter Renee.

    think thats pretty cool

  186. dappieG

    compare mj and prince’s noses on these pictures of both of them as 7 year olds.

  187. angeline

    ok Kelly, in that picture, Blanket DOES look a little like Michael. But i doubt Blanket is 100% black. His mom was probably white or something. About Prince, his lips aren’t all that big, but they aren’t small either. Blanket looks the most like Michael anyway, IMO. Paris, like i said, looks completely biracial so that pic of her from the back just further confirms her mulatto-ness.

  188. angeline

    Lastly, a lot of people here are doubting Michael’s biological parenting of his three kids because they don’t look like complete clones of him. People forget that it is not just his genes in the child but another race in them as well. Prince and Paris aren’t going to look completely like Michael–unless he had them asexually, which he didn;t. I mean, seriously. Look at yourself, and compare yourself to your parents. Are you exact clones of them? No. You probably have either a mixture of their genes or you might look more like one parent than the other. Me, for example, i look more like my father than my mother. It doesn’t mean i am not my mother’s child, i just favor my father more. For all we know, Blanket could have a wig on.

  189. Lol....

    Well, I’m pretty amazed that this debate has lasted SO long, i agree with you Kelly. i think these children look like him and it is rediculous that people are just outright denying that they are his children because they say so. i think there is alot of hate going on for micheal jackson and everyone just jumps on the bandwagon because he is diffrent. oh well…

  190. Why I have a feelin your kelly with a new name?

    Anyhow,to have 3 kids that all barely resembles u is more then just a case of looks more like there mother, or mixed.

  191. kelly

    notice how dark paris and blankets skin tone is next to the white peoples

  192. Angeline

    No, Loso i’m not Kelly. Believe it or not, there are other people in the world besides her who think those kids are mixed.

    Blanket resembles Michael the most

    look at how big his eyes are, and then look at Michael’s

    Blanket is not a duplicate of Michael but he does share those same, big brown eyes

    i mean, honestly, look at them together:

    Prince and Paris…I don’t know, But Blanket is definate. And then, i wonder why would Michael adopt two white kids from Debbie Rowe but then have a biological child with some unknown woman? All three are his.

  193. peep this

    look at blanket and MJ at the end of the video…see if you could see a resemblence

  194. Angeline

    peep this that was a good video. Blanket’s eyes give it away. I’m just wondering if his mother was light skinned or white or something. Michael said his mother was black, but she HAD to have been mixed with something to produce a child with hair like that. But his hair is pretty nice, and i think he’s a real cutie. God bless that family.

  195. peep this

    kelly why do you keep postin links of other people’s children

  196. fa-buh-lus

    this was suppose to be about the nanny not the kids

  197. 18091992

    People!!! They should not look bi-racial at all. BECAUSE MICHAEL IS MULTI-RACIAL HIMSELF. He has white and native american ancestors both from mother’s and father’s side. MICHAEL HAS LESS THAN HALF BLACK GENE HIMSELF. Learn more about his ancestors. And then explain me and yourself Why person who has only part african gene in him should has pure black children whith his pure white wife?

  198. 18091992

    Michael’s blood line isn’t 100% black. He has white ancestors from mother’s and father’s side (Joe even has greenish-blue eyes). And there are indian ancestors too in Jackson’s family. He isn’t pure black.
    Why people think that person who has only part african gene in him should has pure black children whith his pure white wife? It’s ignorant.

  199. Daisy

    Ive read the whole post thing and Kelly Ive learned alot about genetics and stuff from you.. tbh i was narrow-minded and thought that Paris Prince and Blanket were not MJ’s kids, but with all the links you’ve posts i sort of believe its possible, but really and truly i do not think that Blanket looks like MJ.. i mean there is not a single black trace in him.. all the pics that youve shown of other mixed kids have some black-like features.. i dunno..
    And also i heard that Blanket isnt Debbie’s child, but actually has a black mother, well if two black people have a child shouldnt the child have SOME black features? I mean Blanket looks mexican to me.. but like i said i dont know.. :S

  200. Daisy

    I know this is really random but i went on this MJ site (for tickets) and everytime they showed him he was at his “white-ish” colour! Never once when he was black! Im not saying this is bad, but it kinda shows that maybe he really didnt like himself when he was black (not saying that he bleached or anything) but i personally think he was at his best when he was.. normal.. lol!


  201. kelly

    lionel ritchies bioligical daughter sophia

    it boggles my mind that some people will swear it’s impossible for mixed kids to have straight hair

  202. lu

    haha is this post still going? i missed posts october to present but i had a good hoot over the first several comments and photo-postings of random babies as proof or unproof to the parentage of other babies. so just for fun, can i add my two cents worth? more for me than you, but heck why not. i am a pale, freckled, red-headed, blue-eyed, small nosed fish-lipped glow-in-the-dark-white woman. my husband has a great dark dark brown (almost black) colour, black eyes, medium full lips, large nose, and let me say this again, he is very very dark brown, almost black. and ain’t no white people in HIS genetic past (born in west africa, no mixing as far as anyone knows). he is the youngest of several siblings (some different mamas), who all have several children (various mixes), and if there is one thing certain, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! same ears, same eyebrows, same range of colours, same (gorgeous) smiles. you can totally tell who is in his family when you walk down the street in his city, because of these genes, it’s like a visual DNA test. my siblings same parents, all have different hair and eye colours (red, blond, brown, blue, grey, golden, green..). the rest of my family tans, i BURN like a frickin lobster. since i am soo soo recessive gened we were sure our baby would take after his dominant genes. so when our kid popped out TOTALLY white (but a tanning kind of white) we laughed a lot, and he said, well, at least he has a third nipple in the same spot as me, it is definitely my son. baby is now a year old, he has brownish red hair, wavy and and curly and stick-out but white-hair curly, just like my (white) papa. and he has (hallelujah) beautiful lips like his papa. does he look black? uh un. he looks darkish compared to me but not by much. you can tell people wonder, but just because i am pale, otherwise if it was my brown haired sister they wouldn’t even ask. my family is brazilian and i always get the huh? you’re brasilian comment? but you have red hair! you’re so white (oh so ignorant! go to brasil. travel a little. then tell me what shade DON’T see there!) . now my son totally looks brazilian, how ironic, since it is only due to his papa’s african genes.

    i am fully expecting any future children of ours to completely surprise us again in their random choice of genetic colouring. and all i can say is YOUPIE! vive la diversite!

    last random tidbit. our baby totally had the same birth mark that prince baby photos had between the eyes. which has since faded a lot. but as soon as i saw the photo i was touched by the resemblance to our baby when he was born. our MIXED baby.

  203. ^^ Not a good argument. A majority of the black community is the same way.Many have ancestors from many different races. The odds of striking out 3 times on Mikes part is baffling. Im sticking with Kelly though she has a better point.

  204. Angeline

    Hey Daisy, i know that wasn’t directed towards me but i don’t think Blanket’s mother was actually black. He looks like he has African American features (such as his nose and lips, and a slightly darker skin tone) that he inherited from Michael but i really doubt his mom was black. Michael probably just said she was black because she wanted to remain unknown to the public. Blanket looks “Blacker” than Prince and Paris, though.

  205. 18091992

    People say that there is no black characteristics in kids

    Sorry people, But Michael and his sisters and brothers don’t look full black. And never did. Not big lips, for example. Big ears. Wide but not flat noses. His father Joe has green eyes. La Toya has and always had light skin. All of his three sisters have and always had long wavy hair

    Why people imagine him and his family as pure african black. He is not african black, he is american black. And as most black americans he has white and even indian ancestors. Learn more about his ancestors

  206. kelly

    thanks for having an open mind 18091992, but I just have to point out that marlon jackson does have big lips, not that theres anything wrong with that. The jacksons family have a variety of different facial features, like how jackie and jermain have almond shaped eyes like their mother and michael and janet have big round eyes, thats what makes them and all other black americans unique. I just wanted to point that out, but you’re right most of them don’t have big lips and michael actually has/had pretty thin lips for a black person

  207. kelly

    angeline just asking, but do you feel it’s necessary to say african american. I mean it’s not really an accurate term, whats wrong with just saying Black, black is beautiful. Please don’t get offended

  208. 18091992

    Michael Jackson is very multi-racial himself. And he has enough white ancestry to make it possible to have white children with white woman and the combination of Debbies white genes and the white genes in Michael produced white children
    He has enough black ancestry to make black children with black woman
    And if he would has native american wife it would be more possible to has more indian-looking children than black or white because he has enough indian roots too

    Michael’s father Joe has light eyes. So Michael and all of his sisters and brothers carry one light-eyed gene from father’s side and one brown eyed gene from mother’s side.
    Because of brown-eyed gene is dominant he and all his siblings are brown eyed. But all of them HAS light-eyed gene in them. And all of them can give light-eyed gene to their children. Debbie Rowe has blue eyes. She has no brown eyed gene in her (also Joe has no) because if there are light eyed gene in one allel from one parent and brown eyed gene in another allel from another parent there are only brown eyes according genetic. Michael gave Paris light eyed gene as Debbie did. So the result is light eyed daughter. Michael gave Prince brown eyed gene and Debbie gave light. So the resault is brown-eyes son.

    Sorry for my english

  209. aims

    I think Kelly may have a point. Leave her alone- if her hobby is being a detective to see if MJ’s kids are his or not- let her do what she wants as long as it’s not obsessively taking over her life. Maybe she wants a career in genetics. Or maybe it’s just a hobby for her. Let freedom ring.

    Also I was looking at the pics of the children at the store and I noticed all of their ears seemed the same. The bone structure definetly looks similar between all of them and a little like Michael’s. The EARS especially looked identical on all 3 of the children. If you could find a pic of MJ’s ears then you could see if they match the childrens’.

    I like this site.

  210. aims

    Mj says in his rare 1980’s interview that he loves East Indian people (“the darker the better”). When a person has vitiligo they can take medication to make their skin either darker of lighter. I suppose he chose lighter because he either wanted to fit in with society better (not be made fun of-“darkness”). I would love to ask him if he regrets any plastic surgery and what he would ideally want to look like. How come no interviewers ever ask him that?

  211. angeline

    LOL Kelly its fine i’m not offended. I’m only saying African American because Michael Jackson IS African American. Black is less accurate than African American because Black doesn’t embody Native American, White and other ancestories that Michael has. African American is the term for a black person with other races besides African.

  212. angeline

    By the way, La toya was always very fair skinned, much lighter than Katherine AND Joseph.

    http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/1631/95461597hc8.jpg Katherine

    http://www.nndb.com/people/799/000030709/smilin_joe.jpg look how light Joe’s eyes are

  213. angeline

    one more thing, this kid is with his father (who’s blond, just like Debbie)

    he’s obviously biracial.

    http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00634/Michael_Jackson_634593a.jpg look at Paris in the back of the van. She looks about the same shade as Boris Becker’s kid.

    http://bauergriffinonline.com/bfm_gallery/2008/10/MichaelJacksonKidsCreepyMasks/post_image/post_image-leader-JACKSON_B_GR_02.jpg Another one of Paris. Note how thick and dark her hair is, and the skin color.

  214. angeline

    Paris, again. Look how dark she is

    and her lips are sort of big. Look at this other mixed girl’s hair

    http://images.china.cn/attachement/jpg/site1007/20081031/001ec94a26ba0a74aa3603.jpg Paris

    http://www.worldofstock.com/slides/PCH2498.jpg Another black and white girl, look at her hair, it’s the same texture as Paris.

  215. Angeline

    (sorry if i posted this already; this website isn’t clear if i did or not)

    first of all, 18091992, you are making it seem like Michael was not your average African American person. Yes, Joe had some green eyes, but Michael is not any less african american than the next guy. His sisters did NOT have long, wavy hair. You’re thinking of La Toya’s weave in the late 70s/early 80s. That’s not her real hair. La Toya’s real hair is like this (the first picture)


    and Janet and Rebbie had regular “black” people hair


    The Jacksons looked like your average black family, they didn’t have any traits that were uncommon amongst black people

  216. Angeline

    more pictures of Paris/Blanket

    i was on a board earlier where some people were saying that Mike’s kids looked too European to be mixed, but how many Europeans do you know have meditteranean skin and dark hair?

    see the kid on Michael’s lap? what’s the difference between hers and Paris’s skin ( shes obviously the darkest out of the three) and the kid that Jermaine is holding is around the same complexion as Blanket. Prince is just very, very fair skinned.

  217. Anonymous

    I’ve seen his children in public, i don’t know why these pictures are doctored, but his children are not that light. In fact, Blanket is very brown, and he tans very easily. Keep in mind that some of these pictures make the kids look lighter because of the camera flash, and others are competely manipulated

    http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05/28/article-1022545-0168CE5500000578-764_468x286.jpg this picture is totally doctored. His children are NOT this color. Blanket and Paris Katherine have very coarse, thick hair. It is often straightened. People will do anything to claim these kids are not mixed, i’m not a biologist, but it is possible for a dark skinned man and a light skinned woman to have light skinned children. Another thing, Michael did not dye his oldest son’s hair blonde. Some people here think he did, he actually didn’t. Prince was born with brown newborn hair, it turned blonde and then around 6-7 his hair became darker.

    http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/02_01/jacksonDM0802_468x416.jpg it’s highly recommended by dermatologist that dying a child under the age of 2 hair can cause serious rammifications in the hairs natural structure. Why would Michael intentionally hurt his kids? In this picture, you can see his hair turning brown

    it happens all the time. Mixed kids are born with one hair color and then it changes. Debbie Rowe right now has brownish hair but Michael said when she was a baby, she had blonde hair, a lot like Prince. Paris is much, much darker than Debbie, and she always had brown hair. Blanket’s mother remains unkown and i have no idea about her but i do know that Blanket has very dark features. He has thick hair (naturally curly–i dont know why they are straightening it out)http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6q-f-zD4xPY/SO3b6-hVF9I/AAAAAAAAGB8/Wo1gqpTreVI/s400/Blanket.jpg

    his hair is much, much thicker than most people think. Lastly, his kids are all so well mannered, its a shame that a lot of people are talking so ill favoredly about them and their father. They wear the masks becuase Michael doesn’t want people to be speculating about his children. I mean, they deserve some privacy, too.


  218. kelly

    okay…….. i still don’t agree but i’m not going to start a new argument you have a right to your opinion.

  219. 18091992

    Michael Jackson’s and all his sisters and brothers ancestors:

    Katherine’s mother Martha Upshaw (Martha Bridgett ) is/was cherokee indian

    Katherine’s father Prince Albert Scruse has/had black and white roots.

    Joe’s father Samuel Jackson is/was almost pure indian with minimum black (and may be white too because Joe’s eyes are light) root in him.

    Joe’s mother Crystal Lee King is/was either pure white or light colored creole (I don’t know exactly), but definitely not pure black.

    Michael and his siblings are very mixed race themself. They can produce every-looking children and it depends what race theirs wifes and husbands are.

  220. Anonymous

    Michael never said he dyed his son’s hair blonde. Therefore, we can’t assume he did. In the Martin Bashir video, you see dark roots because thats when Prince’s hair is growing in dark. Think about it. Why alter Prince’s hair and not Paris or Blanket’s? Just so more people can ridicule him and claim he’s not the father?

    Donna summer had a daughter by an Austrian man, her daughter was very, very blonde (still is) and she did NOT look biracial at all heres a video of her (shes the cute little girl singing at the beginning of the video) anyway, my point is, many biracial kids are born blonde.

    if he dyed Prince’s hair blonde, why suddenly stop? It’s so obvious that Prince’s hair got darker as he got older. Its really not much of an opinion.

  221. anonymous

    18091992, where are you getting Michael’s biological information from? A website or something? Most African Americans have Native American and white blood in them a few generations back. By the way, Barack Obama’s father was African dark skinned, big lips, big nose, etc. His mother was white with brown hair and brown eyes i think. Barack Obama is pretty fair skinned if you think about it. He definately looks black or latino, but he’s much much lighter than his father.

  222. 18091992

    There are not too mach information in intertet, but you can find it if you want

    In the martin bashir interview michael mentioned that some of the Jackson family ancestors are Caucasian and Indian.

    There are some sites but you can find more if want

    (in french, there are in english too about Samuel Jackson but I don’t remember where)


    I don’t remember exactly where I found information, it is taken from different interviews, encyclopedias and etc. If I find other sites I’ll put it here.

    Another examples of famous Black -Indian people

    I think it is only in US that black people consider to be pure Africans. In other countries white and black always remember that black people for the most part are mixed and very mixed. But in USA you are only black even though you have other roots too. In USA you are just Black. It is the reason why no one can understand that mixed people can’t produce black or bi-racial children with white wife/husband.

    P.S. Although I’m not american I’m very glad that Barack Obama is the president of USA.

  223. aims

    Again, I think you all should look at how the ears are exactly the smae for all three children. You can see evidence of this in the photograph towards the middle of this page- when they are in a store. All of their ears have the exact same shape. Now if they had different mothers then they could not have the same identidal ears could they? It must have come from the same father- Michael.

  224. aims

    It’s interesting how young Michael’s jaw resembles Prince’s.

    Blanket is certainly Michael’s- his eyes and nose are so similar.

    As for hair, almost everyone in the family has curly hair, except for Katherine Jackson (middle). The children could have take after her. Paris’ hair is a little kinky, so there is a chance Prince could have been that likelihood percent that got straighter hair.

    Also in this photo, there is a resemblence between the boys. http://www.nypost.com/photos/galleries/gossip/celebp/20081011_michael_jackson/photo05.jpg
    Where could they have gotten that from, I wonder.

    http://www.oths1974.org/…/oths1974/rowe_deborah.gif (a natural blonde, even up until her senior year in high school)


  225. 18091992

    There are not too mach information in intertet, but you can find it if you want

    In the martin bashir interview michael mentioned that some of the Jackson family ancestors are Caucasian and Indian.

    There are some sites but you can find more if want

    (in french, there are in english too about Samuel Jackson but I don’t remember where)


    I don’t remember exactly where I found information, it is taken from different interviews, encyclopedias and etc. If I find other sites I’ll put it here.

    Another examples of famous Black -Indian people

  226. 18091992

    Katherine’s father (Michael’s grandfather), Prince Albert Scruse and her grandfather Prince Scruce and grandmother Julia Bell
    (Michael’s great grandad and grandmom) were listed in the 1910 census as MULATTO

    Born Kattie B. Screws on May 4, 1930 in Barbour County, Alabama, Jackson was the daughter of Martha (“Mattie”) Upshaw and Prince Albert Screws [1]. Katherine’s father changed his last name to “Scruse” and upon leaving Alabama, Katherine’s name was changed to “Katherine Esther Scruse” when she was four.


  227. 18091992

    to angeline
    February 25, 2009 at 8:00 pm In any case, i found an interesting thread that claimed this woman was Janet Jackson’s daughter Renee.
    think thats pretty cool

    This girl is Jackie Jackson daughter Brandy. We can see her in Michael’s clip Black or White and other movies


  228. 18091992

    I just want to say that this (http://musicology.ipbfree.com/lofiversion/topic1706/) girl Brandy is Michael’s and Janet’s niece.

    I didn’t know that before but I always thought that that girl in his movies is somewhat resembler to him. I was very surprised when I vfound that she is his relation.
    Michael Jackson’s kids have a Black Nanny « Hello, Negro

  229. 18091992

    Why in this website some comments are awaiting moderation and other is not? My first comment to angeline February 25, 2009 at 8:00 pm is not appeared but the second comment is appeared. How does this website work?

  230. angeline

    Hey 180, that pic of Brandy, some people are saying that could be Janet’s biological daughter Renee. I personally think it is because Brandi was adopted by Jackie and Enid back in the 80s.
    check out this website:


    its probably a bunch of sensationalism, but where theres smoke, there IS fire…

  231. angeline


    i see what you are saying about the ears–Prince has the same ears as Michael and Paris does too, with Blanket, i don’t see a resemblance between him and Prince, probably because they are only 1/2 brothers. Blanket and Paris look more alike than Prince and Paris, IMO. Prince was born with straight, brownish blonde hair and Paris was born with curly or wavy brown hair. Blanket was born with curly black hair. If Michael is indeed Blanket’s father Blankets mother had to have been either caucasian or latina with straight hair. No full black child will be that light with straight hair.

  232. angeline

    her and Blanket have the same skin shade

    i honestly don’t see a resemblance between Michael and Prince–i say he doesn’t look like either parent but maybe a combination of the two. Paris looks like a darker Debbie Rowe, Blanket looks like a lighter Michael but Prince is just doing his own thing

  233. aims

    angeline- that’s true that blanket’s mom probably isn’t white because usually straight hair will not be the result of two black parents. BUT you have to take in the genetic background of the ancestors. the jackson family is not entirely black, even though jermaine says so on big brother. we know that kate jackson has a lot of indian in her family, and her hair is straight. joeseph has green/ light colored eyes. these attributes can skip a generation and explain why the grandchildren would have straight hair. mj did say saomething to the effect in an interview that blankets mom was black, but i think he just meant that she was not white. I would guess asian or latina. plus, i don’t think that it’s beyond a celebrity to get their childrens hair relaxed????? my aunt’s daughter is half black, 5 years old, and because her mom is a hairdresser, she gets her long amber colored hair straightened or relaxed. and has anyone notice how much these children stay out of the sun, esp when they were covered????? my friend, who is half black, half white, but looks latina, gets very very pale white on her legs when she is not exposed to the sun. also i have had other friends who looked white except for the curly hair. so since mj background isn’t ALL black, and 2 of his kids have a really white mother, i can see understand why they look how they do. as for blanket, i don’t think it’s unimaginable for him to have a celbrity stylist every now and again. he probably doesn’t have to get it styled that often, bc mj wouldn’t want him suffering like that. otherwise, he could have taken after kate jacksons straight hair, and his latina/asian mom’s genes.

  234. Angeline

    Blanket’s hair isn’t straight, here you can see that its actually wavy. Michael must have his hair pressed every time he goes out. Keep in mind that we rarely see his kids, and they doo look pretty pale–MJ is allergic to the sun so the kids probably aren’t out all day playing anyways. Katherine did not have straight hair. That’s not to say she wasn’t mixed with Native American, but her hair was not straight.

    Here it looks kinky, curled and the same way as any other black person

    Honestly, Paris and Blanket are the only two who actually look mixed. Prince doesn’t really, but then again he isn’t an exact clone of Debbie. I know a girl who’s parents are White/Hawaiian and Black. Her dad is a blonde guy with hawaiian ancestry and her mother is dark skinned african american. She’s naturally blonde with kinky hair but incredibly pale skin. I understand the whole skin-thing. These kids are pretty pale…except for Paris. She’s the darkest.

    (holding Blanket’s hand)

  235. If you post twice or more in a small window of time the system assumes you may be spamming and will hold one or more of your comments. There have been SO many posts to this subject! Sorry. You could just start a whole blog about this one topic from what I see.

  236. 18091992

    It is Prince, not Blanket

  237. anonymous

    18091992, the first two links you posted dont work =/

  238. 18091992

    to anonymous
    I know, but I don’t know why
    It is that link posted by Angeline April 20, 2009 at 11:39 pm (holding Blanket’s hand), that photo in which Michael and his son stand beside the window

  239. 18091992

    It is very strange website. When I first time posted adress of site when it is some inrormation about Samuel Jackson it was correctly shown (April 9, 2009 at 9 : 56 am). But now I see there is shown another adress. What is it
    Sorry for my english again.

  240. angeline

    Hey 180, thats a picture of Michael, not Samuel L Jackson and i thought that was Paris in the window with Mike but i guess it’s Prince. They look alike anyway. In one of the pictures from that website you posted, there is a picture of Katherine and her grandchildren. Some of them are very fair skinned, almost like Michaels kids.

  241. angeline

    Wait, nevermind i see Samuel at the bottom of the page. Are you french? My french is very bad but i can speak a little Haitian Creole. That website is in french so i’m pretty much lost

  242. angeline

    Just found some recent pictures of Michaels kids as of April 28, 2009 and i have to say, they honestly look pretty white here.


    Prince and Paris ( she has blue eyes?? go figure)



    very handsome, Prince is.

  243. shocked1

    I cannot believe this topic has been discussed for more than a year. Wow, seriously it’s time to stop. move on with your lives. Y’all are beating a dead horse.

  244. 18091992

    Yes. Samuel Jackson. Not Samuel L Jackson
    Samuel Jackson is father of Joe Jackson. His photo and information about him is in the end of that page.
    No. I’m not french

    I don’t think Prince and Paris look alike. To me Prince and Blanket look more similar to each other, and their difference is more color difference. And Prince has mother’s chin and Blanket has father’s.

  245. 18091992

    As I can understand information from that french site Samuel Jackson had indian mother Emmeline and his father Nero Jackson was slave who was half indian (Jack) and another half african american.

    I guess that indian who was named Jack gave the beginning of surname of Jackson’s family.

  246. angeline

    interesting…i dont think Blanket and Prince look alike at all, really. The reason i guess Paris and Prince look similar is because they both have the same parents and they are closely aged. Paris has blue eyes, he had brown, they both have brown hair and are around the same height…Blanket doesn’t look much like anyone, to be honest. Hes darker than Prince, thats for sure.

  247. kelly

    heres a new picture of prince

    that child looks just like michael and if you can’t see it you’re blind

  248. angeline


    Yeah, i posted the new pictures of Prince, Paris and Blanket earlier but it wont show up on the website. You also said Paris had brown eyes, but it is clear that her eyes are blue. Very very blue, actually.

  249. kelly

    i never said she had brown eyes i know she has blue eyes. she;s always had blue eyes

    heres a new pic of her she does have curly hair

  250. Angeline

    Oh. For some reason i could have sworn you said her eyes were brown on concreteloop, but yeah her hair is wavy; i wouldn’t say curly, at least not in the same way a lot of biracial kids are. I wonder if Blanket’s hair is naturally wavy like that also. If you saw her walking down the street would you think she was biracial honestly?

  251. Angeline

    and by the way, Prince is very handsome, My God i didn’t know he was so cute. Too bad i’m 2 years older than him lol

  252. Anonymous

    Prince at 11 (or 12)

    Michael at 14

    I don’t know, i mean i see a resemblance here…People are being thrown off by his skin color and his hair maybe but Prince definately reminds me of Michael and he definately looks biracial.

    Angeline if I saw Paris walking down the street i’d say she were biracial, especially considering how dark she is in contrast to her light eyes

  253. kelly

    would you think lionel riches daughter sophia was biracial

    look how straight her hair is but i can see what you’re saying paris doesn’t look anything like mj and never has she’s her mothers clone

  254. Lydia

    All i have to say is look at Tiger Woods kids.

    no one says anything about them.
    so why do people think that if Michael says it, it is a lie?

  255. Lydia

    Prince looks like Michael. No doubt about it.

  256. Angeline

    Well at least with Sophia she has negroid features, like a wider nose, etc. I don’t really know the size of Paris’s nose but its much more narrow. She does look a lot like Debbie, doesn’t she. Her eyes are so piercing! Nicole Ritchie looks like she could be biracial, even though shes technically not. When she was younger she looked very “mulatto-ish”


    cute kid, by the way.

  257. 18091992

    When I say that Prince and Blanket look the same I mean they have the same shape of eyes and they both have Big eyes, the same full lips, the same jaw line, they both have similar noses and etc. And I don’t mean color differences

  258. 18091992

    Prince and Blanket look similar to me

  259. 18091992

    Look at Prince’s hands. Is it only to me or Prince’s hands and especially fingers have light spots? What does it mean? I’m in perplexity

  260. 18091992

    In this picture Prince and Blanket look more similar to each other than Prince and Paris. I mean facial features.

  261. 18091992

    At this picture Blanket looks like Michael (to my opinion)

  262. 18091992

    And at this picture Prince and Blanket more similar to each other

  263. 18091992

    Look at Prince and Blanket again

  264. The only convincing person here is kelly.You other people trying to come in her defense are actually weakening her argument. And no way Prince was born with bleach blonde hair. His roots were showing in those pics. Ive seen children whose hair turns from blonde to brown , but it never happens in that way.
    The discussion about the childrens skin tone is obsolete. Each picture is different depending on the lighting so we will never be able to tell. Not unless you compare their skin in person.Another thing is that their skin looks darker compared to Michael who is paler than the average white person. Princes lips are becoming fuller. Paris has a slit for a mouth just like her mother and Blanket is still up for discussion. He isnt old enough to truly tell what features he has developed.

  265. Angeline

    LOL wow, you were busy 180. I hope Prince doesn’t have vitiligo although it is hereditary. Maybe its just minor discoloration? Prince and Blanket do share similar characteristics but Blanket looks different than Prince (darker, wider nose, fuller lips, more masculine features etc.)

  266. Angeline

    Prince is about two in this video. Are you telling me that Michael would DYE his 2 year old son’s hair (and not dye Paris’s hair, btw) I’m more willing to believe it either turned that way in the sun or his hair just turned colors as he got older.

    He may have been born with brown hair but it could have easily turned lighter. After all, his mother is a natural blonde and its not like any of those kids really inherited a thick, kinky mulatto hair from him. Michael is super protective of his kids, why risk hurting one by dying his hair in peroxide??

    This video especially ^^ Prince is about one years old and is in a tux and is sitting on a couch. There are no visible dark roots.

  267. 18091992

    Only first generation mixed people look like mulatto. Next generations must not look like mulatto. Nowaday African american-white mixed people are not first generation .

  268. kelly

    oh please angeline mj could have easily used one of those rinses that people get to dye their hair at halloween. they wash out easily. and it makes sense usually when you dye your hair blond it has a natural golden look. in many pictures princes hair has a cheap yellow look that i bet would be the result of one of those dyes you get at halloween

  269. angeline

    Uh, Prince’s hair is pretty dark i doubt a cheap halloween dye could do that to his hair. Why is it so hard for you to believe that his hair could have just got lighter naturally? It’s not impossible. In many pictures his hair is golden colored, probably because its turning brown. What is the point of dying Prince’s hair blonde?

  270. angeline

    Garcelle’s twin boys were both born with Brown hair

    And now look, one of them has pretty light blonde hair

    and in some pictures it looks platimum

    its very possible that Prince’s hair naturally turned that way–Garcelle’s husband isn’t even blonde, and Debbie IS. I’m not saying you’re wrong Kelly, im just saying be more open minded about his hair

  271. angeline

    Prince’s hair is a little lighter, but blonde is still blonde.

    http://blog.themavenreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/garcelle_jet.jpg dark haired babies


  272. 18091992


    For me I’m not busy about Prince’s hair color, But I never never thought that it was possible

    Now Your example make me hard thinking

  273. 18091992

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I have refreshed my memory that when I was born my hair was black! And then they turned to brown! How could I fogot about this. But my hair never turned blond anyway.

    Though I never saw such examples (when brown hair turns to blond) in my nearest neighborhood.

  274. aims

    stance at :43 looks exactly like prince.

  275. aims

    i just want to add that it’s been very hard believing that the older two really are his kids. i mean they don’t look a lot alike at all. i just wish they really resembled him more.

    i wish i had had michaels kids though, lol.

  276. kelly

    heres some more pics

    paris- i still don’t think she looks like michael but she still looks mixed

    prince michael

    all the kids

  277. Angeline

    These kids are getting “blacker” by the minute. At this day and age, anyone who still thinks his kids look white are just plain stupid. Paris looks very mixed and Prince too. Any recent pictures of Blanket? He’s my favorite.

  278. aims

    OMG!!!!!!!!!What’s wrong with Prince’s eyes in that one pic above???? Please tell me that’s just the crooked mask making his eyes look distorted!!

  279. Angeline

    it’s the mask, his eyes are fine. But if you look closely at his hands, and Blanket’s too, you might see some discoloration. It’s probably from the sun, though.

  280. aims

    There are some recent pics of Mike walking his kids to a studio. Seeing Prince’s nose in this pic I am almost sure of where he got it. And Paris’s, well D.R.’d was thin. Also Joeseph had green eyes, and Paris’s eyes are a shade closer to green- see it?

    And did D.R. ever say “Michael has to come clean about using a donor?” I read this somewhere.

  281. Anonymous

    This discussion is over. That picture says it all.

    God bless every one of them.


    i bet Michael laughs in the face of anyone who denies him the father of his children. Good job, Kelly you won your case.

  282. peep this

    Prince Resembles MJ more when he was younger w/ the nose and what not…but Paris looks more like her mother tho she really does look mixed

  283. fa-buh-lus

    post more picx of michael’s kids

  284. aims

    Yeah…. pretty much confirmed. As for Paris, yeah she does look mixed, considering how very blonde her mom was, though she doesn’t resemble him. But then look at 3T -they don’t look like Tito at all, and I never would have guessed Valencia Jackson or the children of the others (except Jermaine’s) would have been that light skinned. And they just had Latin mothers, not white, so maybe that’s why Paris is even lighter. I mean if 3T can look almost Japanese mixed, with such light skin, then it’s not unlikely I suppose for Paris to be so light…. I guess….

    There was definetly some ethinicity beyond simply Black african in MJ’s family – Cherokee on his mom’s side, and white on his green eyed dad’s side.

  285. 18091992

    to aims
    June 6, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Not only ” … some ethinicity …”

    But much much muuuuuuucccchhh more than half

  286. 18091992

    to aims
    June 6, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    I see resemblance between Tito’s sons and Tito. They look very similar to my mind.

  287. 18091992

    I wonder Who is mother of Prince I? He dosen’t look like Debbie Rowe. Is she his mother too? Paris is Debbie’s daughter exactly because they look similar. But Prince??? I have my doubts about him. Who is his mother?

  288. Angeline

    Well i think Michael was lying when he said Blanket had a black mother just because of his hair. It’s too straight for him to be the result of 2 black parents. Plus he’s kind of too light, unless his mother was Haitian or some type of Island-native. He definately looks biracial and looks different from Paris and Prince soley based on his features, if Debbie Rowe were the parent of Blanket id definately believe it.

  289. 18091992

    I wonder Who is mother of Prince I? Not Blanket’s mother.

  290. 18091992

    Michael said in interview that Blanket’s mother is light skinned black

  291. 18091992

    It is very doubtful that Paris and Prince First have the same mother

  292. 18091992

    No way that Prince’ First mother is Debbie Rowe.

  293. 18091992

    When I look at Paris I see Debbie When I look at Prince I don’t.

  294. Angeline

    Michael also said in one interview that he and Blanket’s mother were romanitcally involved. In another he said that she was an unkown surrogate mother. Obviously, he was lying at one point. Whos to say that he wasn’t lying about Blanket’s mothers real ethinicity?

  295. 18091992

    Michael said that he was dating with Blanket’s mother in “Living with Michael Jackson” interview. And he said that Blanket’s mother was an unkown surrogate mother also in “Living with Michael Jackson” intervew.
    Very strangely

  296. aims

    I wish these kids would tell us themselves. the whole problem with all this speculation is because MJ is so secretive. I guess he’s just tired of the media since giving the smae interviews over and over and no one asking him good questions only about upcoming work and the tabloid stuff and the trials. I wonder if his kids will ever try to ‘set the record stright’ when they grow up to clear up the rumors about Daddy. Judging by the way Paris looked in that photo where she’s pointing at the picture taker and looking shocked, I’d think she’d be a good defender for him, if she doesn’t shun the media entirely. Poor kids. They’re about at the age where they’re going to have to start finding out some serious misinformation about their daddy. I hope Mike doesn’t have a difficult time with them during their teen years. I wonder how their lives will be when they are older.

  297. aims

    I think MJ does fib to the press sometimes on small things, and he does that to protect his privacy. He hasn’t been understood so if he does, I cana see why.

    Or maybe he just forgot. He seems to have a lot going on.

  298. Angeline

    wait a minute. you guys still dont think those are his kids? That was the whole point of this forum. Ill admit that Paris doesn’t look much like him but Blanket and Prince are obviously his. And, aims, i dont think those kids have to tell us ANYTHING. It’s so unfair how some people treat Michael. Every freaking day they have to go out and face paparazzi and obsessed fans. People speculate over their looks, their dads looks, what kind of life is that? Randon women are claiming to have parented Blanket, death threats, paparazzi pics, come on. In ten years, i really hope they say something like “F— off” to the media. poor family.

  299. Angeline

    and 180, Prince’s mom is Debbie Rowe. Just b/c he doesn’t look like her doesn’t mean he’s not hers. Seriously. Debbie gave Michael Paris and Prince and some other woman ave Michael Blanket. Maybe Debbie also parented Blanket. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  300. aims

    Angeline, that would be funny if the kids did that to the press. But I bet Mike will school them to behave with class or ignore them. Not so sure that’s a good tactic. I would like MJ to say F the press, but he won’t. He doesn’t want to swear, but I really think people would back off him if he was a little more ‘F-you’. I know he has been, but I think he’s also hurt and sad by it. And I think he needs to be angry, like and flip out and maybe then people would back off because they were scared. The kids don’t owe us anything, but they will always have so much crap with stupid questions about if they’re really his, when it shouldn’t matter either way, because he’s still their dad. I just want to see the kids win, and people be blown away by them and not speculate about stupid ugly crap.

  301. kelly

    can you guys slow down with the post please the maker of this blog has already thought about shutting this thread down. i really don’t want it to get shut down cause their are too many posts

  302. Angeline

    Kelly, i forgot to ask you. Do you think Blanket’s mother is black? (and by black i mean light-skinned obviously, but with African american consanguinity?)

  303. fa-buh-lus

    i swear this thread shud have its own website


    am i right???

  304. fa-buh-lus

    don’t click that link

  305. 18091992

    What does it mean French Creole? I remember that I read that Joe Jackson’s mother is French Creole. Sad but I can’t find my information again and put it here. I want to know does French Creole mean white? Or does it mean fair complexion black?

  306. 18091992

    La Toya in her biography writes that when her father was young he had red hair

    I don’t know is it true or not but Joe Jackson definitely has light eyes.

  307. joe spyda

    crap, crap n mega crap…to be honest i don’t care if those kids are really his or not, but there is one thing i would emphasize on. As long as MJ has black genes in him, there is no bloody way his kids wont at least have some traces of blackness in them. If for any reason the vitilgo affected his DNA, then MJ parents and family traits should have kicked in.
    One thing everyone should know is that MJ comes from a long line of blacks, so one way or another those traits should have been what his kids should have inherited.
    For one, his son is “blond” which i find kindda impossible for a black father, although i heard there is some resemblance b/w MJ n his kids, i cant just put my finger on why they are pure white and why there is no sign of blackness in at least on of his kids.

  308. Lydia

    They are his kids. Without a doubt.

  309. Angeline

    French creole is black, and the complexions can vary. All French creole means is that there is some French in the bloodline, with a mixture of African. This is a creole girl

    A creole guy

    but creole people vary, like i said before. Generally, they are very dark skinned, African people who speak a combination of African and French.

  310. 18091992

    Joe Jackson

    Light eyes, pretty light skin, absence of black features and when he was young his hair was red.
    To have light eyes is only possible when from maternal and paternal sides there is white blood, i.e. Only if person have white blood from TWO sides. Otherwise it is not possible to have light eyes.

  311. 18091992

    I have found this.
    In this website it is said that there is difference between creole and french creole

  312. 18091992

    to joe spyda
    June 11, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Read my

    April 4, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    April 7, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    April 17, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    April 17, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    April 27, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    And may be you understand

  313. 18091992

    I saw photo when it is clearly seen that Michael’s grandmother, Joe’s mother is fair skined as whites

  314. 18091992

    Katherine Jackson

    she must have confused with indian

  315. 18091992

    Katherine Jackson

  316. 18091992

    Katherine Jackson. She is vere similar to indian for me

  317. 18091992

    What do you think about my

    June 6, 2009 at 3:42 pm

  318. 18091992

    In this picture it is weel seen that Prince I has Michael’s eyes (amazing similarity, the same big doe-looking), similar upturnd nose which is wider than Debbie’s and Paris noses, full lips, and Michael’s “square” jaw-line

  319. 18091992

    In these two peactures Prince’s and Michael’s noses are very similar

  320. 18091992

    In these two pictures Prince’s First and Michael’s noses are very similar

  321. 18091992

    And the same eyes.

    Prince I is only white-looking Michael’s version

  322. 18091992

    Look at Prince

  323. anonymous

    180, you’re posting pictures of the same thing. I dont think Prince has a “square-jaw” like Michael did. And their eyes aren’t very similar either.

    Blanket has Michael’s eyes, definately. Prince may have Michael’s colour, but not eye shape.

  324. 18091992

    Only Michael has That kind of look!!!!

  325. 18091992

    When I look at Prince’s eyes I See Michael’s eyes. Only Michael has That kind of look and only Michael has the same shape of eyes

  326. 18091992

    In this picture it’s clear seen that Prince has Michael’s jaw and his jaw is different from Paris

  327. 18091992

    Sorry I repeat it again but in this picture it is more seen

  328. Angeline

    This is Blanket’s cousin (either Jermine’s kid or someone else) but he looks JUST like him only darker. The resemblance is amazing.

    http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg254/belly_054/blanketmike.jpg And look, they have the same smile. Blanket could be biracial, and he’s shares more of his fathers features than Prince and Paris do.

    We don’t know what Michael looked like at 7 years old, so his nose probably looked like Blankets does. Wait until Blanket is 10 or 12, he is going to look JUST like Michael with wavy black hair (b/c Blanket has curly hair naturally. perhaps Michael has it straightened.)

  329. 18091992

    6 years old Michael

  330. 18091992

    I see resemblance between Michael and Blanket even now

  331. randomgirl

    180 why cant you say everything in one post? damn.

  332. 18091992

    In one post they do not open urgently. It is need time because posts are waiting moderation.

  333. 18091992

    This child is also Blanket’s cousin.

  334. fa-buh-lus

    where kelly at?

  335. aims

    Ok, I don’t get how everyone see’s MJ in Paris. Paris looks a little like MJ after surgery, but I don’t see any resemblence, except for her mixed looking hair and slightly mixed complexion.

  336. mister

    Michael Jackson is dead. Gone to the big toy box in the sky, wonder if they have a kiddie pool?

  337. MJFan

    RIP Michael!!

  338. d0nt do michael jackson huntie,he just died && that was a terrible lost to singers, his fam[ily], friends, && ppl who wont have the chance to see of him… we miss you michael!!!!expesially my grandma Audrey!!!

  339. Lydia

    Poor kids, my heart goes out to you. i love you. and Michael, i will love you forever. rest in peace.

  340. Cinnamom

    Well, As fun as it was reading the first I dont know how many views. MJ is dead as of this afternoon, he was a pop sensation whom which one of many lived a bipolar life (as in Im sure there were times when he was very happy and times where he was obviously very disturbed) and whether those kids are his or not…they are beautiful, healthy and seem to be happy! Im sure they will miss their “DAD” because again whether the DNA says he is or not, thats exactly what he was to them. Just miss him as the famous and incredible person he was and let his “KIDS” be kids.
    Take Care Everyone and Happy Comments!
    R.I.P. Michael Jackson! You were and more than likely will always be the greatest pop sensation of The World! I bless your family and send my condolences!

  341. Lindsey

    I was watching the news today, and as you all must know, Michael has passed away. I was informed though, which was news to me, that the 3 children are not biologically his children. Yes, Michael is and was their father, but not by physical means. His sperm was not used in order to create these children. This would solve the problem as of why they are white. Sorry to break it to you.

  342. Pingback: Never Can Say Goodbye: RIP Michael Jackson « Hello, Negro

  343. Missy

    RIP Mike…the world will miss you!

  344. John

    Black love with solve black America problem. White people have taught minority to hate themselve. Google: Modern Racist Paradigm.

    Blacks have contributed greatly to America, but black skinned people are still deemed ugly. Since white people have co-opted the idea of what it means to be human. Black people are castrated as lacking in humanity, so black people disregard themselve.

    Now that MJ died, his children will probably benefits from all the CD sales. I hope those childrens will contribute something positive to black community.

    There are many famous black entertainers that married whites. Their dollars will filtered back into the white community. Black people without self-love will still mired in poverty 100 years from now.

  345. gzg

    they are lighter than Halle’s kids and Halle is 1/2 white LOL
    Plus how’d they get blue eyes?? he he

  346. Angeline

    Guys, listen. As of today, lets stop denying those are his children. Let this man finally rest in peace. He deserves it. Blanket, Paris and Prince, i’ll pray for you because i know Michael was everything to you. I just wish everyone else can stop arguing over your looks. If you are his biologically, great. If not, who cares? Michael loved you, he gave you his everything, and sacrificed his childhood for US. Please, Michael, watch over your babies. For the next couple of days, things can get ugly for them, stay with them.

    Love you. Always and forever, Michael
    ❤ Angeline& Krissy.

  347. my kid's light skinned

    omg! i think kelly was Michael! Notice she hasn’t resurfaced….

  348. Autumn

    Here is an article/video (watch whole thing for additional pics of kids) where a set of TWINS and one was born white and the other black… in the pictures they show in the video the one twins hair looks more blonde than the video itself, and these people are on the second set of twins like that ..so if it can happen where one twin is white and one black I’m sure that these can be Mr. Jackson’s children

  349. Ash

    PLEASE let them cremate the man, destroying all possibility of DNA testing, so this thread can go on FOREVER!

  350. Kellys Dumb

    Kelly your a real fucking idiot. How in the hell is those Mr. Jackson’s kids. I hate to tell you this Mr. Jackson was AFRICAN AMERICAN..No matter how much he changed his skin or nose his GENES still stay the same. It would be totally normal if one kid came out with all white features, but not all THREE..

  351. Equus

    I’ve been reading some of this discussion and i thought i’d add my two cents in, but before i do, i would like to say rest in peace michael, i love you and billions of people love you. i hope you find it better up there then here on earth.

    now i must say that looking at these kids the only one who seem to resemble a tiny bit like Michael is blanket ( what kind of nickname is that?) the rest of his kids to me do not look anything like him. No, i’m not being ignorant nor stupid as some of you think if a person does not agree to these kids being michael’s. Now i’ve read that one of his ancestor’s was a mulatto. and he has white on both sides, but honestly, what african american person doesn’t? my great great grandfather was labled as a mulatto, but is there any people in my family looking completely white from a distant gene that a relative had? no. i don’t quite get how in the world from looking at how his hair in his family looked, how is that they have pretty much bone straight hair. and the oldest daughter had wavy hair…and? i’ve seen and had friends who were white, who didn’t have a black parent, yet they have wavy thick hair just like paris. and some of these pictures posted like for example tiger woods. can we really count him? especialy if the white overrides the black in his kids? his mother is asian, his mother is pale. his wife is pale, its really no surprise he ended up with pale children.
    Now michael on the other hand, from looking at that family photo even the biracial kids still had some type of black feature, and did not have straight hair, it was extremely krinkly and curly like a mixed child. Now, i’m not saying its not possible for it to happend, but from looking at those kids the only one that looks a bit like MJ is blanket ( this name is killing me). The rest doesn’t strike me as his. I’ve seen on maury where two black parents had a white baby with red hair (i’ll never forget that episode) the man didn’t believe that was his kid and honestly i wouldn’t either if that was me. but that kid still looked a bit black, he still resembled his parents with his features.

    It’s quite possible for that to happend, but i feel those aren’t his kids biologically, its also possible to have features of someone not related to you, i know its weird, but that also happends. If they are his then great, they are the king of pop’s children, if they aren’t, then great. they seemed to be taken care of even though i think michael was messing them up, by putting masks, and scraves on them.

  352. Stop It Already

    I am colored between a light-skinned and medium skinned African American. I married a white man, yet our children turned out lighter than him!! (go figure). Black people need to stop judging, get out and TRAVEL, and learn something about the world. Life isn’t as predictable as your silly little soap-operas. At the very least, people can pick up a science book and learn how genetics works.

  353. STEFANI

    Please, it’s sad to see such ignorance still in the world.

    Have there NOT been enough proof of how insanely crazy genetics are? Why the hell are we sitting here arguing about biracial children having blond hair???

    Some of you need to leave the country and get some real life experience about people, cultures and freaking genetics!!! Americans think they know everything about everything but ask if they have been outside the country and more then half have not. There are so many examples of black people who look pure white – damn they have a movie stemming all the way back to Mahalia Jackson the late gospel singer CALLED IMITATION OF LIFE about a black girl who lead her life as a white woman because she simply looked white and was without a trace of negro’ism! Her mother was a dark dark skinned maid and her father was light skin. She looked just like a white person and the white thought she was white


    This was a true story but I forget the name of it….

  354. STEFANI

    does it freaking matter – the man is passed give him respect!!!!!!! those are his children according to the Lord, his family, and they themselves – try telling those kids that you judgmental group of nay sayers….you all should be ashamed and wait till God passes the same judgement back! HAVE RESPECT FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!!!

  355. STEFANI


  356. Trappedwind

    When your mixed, you can be light or dark, that’s the beauty and magic of Mother nature. I think we should pray for his children not judge them!… peace and love to everyone.x

  357. peetee

    Dear John,

    And if we take it a step further – to have white people fully embrace black people (and vice versa to a lesser extent) because, after all, the cradle of mankind is in Africa. Science says Eve was African (therefore Adam too!). I have all sorts of colour in my skin (I’m freckled) but would traditionally be called white because both my parents are caucasian (not American, b.t.w., I was born in Africa:). I just find the variety of humankind’s colorations and other features cause for celebration! I like Senegalese Ebony, Japanese Ivory and sometimes even carrot-haired folks… (and Boris Becker’s daughter is so cute!)

    As for MJ’s kids: I hope they carry the memories (if perhaps not the genes) of the legendary artist their dad was. RIP

  358. madison

    u shuld really show there faces cuz wut do u no, they mite b cute

  359. GoodNamesGone

    Dude… Those kids don’t look like him AT ALL. Even if you try to look past their color. Noses don’t match (his REAL nose), eyebrow structure isn’t like his. I know Kelly will jump all over me for it, but seriously- they look 100% white to me.

    Now, the funny thing to me is, that should be used as an argument that they ARE his kids. If he was trying to pull the wool over our eyes that they’re his biological kids- why the heck would he get 100% white kids???

    Eitherway it doesn’t really matter- he took good care of them from what I hear. The poor things will just have to deal with being celebrity kids- hopefully they come out on top.

  360. BRANDI

    what does it matter if da nanny is black white or pink…omg be 4 real people…how could u make comments like dat…wey they do dat at….and those kids may not be his biologicaly…but if he raise them, take care of them, love them, and they love him then they r his…who really care about that…..man grow up people….R>I>P…Michael..MJ>>>4 eva missed..

  361. urgh

    He was never “hella dark” . Ignorance.

  362. kay

    John you are absolutely insane and delusional. Keep believing bs.

    RIP Michael!!!

    I just came across this site and read a lot of the comments. I hope they are his children but I don’t understand how Kelly doesn’t get it after all this time..it’s not that black people can’t have white looking children in very RARE cases, but it’s extremely coincidental and unlikely that someone who had already been speculated for so many years to be making his skin lighter, to have not 1 but ALL THREE/ 100% of his children turn out without any african american features at all. All the pictures she has posted of other families have only shown how these children are a rarity that get a lot of publicity once they are born. In a lot of those cases the kids do look more white than black, but they don’t look like the average white person like Paris and Prince do. It was also very valid what somebody pointed out with Quincy’s daughter Rashida. She looks very white,but she also looks JUST like her black dad and their features are strikingly similar.

    Adopted kids are still his kids, nobody is arguing that, and the discussion is obviously not about that but about whether they are biologically related to MJ.

  363. Angeline

    And adorable little Blanket (who looks very similar to Prince when he was a baby)



    Your children will be taken care of by Katherine, Michael. Everything will be just fine

  364. danielle

    i found this picture which i thought was interesting. its of twins but one turned out to be “black” and the other “white”. very interesting.

  365. not his

    nope, not his children. sorry. those kids don’t have any african blood. it’ll come out later on, i’m certain. u heard it here first!

  366. koori

    l have been reading all the comments about MJ and his kids and are they his.
    I am from australia and indigenous decent and not as dark as michael so notdark at all. l have a few kids and l married a white lady. All of my kids have come out differently the oldest is dark haired chocolate eyes brown skin and built like a black fella. clearly visible he is black. The second boy is blue eyed brown skin blonde hair but you could park a truck in his nose the lad got a fullblood nose. Next gurl same as the the oldest brother and youngest gurl same as the second oldest. My point is Dark genes are far more dominant as are Asian and Mauritian and they always throw back to the more dominant side being Dark and it is either thrown in the skin colour , Bone structure and in African decent the hair and eyes.
    l would have to question whether he is the biological father of the two oldest but i am sure he was a great father too them all. l wish the kids all the best and hope that they are proud off a man who shaped pop culture and dance for all those that are going around now. l still get chills to see him gliding across the stage and like others who were at the top of there fields bruce lee and Tupac for his poetry etc…MJ will always be rememberd


  367. Alejandro

    My Father and my mother are white and a mix fo white, indian an d black, in fact may grandmother is white and my grandfather was blak with clear eyes
    ( both by mom side) my point is, where I live in Venezuela the mix of races its very very common and a normal way to be, my brothers and I are white, some of us with blue and green eyes but at the same time with wide noses and lips, just like the MJ’s Boy, look at the picture of black MJ an then look carefully at the boy (specially the nose) .

    By the way if you visit my country some day with caution, I tell you, here black or in Spanish Negro most part of time its a flattery.

  368. B

    Come on dreamers– all of his kids have nordic bone strtucture and skin (3 of 3!) No way.

    He bought those kids and hopefully he didn’t do anything nasty to them.

  369. Heather

    I just came across this today looking up MJ stuff because there was a story on CNN about the custody of his children. Where did Kelly disappear to? I would love to show her pictures of my 11 month old son. I’m a white woman. I have a son with a black man. My baby has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He has blond curly hair. It’s not what you would call nappy or look like hair that a black person would have. It’s the same texture as mine. He is a GORGEOUS child. When my son’s father shows pictures to people of our child, he always gets the same crazy looks or the same question “are you sure, man?” It’s exhausting trying to explain and I’ve given up trying. I know and he knows. We love our baby. That’s all that matters. I suppose (using this same logic) if my son had been born with dark skin and kinky hair should people be asking me if I’m sure it’s my child. No one every looks at it that way though. It’s complete ignorance.

  370. SUZANNE


  371. leave him alone r.i.p mr jackson

    YOU all need to leave Mr. Jackson alone if they weren’t his kids then they weren’t but gosh dam it he took care of them and loved them i as well am a mixed child look nothing like my parents but they still took care of me and loved me he loved them very much i bet and he would most likely see this as disrespect have you guys ever heard of privacy dam im sure his kids family and he would of liked that everyone has there own opinons Im not going to say they weren’t his kids or they were because i honestly dont know if they are or arent but what i do know is that in those childrens eyes they saw him as there FATHER and thats all that count I dont think you guys know how to respect some one especially since he did pass on what ever people said he did what ever he was blammed for thats what you guys believe i did not know Mr. Jackson so I would not say he did those things because i don’t beleive everything I read I just wish everyone could stop talking bout him in rude ways and just leave him at rest he and his family want to move on im sure an you guys debatting wether he is the father or not isnt going to help anyone ,isnt going to impact any of our lives ad defenitaly ever going to bring back there father which they loved very much okay its pretty sad how you guys can disrespect a man who lost his life not that long ago and his children who are most likely still crying because there father has passed on i just think you guys need to leave them alone you never heard Mr. Jackson talking bout you guys and disrespecting you guys im sure he would wouldnt disrespect you guys if passed on JUST LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALON ALREADY dont you think he has gone threw enough in his life and if he is at rest now dont you think his children have gone threw enought these years and these couple of days GOSH dam it just leave him alone


    and yes my family and i are fans of him .!! 😀

  372. Shiks

    I agree that genes can throw in a ‘wild card’ but not 3 in a row. I’m medium brown and have biracial kids (black/white), one looks ‘totally white’ and the older one just like me. So yes the ‘total white’ thing can happen but like ‘koori’ and ‘Kay’ say kelly- when there’s more than one child in the fam there’s usually a mix, a sign, a feature..some of the pics you’ve put up the kids are pale,blonde, straight hair etc but you can tell from nose or lips that they have black in them, if not they are a wild card- as in their sisters/brothers won’t come out like that too. I am more willing to believe Debbie R was inseminated with sperm/dna of someone from mj’s fam that had predominant white genes(nephews or other). So there might be the jackson look, but he cannot be the ‘bio’ father to all 3 of them. End of the day like others have said, whats important is that he was a good father to them and god bless them now as he’s gone.

  373. leave him alone r.i.p mr jackson

    sorry for all the errors i was in a hurry

  374. Shiks

    ps- trying to understand the obsession a lot of black americans have about what tone of brown/lightness/darkness someone is. ‘he’s honey brown’ ‘he’s cocoa’ no he’s ‘hella dark’ or ‘am light skinned, i look white’ bs. Please. Black is black…we should be proud. Or make brown the new black if black is inappropriate but nit picking on shades in between is just…exactly what ‘masa’ did to divide us back then. Apparently still working now.

  375. Only the Phony

    I am biracial and I look moslty white. Look at mariah carey, she looks mostly white. Unless, you’re into genetics, STFU and STFD. Respect the man in his death and mind you own damn business.
    Rest in peace, Michael, for only God can judge and of us.

  376. Sonia

    Well, now here we are, a few days after his death. It has been proven that the 3 children are not his. They did not look like him at all, and he tried to make Blanket look even more Caucasian by dying the child’s hair, which is pretty sick if you ask me. He wanted to have children looking like he has always wanted to look….Caucasian. He was a really talented man, however he tried to be someone he was not. He tried to turn himself into royalty, with his false medals and badges on his clothing, and he even named his children ‘prince’. He tried to be white even though we all saw him grow up as a black child. He tried to remain a child all his life, even if he was an adult. It was sad to see him dangling his baby out on the balcony, or trying to feed him through a scarf. Pretty deranged. He is now gone and lots of his life’s mascarades are beginning to become known to the public. He was a musical genius but also a much troubled soul. May he rest in peace and God bless his kids.

  377. kammy

    I think many of you are slosed minded racist My grandmother on my fathers side is italian and grandfather is irish and my grand mother on my mothers side is native american and grandfather brown and I am a brown skinned woman, but I have sisters and brothers whom are very light skinned and we all look alike. I also have children whom are way lighter than me and my husband. my point is that his children can look way lighter than him and still be his children. He had two skin diseases one was lupus and and the other distroies the mellon in the skin and the immune system Melanoma. but some of you people are evil and hatefull and say anything that come out of your evil mouths and maybe god should give you the same dieases. and lets see how you feel about yourself. those of you who love calling yourselves white . maybe God should make you white. it called having Melanoma, so lets hope God turns you white. truely white.

  378. poetess

    I’m sorry Kelly, but that Silva kid doesn’t look white. The kid looks mixed, like white and Puerto Rican. I’ve known a few Ricans whose hair bleached from being outside; most of the time it turns to a red because dark hair bleaches to a red naturally unless you use a bleach to strip all of the color out. I’m a natural blonde and we don’t have that type of skin tone naturally. You have to sit outside and tan and, for the most part, natural blondes burn and then go back pale. A lot of the pics you see in mags of blondes with dark tans are actually brunettes; the majority of natural blondes just don’t bronze. Unless that kid was sitting in a tanning bed from age 2 to now, the only explanation of that skin tone is being mixed. The second I saw the kid I thought he/she was a mix of Mediterranean and Northern European; just enough Med to be dark but just enough NE to have the blonde hair.


  380. Angeline

    Im sure this is just tabloid BS.

    Paris looks like a mixed version of Debbie

    and the boys look like Michael. Dont believe everything you hear. RIP

  381. mj121

    Wow – I think Teri’s theory could very likely be true. If so, it explains so much.

    His dad was such a jerk, I wouldn’t put it past him. He would do anything for success. It’s well established that he was extremely physically and mentally abusive towards them.

  382. Lee

    Sorry Kelly I was with you until……

    We’ve learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro — outside the womb.

    Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie’s eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

    In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we’re told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the “receiving parent” — Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson’s lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

    We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

    Although Rowe is not the biological mother, it’s not a slam dunk that she would lose a custody battle. This type of case has never been litigated in California courts. Since Rowe was married to Jackson when Michael Jr. and Paris were born, there’s a presumption that she’s the biological parent. That presumption can be rebutted by other evidence.

    We know there are documents outlining the whole arrangement for the birth of all three kids. Nonetheless, it’s still an open issue with the courts.

  383. De'von Bethea

    It’s funny that all of you sit on this website, say that you love this genius of a man, and still blasphemize is name in the same sense. It doesn’t matter whether or not he fathered those children with whatever woman he was with, he is just what yall say he is a father. This man never had a childhood he’s always been in the limelight of a superstar. I don’t care about the molestation cases brought against him because like you all may say “Only God Can Judge Him”. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves to even say you are fans of Michael Jackson. This man has been an icon and a great impact in all of our lives. And we owe it to him to let him REST IN PEACE. When I say rest in peace that is just what I mean. Leave him alone. It’s bad enough people tried to destroy this man when he was living, but why do it now that he’s gone home! My heart goes out to the Jackson Family. We must understand that there will never be another man of genius, style, dance, and a man who brought us simply the best of him in over 5 decades. Again I say you all should be ashamed of the blasphemy you posted on this page. Please criticize because you all know I am right! R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009 “The KING OF POP”!

  384. kirsty: MJ fan

    miss u michael… n 4 all those people sayin mean things that are 2 nasty 2 even repeat hope u rot in hell!!! michael had a hard time from his farther beating him, to his brothers and the girls in his bedroom… fromhis childhood being wrecked by show biz! then 2 all the stupid roumors and alligations… atleast he is a peace now but how can we ever forget the king of pop!!! we kno what ur really like, just a kid ina mans body…….his songs were and always will b amazing. i feel sorry for his kids i really do n i just hope people settle and dont fight over the kids or his money. miss you spp much sooo sad i neva got 2 meet the king of pop!!! u died much 2 young n i wish it wasnt u who went…. soooo sorry for your loss jackson family and dont believe the stupid things people say because we all love him… RIP king of pop i will neva 4get u!!!! enjoy netherland michael



  386. Anonymous

    Well uh, i dont mean to be disrespectful to Michael or what have you, but the news is saying that he is not the father of Prince and Paris and that Arnold Klein is. I kinda believe it, Prince looks like Arnold Klein.But i have some questions.
    1) If Debbie Rowe is NOT the biological mother of Prince and Paris, why does she and Paris look so much alike?
    2) Is Arnold Klein also the father of Blanket? Blanket looks like Michael
    3) Blanket and Prince look similar, but they dont have the same DNA how is this possible?
    4) Why did Michael go through so much drama to get these kids and then allegedly lie and say they’re his?
    5) Who is Blanket’s mother?


  387. kirsty MJ fan

    miss u michael…. we all kno u had a hard life….. from ur dad 2 ur brothers 2 the accusations and now ur unfortunate death. cnt believe ur gone i really cant. feel sorry for the family and his children, please please please people dnt fight over the children they have just lost the daddy (biologicaaly or not, it doesnt matter the arguemnet is stupid n u should be ashamed 2 still b arguing it even after he died) He is the king of pop and will always stay that way… i genually miss you i really do ……. all this arguement is stupid n i dnt c why its gone on for so long as michael always used 2 say (lieing or not) DONT BELIEVE THE PRESS!!!! they talk aload of bull. i hope the kids are his because i lil bit of michael will live on in side of them. u will neva be forgotten!!!! King of pop. I dont believe the press n what they say i know your not and never would do that 2 children your not a pedo no matter what i hear i neva did believe it!!!! cant believe u were a virgin when u died thats amazin, lol…. RIP and have fun in netherland were u belong u can finally be a kid agen!!! Kirsty x x x
    PS look over ur children at this hard tym n dnt eva leave their sides, b there when they need u most n they’ll kno ur there!!!!

  388. Vanessa

    Kelly, I agree with you about mixed race children. My grandmother is Black and my grandfather is White and my mother came out white with blue eyes and wavy red hair. My father is Asian and I look Asian, I do not look white or black at all. My daughter looks white like her German father. She looks nothing like me, she has light brown eyes and straight light brown hair and very pale skin. My skin is olive, my eyes are dark brown and my hair is black and wavy so it is possible that he could be the father. His father has blue eyes so blue eyes does run in the family!
    The little one looks like Michael to me, I do believe that blanket is his.

  389. peep this

    ^^^ dnt even talk about that ….they had noright to put that on television…it isnt anyone’s business but his.

  390. kimmy

    ok, im a kid and all i know is that Michael Jackson is dead. he is dead and im sure his kids loved him very much. im sick and tired of people saying mean things about him! i used to think he did….well u know about the little boy i dont any more but it dosnt matter anyway because he is dead! and people that are mean jerks who just say mean things about him when hes dead just make me so mad!!! its horrible!!! any jerk who says mean things about him just ask your self “when im dead do I want people saying mean things about me?” i dont really think so. he was a great entertainer and the king of pop. no one will ever replace him. thank God for creating him and giving him that wonderful talent. rest in peace Mr.Jackson.
    ~with love from 12 year old Kimmy

  391. kimmy

    plus about da pic for anyone who dont think its his kids just look at thier face. then look at newer pictures of his kids that have him in it. their definitly them. once again rest in peace!!!

  392. equus2011

    Its been reported on the news that these kids aren’t michael’s. So i don’t know what to tell others then i guess they weren’t his like some of us said. They may not have been his biologically, but he took care of them so they see him as their father. so i guess thats cleared up, MJ’s not the blood father. i feel like this was some kind of drawn out maury episode.

  393. Debra

    I felt sorry for MJ. I still love his music and always will. The speculation about the DNA is a moot point. He was their father. He loved them, cared for them, and tried to protect them.

    Many step fathers make better fathers than biological ones, moms too. If asked what makes a father DNA NEVER comes to my mind.

    The nanny was his assistant for almost 8 years prior to becoming the nanny. He trusted her already, and it was a natural choice.

    I think MJ had, like so many other black people still sadly have, this light skinned dark skinned thing going, and I honestly don’t see that changing, but I do hope and pray it does.

    There are wonderful, kind people of all colors, and dreadful, mean spirited people of all colors. I wish we all would take self inventory.

    I hope MJ does indeed slumber in total peace.

  394. #1MJstan

    Man I hope when we all die none of us or any of our family members are scrutinized as much as MJ and his family. Who gives a damn what color they are or how much AA blood they have in them. Not a single one of us that has posted has ever had to come out of our pockets to feed, clothe, and house those kids. They just lost the only parent they have ever known and the media is dragging their father’s name through the mud. They will probably never have the chance to lead a “normal” life simply because they are know as MJ’s children. But only if for the next few day how about we give them a break and not continue this stupid discussion about their DNA. I am sure none of us would want someone talking about our crumbsnatchers ( I don’t have any) so what makes you think MJ was any different?
    Let us all pray they get through this trying time, and may they grow up to be productive citizens and not like some of these other “rich” kids (Paris Hilton, Kim K., etc) that don’t do a damn thing with their money except buy senseless stuff.

    *ok stepping down off my soapbox*

  395. Metalou88

    does it really matter whether or not the children are biologically his?… no it doesn’t. to be a father and love a child does not mean you HAVE to be biologically tied. Many people adopt children- noone makes a big fuss about THEM. but nooo this is MJ we’re talking about. let’s analyse every bit of his fucking life to the point where NEW controversy is created. when will people learn to deal with their OWN lives.

  396. 18091992

    They are his children. Like you it or not. There is too little black blood in Michael’s gene pool to have bi-racial-looking children with women who is pure white

    Let’s stop debate

    I will always remember you Michael

  397. Equus2011

    @18091992: then why did his brother’s kids come out looking biracial if there is so little black in their gene pool? his brother’s had kids with white women yet the kids came out atleast with some jackson features. and your right, like it or not they are seen as his kids, even if they’re not biologically his.

    we should stop the debate now, he’s not biologically their father end of the debate.

  398. Liza

    18091992, you do know that MJ is like 100% black right? How the hell could he have children and none of the 3 even look like they an ounce of black in them? C’mon now…THINK!

  399. ...

    OMG WHY!?! why are some people so horrible about him? hes a lovely person and i say that because to me, he’s not dead. i think, that, to every REAL michael jackson fan, he will live on in our hearts for ever. he was super shy. look at some of his latest pictures and just look at him… he looks so sad… so why can’t we just leave the bad things behind and just think about the good things? like ‘black or white’… he did that song because he was fed up of people having a go at him because he turned white. it’s not his fault! he had a common disease where you lose your skin pigmentation. he was a lovely person who tried so hard. lol getting off the serious stuff now… HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HEARD HIM LAUGH?! he has the world’s SWEETEST laugh! lol type in the making of thriller into youtube. okay i’m gonna shut up now but remember, he’s done WAY more good things than he has done bad, so just, be nice ^.^ byes

  400. Good point…”It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.”

  401. Lefteee

    I don’t know what to believe anymore! All I know is that Paris looks like Debbie, and I do see some resemblance of Michael in Blanket. It is possible for Michaels kids to look like that, but it is not likley that all three would look like that. I do see the “Blackness” in the oldest Prince, and in Blanket.

  402. Deborah

    I was just going down memory lane with MJ on my mind today and I have just sat and looked at videos and lestened to music of The Jackson 5 and MJ all day and yes, I did shed tears. I was exactly 1 month older than MJ so I did grow up with his music all the way from his first hit to his very last. I can’t say that I totally understood him in his later years but I think he was fighting something deep inside. He was a great sinder/song writer and performer in ever degree. No one has ever been considered an icon like him, not even Elvis Presley in my books. So…Here here…cheers to you MJ…and the wonderful life you gave us all through your music. You will always be remembered and always live on through what you loved most…your music.

  403. THE PYT

    Just to say Michael I’ll miss you every day. Now that you are gone the world seems a less magical place. I’ll no longer search for your face in crowds when I’m on vacation in theme parks or antique shopping… I’ll miss that habit, it was my dream to meet you. You have influenced me so much,and part of who I am today is because of you. If it’s true that essence and energy cannot be destroyed, then I’ll look to the brighest star in the sky for a sign of you from now on…. and….I will love you always!

  404. leave him alone he was a great talented person, who deserves better. And who cares about the real father of his kids at least he showed them the love and care they needed.


    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  405. kelly

    michael jackson the only brother that had kids with a white woman

    you are probably thinking about titos kids but titos kids mother was black( well mixed hispanic) she was not pale and white like debbie rowe)
    she’s not that much lighter than tito, so you can’t really compare her kids with michaels

    i know people always say that most of the jacksons grandkids are mixed but thats not true alot of them are black and the ones that are mixed are mixed with another non white ethnicity. I think michaels the only one who had kids with a white woman
    Jermains son jermajesty yeas he looks mixed but his mom isn’t white she’s middle eastern

    several of the jackson grandkids from the 80’s

    those 2 fair skinned babies are jermaines too and their mom isn’t white either shes hispanic. the jacksons that have mixed kids are
    Jermaine – hispanic and middleeastern
    maybe jackie I’m not sure- asian?
    randy- middle eastern he and jermain had kids with the same woman………… i know eww
    michael – white
    tito- hispanic
    reebie and marlons kids are all black and some of jermains and randy and jackies kids black too with different moms

  406. Lefteee

    @ Kelly you need to do some research. Hispanic is not a race, it is a ethnic background (culture). Hispanic people can be Black, White, or Asian, but most commonly they are a mixture. Since when do you have to be half White to be considered mixed? If one parent is Black and the other isn’t you are mixed.

  407. kelly

    well fine 3t’s mother was a light brown skinned domincan woman(with african ancestry) with thick black hair

  408. bamboo

    stop that debate and recenter to the subject the black nanny. whatever MJ used to love his kids and that the point!

  409. Bill

    It’s pretty clear MJ virtually had a skin transplant and that those aren’t his real children, unless he was subjecting them to bleach baths every night.

  410. Bill


    I may be able to be swayed. Do you have any more pictures of biracial children that look white?

  411. Lynn

    Out of the 3 children, only Blanket looks like Michael..but Prince and Paris looks like Debbie..anyway who really cares….the man is dead..but his legacy will live…love u michael..

    The best there is, The best there was, The best there ever will be..

    Lynn Kamsani

  412. Barbara

    Having seen the recent family portrait which was published in South Africa two days ago, you have to be blind if you cannot see that those children really are Michael’s. Michael Jackson was not only one of the greatest singers off all time, he was the greatest performer period. Heartfelt sympathies to all who loved him and much love to his children.

  413. Known and seen

    They can be his biological children. When I was in primary school a native fujian boy was in my school in the same grade. He was a black as night. One day I saw him walking with the whitest people I had ever seen, They were of big build, frickles and one had green eyes the other had blue eyes. They had very blonde hair but the hair was afirican. When I saw their father came up to the school and he was black and so was the mother. Being a child and not knowing about genetics I asked why his two siblings were white. It turned out their Grandfather was an Anglo saxon from six children two were white. You can’t always trust you genetics as alot of people in the past kept secrets their wasn’t advance science like their is today. Therefore Their is a chance their his. They could be designer babies. I now should repeant for thinking so negatively. When I use to see a couple with a kid that looked nothing like them I would just assume it was only half or not these. But when you see and met people. Like the fujian boy I met you had siblings ten times white than paris and micheal 11 you don’t question it.

  414. 18091992

    to Lynn

    Prince doesn’t look like Debbie. Don’t be blind

  415. beaut

    Who cares i personally dont think white people are that beautiful his kids aint cute. I think MJ was more cuter when he was young even though he was black. I have travelled far and wide and by far i think spanish, asian and some arab kids are the cutest. By the way talking about features my mother is pakistani from the north she has green eyes light skin and brown hair whilst my father is indian from kashmir and has dark skin hazel eyes and jet black hair. My brother and me look even paler then white kids and when we were born everyone was like to my mum your kids are whiter then white kids. However my middle sister is medium tone like yellow skin and youngest sister is medium brown skin quite dark. I dont know if they are MJ’s kids but whats all this hype about white kids? I dont think there that cute so what if they have blue eyes blond hair the whole western world is light with light eyes yet why are spanish and asian women and some black women considered the most beautiful? spanish people have medium brown skin brown or black hair with variation eye colour asian can vary too.
    Final note just be happy with what God gave u because if you aint you will end up with all sorts of issues like MJ.

  416. Angeline

    Does it really matter? Ask yourselves this. 30 years from now, what will the kids remember? The man who cared for them all of those years before 2009 or the man who biologically inseminated Debbie Rowe???

  417. Bobby

    I do not understand this anymore why is it that his kids are black somebody who really understand genetics kindly explain I loved this man’ artistic acts but am sure hates and am hurt by the fact that he hated blacks to the extend that he had to adopt, adpapt or whatever white children to convince the world that he was white.

    I feel bad he is dead, my kids will, may not have such a good artist in their life span. Hoping God will pardon him, grant him favour and find a place for him in his kingdom if it was his[MJ]’s wish and his [GOd]’s plan. Iam sorry about all that he went through which might not have been within his control including but not limited to his background and child hood, child molestation cases.

  418. Brittany

    I have to say not in every case does a dark black man and a white woman have a black baby. I personally have a fried who is half black and half Italian and she is white. You would never guess her father was black, let alone dark. Ask a specialist in genetics they will tell you.

  419. aims

    I went to morphthing.com and morphed debbie rowe and michael jackson’s kid. i think it looks a lot like Paris. Rip, MJ. http://www.morphthing.com/baby/676493-Baby-of-debbie-rowe-1-sized-jpg-and-michael-jackson-jpg?key=f2b2758c78398d475fb700b8a1754dc1

  420. BermyChic

    I Think Grace Is A Bit Bermudian

  421. rasheed

    i think they are MJ’s. i’v seen ligther skin than them, and am sure a DNA will prove that……….

    rasheed…..ROI europe.

  422. Lydia

    With all those new pictures of Prince Paris and Blanket at the funeral you can obviously tell they are his kids. They look like him. and their skin is the same shade as Latoya, maybe darker. i always knew they were his.

  423. anonomouse

    I’ll just leave this here for all the genetic experts. you might be surprised.

  424. Dina

    Your comments about “genetics” are clearly by someone who knows little to nothing about genetics. If your comments weren’t so ill-informed and comical, we’d be offended.


    A Professor of Biochemistry and Genetic Analysis

  425. I feel sorry for blanket (one of jacksons kids) because he doesent know who his mom is.

  426. aims

    What sort of professor ridicules ignorant people instead of attempting to educate them?

    Oh, it must be one that substitutes arrogance for intelligence.. 😛 Thanks for being so smart but having nothing to add to this discussion. Your students must be so thrilled to have you as a mentor.

  427. anonomouse

    A million and one apologies professor, I wasn’t blessed with the power to deduce the genetic code of someone by the mere glance of a photograph.

    carry on professor.

  428. silvana

    te quiero michael jackson(espagnol)ti amo michael jackson(italienne)j’etaime michael jackson(francais)IL LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON(INGLES)

  429. anonymous

    @ Lydia, dont be delusional. La Toya is a light skinned black woman. Prince/Paris/Blanket are just light skinned. They are not the same shade, although there are plenty of pale biracial kids. I dont think Prince and Paris really look like Michael, but they could be his children. Blanket, IMO looks like hes 1/2 black with some straight hair.

  430. aims

    Blanket looks a little Phillipino, or east asian.

  431. Aimmesta

    This is all crazy to even spend this much time analyzing this. The only reasons are 1. Michael had such a reputation for being odd and 2. it confuses racial stereotypes

    Fact is there are lots of white and black children that do not look like either parent. It doesn’t mean that their parents are not their parents.

    I have two black parents and I am the lightest person in my family, all of my siblings have the same parents and I frequently get classified as hispanic or white. It is rather annoying to have to defend my blackness.

    Genes are funny. I also have a friend who is dark skinned who had a baby for another dark skinned man, and while her son has eyes and ears just like his daddy he was born and still at age 7 has blond hair and is the result of two black parents.

    The issue is that it makes a lot of people uncomfortable to see their definiton of what race is shaken up. The point is the kids could be micheal’s as easily as anyone else. When you compare the kids to debbie, they are obviously darker and both boys do has the cast of michael …none are complete twins but it isn’t impossible.

    but then again, I am from New Orleans so I’m used to seeing black people in all shades and variations of features.

    It is very ignorant to think people are like coffee and there is some exact formula that occurs with this percentage and that. It doesn’t work that way. Especially given the fact most of us american blacks have some mixing along the way.

  432. lisa

    Okay, people about MJ’s kids…he took care of them and they love them…but biologically I don’t know about the older ones, I mean come on’ blue eyes, and blond hair…but Blanket might be his, he looks like Michael, but the only part that doesn’t make sense is how the mother is Black, and the kid comes out with long hair, and a mixed complexion…come on!

  433. mzlady

    my personal opinion is that the boys have his eyes.. so it IS possible.. i know alot of bi-racial children.. i have 3 myself and i have seen many that don’t look black at all.. so it is possible.. no matter what the parents skin tone is.. it could jump generations.. my youngest daughter looks white.. and he father isn’t light.. he is medium brown.. his family is medium to dark skinned.. so.. and i’m quite fair.. so dealing with “mixed” kids.. you never know what their complexions are gonna be..

  434. aims

    I think the reason we want to know is because we love Michael so much. We want to know if that magic MJ DNA has been passed down. Is there perhaps, hope for another similar legend in the future? Of course no one can live up to the one and only Michael Jackson, but we’d like to see his genes carried into the future. Personally, Michael, you could have asked me, and I would have carried your kids for free, and I wouldn’t have cared what they looked like. The world is changing so much and mixed races couple are becoming more and more. Yesterday my cousin gave birth to a baby who is going to have 2 cultures. It doesn’t matter anymore, or shouldn’t anyway. All colors and racesof the world have their own strengths and beauty. We just are itching to know, I think, could there possibly be some MJ traits in his kids? And of course having the DNA helps. Even if they aren’t his biologically, being adopted, I can assure you that there is no difference in how a child loves a parent- they are still his kids no matter what.

  435. peep this

    ^^^nuff said

  436. Lydia

    Aims is so right. we just want to know if there will ever be another Michael. me personaly not only want another Michael, but one that looks like him too. Blanket does look like him. These kids really are his, i just know it! they aren’t as white as you think. really look.


    The one with Prince, Paris and Blanket with the women. Its astounding how much darker they are than her.
    no matter what, Those kids love him and He loved them and thats what matters. I will always love these kids, no matter what.

  437. pues michael estara en my mente y en my corazon por siempre toda my vida i love michael jackson
    ahhh y tambien digo que losn hijos estan bien lindos y los videos de michael son wee…cju ahh Sj MMjh 4 evet

  438. I’m a bit late, as I haven’t been here in a long while, but rest in peace to Michael Jackson, and peace be on to his family, friends and especially his children. They looked beautiful at the memorial. Bless Paris Jackson.

  439. Dr. Klein already denied being the father of Michael’s children, and Debbie has said they are Michael’s (the so called ‘interview’ and article that stated Michael as not being the father is fabricated).

    I really hope you’re not serious about bleach baths, lol.

    None of his brother’s had kids with white women! You look really silly trying to argue why Michael’s brothers’ children still look black and Michael’s don’t. His brothers all had children with either black or ‘ethnic’ women. DeeDee (Tito’s wife) was a black Dominican. So a comparison isn’t valid.

  440. Lydia

    Whoa is all i have to say

  441. Nesha

    A “Dark Brown” or “Brown” person would still be considerd darkskinned

  442. skrepanec

    kelly! kelly! kelly!

  443. kelly

    to you not to me or pretty much every black person i know. and i live in the ATL

  444. Zoo

    I tottally agree with all Kelly’s comments and Brandi Hughes comment!!!
    This happens so much in brazil and even now in South Africa..just to remind the ignorant ppl again that african american blood is really really MIXED already. you cant compare yourselves to ppl frm Africa. Even your cultures differ. so lets not get started on that aswell.

    Those are Mj’s kids. ♥

  445. Zoo

    Kelly!! Kelly!! Kelly!!!

  446. Indyan


    I am Indyan. My mom is Indian and my dad is Indian. However, we have German blood somewhere down the line and out of the three of us two of us a fair and no one believes we are Indian? People say that out of MJ’s three children 2 do not look black. In this case the mother was pure white. However, my dad and mom look Indian but the two of us dont!!! How strange.

  447. Gage

    I think you all need to get a life and leave the King alone

  448. Gage

    “those are MJ’s Kids”

  449. Jill

    Ridiculous! I’m reading a lot of ignorant ranting about how biracial children be born of a African American parent with different hair colors, hair textures, skin colors. No one here is an expert in genetics and you can tell me or anyone else with half sense that a black person and a white person can not have children that look caucasion..it’s just stupid thinking. Yes, it is possible and children are born with blonde hair, fair skin and fair eyes . MJ’s children are his biological children..enough people, really enough!

  450. TheSubstance

    WOW!!! Skin Color Skin Color Skin Color! I mean can we move on? This is unbelievable. I don’t care who’s kids they are. It does nothing to change this world we live in. If everyone agreed that they are MJs kids it would not change a thing. NOTHING. Every person of color in this country has a story to tell about being mistreated and discriminated against. I come from a family that is Cuban, Native American, West Indian, African, Caucasian…an I am a pecan tan (since it seems important to get the exact shade just right :>) I have freckles, and dread locks. What ever…. We can’t stay stuck in a loop over this subject. There are so many other things goin on. Example: CostCo is selling a black baby doll huggin a monkey and the baby doll has on a knitted hat that has LiL Monkey on the front! Hello Negros, and every body else!!!!

  451. TheSubstance

    Wow, This is amazin. I don’t care who’s kids they are. Won’t change a thing in my world. All of us are mixed with something. Just a fact of life. I come from a family of African, West Indian, Cuban, Native American, Caucasian people. I am pecan tan (since it important to get the shade just right)LOL, my hair is locked, and I have freckles! Go figure. I have learned to stop looking at the outside. It means nothing. And the people that would have us focus on that, are in the mean time movin on. Besides a Daddy is not sperm, a Daddy is Love, and he loved those children. Let it be.

  452. martha

    WELL, I THINK YOU ARE ALL OBSESSED AND STUBBORN AND I KNOW WE CANT HELP BEING CURIOUS, BUT JESUS, –HIS CHILDREN DO LOOK LIKE HIM, how it did it, its none of your darn business. What we should be thinking about is that Michael was unique in his style and for this he will be remembered always all over the world.
    And, yes there are many people that look white, are white, and have black parents, either one or the other or black ancestors. I have met some, and I wouldnt have known had I not met their parents.
    So shut up all of you and marry someone interesting…

  453. Michael Jackson is Amazing!!!!! & those are his kids you bitches! they look just like look JUST like him!!!

  454. jonathan johnson

    michael was dark skin since he was a child but he used make up and a special cream dat changed his skin color so as he kept usein da cream he was gettin lighter and lighter …..i been a fan of michael since a lil child i grew up on his music my fav music video was thriller in da 80 s …. and those arent his real kids he adopted them because no matta how light u change ur skin the baby will still have a tan because of da geins and how u enter dis world ….da baby might be light skin wit african american features ….or light skin wit blue eyes and curly hair ….it depends on who s hygeins is stronger at dat time …whoever is healthier is has the strongest hygeine …

  455. Indyan

    Hello… Do you remember that the mother of those children was a pure white. Besides, Michael was mixed himself. I know this because we have a whole lot of mixtures in our family and we are all different colour.

  456. keepin_it_real

    Hello all.
    I just want to point out that Debbie may not be as “pure” as we all thought she was. Judging from pictures, her hair isn’t even all THAT blonde. It’s more of a honey brown, and wavy. Paris looked biracial at that memorial, definately. Does that mean she is? idk. Prince looks biracial too. Does that mean he is? idk. The only kid that REALLY looks like MICHAEL is little Blanket himself. Time will tell, but as far as i’m concerned, these kids are Michael’s.

  457. toni

    These are not Michael Jackson’s children. That Kelly fool keeps posting pictures of so called white looking biracial children. That little kid, Jan Silva in no way looks white.

    Yes his hair is blonde and straight, but he has very negroid features. And looks just like his black father. Kelly is so stupid. The picture you got from mulatto.org shows a very dark black woman with a blonde kid. If you had read properly you would see she is his step mother, not his real mother. Lionel Richie’s daughter does not look white.

    Her face shape is just like Lionel’s. Look at her jaw. Sure she has straight light hair, but that is it. She looks black. Rashida Jones looks just like Quincey, and by the way, is the only child of his that looks as light as she does. All his other kids with white women look black.

    Michael Jackson was a nappy haired, wide flat nose black man. No way would he have three kids in a row with no sign of naps in their hair. And quit posting nonsense about Paris’ hair being nappy. She has hair common in white people. There are white people with hair must curlier than hers.
    Here is Paris with Rebecca Gayheart. Her hair is even curlier than Paris. I guess she must be black too? http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs184.snc1/6160_1044220244354_1791068531_96182_2171007_n.jpg
    All of the so called white kids you posted do not look white. Karyn Parsons kid has very light features, but in no way does she look white. Her face looks very negroid, like her mother, who by the way is half white.

    Michael Jackson was not half white, not even 1/4 white. So give it up. A black man does not have non black children three in a row.

  458. Lionel Richie’s daughter…are we talking about Nicole? She’s adopted!

  459. lilkunta

    Why was Paris with Rebecca gayheart?

    & why wont the press call his sons their correct names? The eldest is Michael Jr and the youngest is Prince. Stop calling MJr Prince and stop calling Prince Blanket!

  460. 18091992

    Joe Jackson ancectors.

    Chapter 1.

    Our Ancestors

    The name Jackson was recieved by us from my great-grandfather on the part of the father, July Gale.
    Nobody called him July, everybody called him just Jack.
    Great-grandfather Jack was born in tribe Chostaw in the beginning of 19 centurie. He was an Indian shaman.
    And he was very much appreciated for abilities for doctoring. Also Jack in his youth worked as a scout in the USA army.
    Then great-grandfather has fallen in love with the fine girl by name Gina. In 1838 they gave birth to their first son, a boy whom they have named Israel. Unfortunately in past was so, that if one of the child’s perants was a slave, the child also was considered a slave.
    Indian Jack was ” the free person “, but my great-grandmother unfortunately was a slave, that’s why Israel couldn’t hope for anything else, at least not yet.
    When Israel has grown up, people have nicknamed him Nero. Nero, son of Jack, and eventually from this it has turned to Nero Jack-son.
    As well as my great-grandfather, Nero was tall and light-skined, with high cheekbones and small sparkling eyes. And he was very proud of himself. Nero was still a boy when Jack started to transfer him his shaman knowledge. But despite of gift to doctoring and despite of his need for the tribe, to affliction of his parents, Nero has been sold to a plantation, to Louisiana. As well as other slaves, Nero had to eat there and then where it was told by the owners – kneeling before a low trough from which he scooped with a spoon. Soon Nero had enough of it and he ran away. The owner of a plantation immideately has sent people which searched all night long and have caught the fluent slave on the river, many miles away from the plantation. They have beaten Nero, up so bad, that he lost litres of his blood.
    When some months later Nero has finally recovered, his owner wanted to sell him, but slaves which has previously escaped, were impossible to sell under the same high price, so instead of it owner of Nero has decided to force him to work as much as possible. My grandfather was tormented on crude cotton fields of the South, held down on hands and legs. Once fetters all the same have removed, and Nero has again dared to run away. This time the owner of a plantation himself has headed search group and has appointed the award to the one who will catch Nero. He was afraid, that other slaves will follow his example if he will not catch it him. And when he has really tracked down Nero, he has taken a heated chimney nipper and squeezed his nose with them until Nero has fallen without feelings. He has left my grandfather to lay on the ground because thought, that Nero was dead. But he was so strong, that has gone through also this awful punishment! But scars of the burn have remained with him up to the end of his days.

    For the time, that Nero has lived on a plantation in Louisiana, he had 6 children born from his girlfriend. Later he married an Indian Chostaw – well, she was an Indian only on 3/4 – my grandmother Emmaline. Probably, his life with my grandmother was some kind of a refuge from awful working conditions, and those who has enthralled him, could only be jelous at harmonies of his marriage and home life. They did not need many money to be happy because they loved each other. Emmaline was from Louisiana, she has gone to her mother slightly yellowish color of a skin.
    When the president Lincoln released slaves on May, 31, 1865 Nero’s situation got better. At last he could earn for a life adequately – selling the Indian medicines. With time he became famous because he has cured hundreds of people. His abilities of the sorcerer became widely known, and people came from far away so he’d he help them.
    Grandfather Nero conducted a simple life and has saved so much money, that he and my grandmother could get a farm in Sunnyvale in Missisippy. He has paid with cach for 120 hectares of the fertile ground. There Nero and Emmaline had 15 children (and in general Nero had 21 children). My grandfather, grandmother and all their huge clan was fed from this ground where they planted corn, tomatoes, other vegetables, held chickens, pigs and cows.
    Nero then frequently wandered in the woods to collect grasses. From roots and other parts he made broth, spilled it in bottles and gave it to the patients to drink, he made also ointments of various wood grasses. With this things he treated Indians and former slaves, and they paid for it to him with what they could.

    Nero also liked to sing and frequently executed old military dances of Chostaw. Once Saturday evening the sheriff and his people have blocked with ropes the street on which he danced, and have tried to arrest him for infringement of a public order, but Nero has felt danger. He has jumped on the horse, has elegantly jumped through an obstacle and has escaped. After that the sheriff has left him alone.
    When children Nero and Emmaline have grown and have created their own families, he has invited the children of his younger brother William to his farm, among them was also my senior cousin Rufus. Rufus has somehow told to me, he should be given more attention to grasses with which the grandfather treated illnesses. But he then was still a child and as many children, did not think of as far as valuable can be knowledge of ancestors.
    When Rufus was 4, Nero’s wife has died. In the meantime Nero too became old and weak, and since he could not look after the farm as earlier, he had to buy some things from one white man by the name Eroy. He spent the small amounts of money, but the Eroy very carefully conducted the accounts. Rufus was then still a child; the only thing, that he has noticed is that Nero becomes weaker. And it caused Nero to hand over to Eroy, for on storage some important papers so he could keep them for him. In the end eroy managed – the way Rufus and I have guessed later – to appropriate documents on owning of the farm, ostensibly as debt payments which Nero owned him.

    That’s how our family has lost all rights on this fertile ground where hundreds peach and pear trees which my relatives carefully looked after, grew. When later Rufus and I have have found out, that there, under the ground were huge oil fields, we have simply lost gift of speech since the rent for the right of drilling already then made to 1,2 million dollars. Meanwhile the deposit should cost at least good 100 million.
    The last years of his life Nero lived on the farm alone, because William and Rufus have again left home. He has died in 1924, long before my birth. My father Samuel, lived back than in Arkansas where he has found work, he has found out about death of the father too late and couldn’t come to funeral. My uncle Sam has arrived from Oklahoma to participate in it, and other son of the grandfather, my uncle Esco too had come there. My father was Nero’s younger son. He had a twin sister Janey D. Hall.
    My great-grandmother on the part of mother – Mattie Daniel. Mattie was born in 1864. Her mother, handicaped, was the daughter of the planter, father – the slave on a plantation of her father. Despite of protests of mother, Mattie has been sold to other family because the planter did not like that her father was black. When I was young, Mattie’s history set me thinking. If I had children, I thought, I would not lower eyes from them and wouldn’t allow anybody to take them away from me.
    Anyway, Mattie never could enjoy a life of society, as her mother. As well as Nero, my great-grandfather on the part of mother was the slave collecting a cotton. Mattie was married 2 times and had 17 children. One of her daughters was my grandmother, another – my cousin grandmother Verna.

    Nero was a respectable person due to doctoring abilities and also because at he owned a ground, that during this time was unusual to the former slave. As to business qualities, my father has gone to him, he too was respected, mainly for good education. Samuel studied 9 years in Alcorn College in Mississipi and when he was 24, he already were Bachelor and Master Degree, that on a boundary of centuries was a rarity for the young man from minority .
    After final examinations he has found out, that in Ashley Country, Arkansas, there’s an empty palce of a teacher. He walked there 200 km from Mississipi to participate in competition on this place, and has received it.
    Earlier in a province, in initial and the higher school only one teacher taught. Professor Jackson as he was named, had 2 especially clever schoolgirls to whom he from the very beginning has paid attention – sisters King. One them them, Chrystal – bright individuality, with a dazzling smile and loud laughter. When she was 16 years, he married her. It was my mother.
    In a small town where I lived, everybody loved my family. We spent our free time at home or in church and since Dad has been well educated, neighbours admired him. And we always had friends.

  461. 18091992

    Here you can find about Joe Jackson ancectors.


  462. 18091992

    Michael’s grandad (Katherine’s father Prince) was listed in the 1910 census as mulatto. And his (Prince’s) parents were listed as mulatto too.


    Mulatto – is a person who has one white parent and one black parent, isn’t it? Or two mulatto parents

  463. lilkunta(reply to 18091992)

    18091992 : Umm, It is 2009. Please STOP using the word mulatto. The correct term is multi ethinic. No it isnt multiracial as there is only 1 race: HUMAN.

    Michael Jr & Paris are 50% Anglo from their mother deborah so there wasnt ever any question. Prince is the 1 we dont know about. MJ claims the donor egg was Afr Am, but that is doubted.

    Grandfather Prince Scruzse ( Kat’s dad) ‘s genes are perhaps where Kat & daughter Latoya get their complextion from. Latoya also messed herself up w cosmetic surgery but as a child she was light too.

  464. lilkunta

    Stop posting this!

  465. 18091992

    Joe Jackson in his autobiography writes

    Soon Katherine has given birth to one more girl. She weighed more than 12 pounds, our biggest newborn. Her hair cast red, and the face looked somehow Asian. Probably, the blood of our American Indian ancestors has showed up. Anyway, we have named her La Toya because it sounded a little on the East way.

    And La Toya in her book writes that when Joe Jackson was young his hair had reddish tone too.

  466. 18091992

    In Brazil word mulatto doesn’t sound racist. It means that man is mixed with black and white, i. e. she/he is two ethnic. I understand that in USA the term mulatto doesn’t use anymore. But I have to remind that most of black americans are mixed (someone more someone less, but most are mixed).
    I didn’t want insult anyone.

  467. 18091992

    JoeJackson has greenish-gray eyes

    Marlon’s grandchildren Noah and Sophia are white-looking with fair skin, eyes and hair

    They are Valencia’s children

  468. 18091992

    From La Toya’s book

    Joseph was the eldest of their three boys and one girl. His sexy smile, distinctive, sharply arched eyebrows, light reddish hair, and emerald eyes made him a ”catch”, as they say. But although girls threw themselves at him constantly, he wasn’t interested

  469. lilkunta

    @ 18091992
    “Anyway, we have named her La Toya because it sounded a little on the East way. ” . . .
    A little what? This doesnt explain why she was named Latoya. If it was bc she looked asian or had red hair why wasntr she named Ruby or named for an asian country? Why not named her for a native people tribe?

    Seriously, please stop all these posts on the ethnicity of the jacksons. Marlon’s grandkids may be light or anglo die to their father. Is Valencia’s husband anglo or asian or afrAm?

    & you actually read joe’s and latoya jackson’s autobios? WHY?

  470. 18091992

    From Katherine Jackson’s book

    As I watched Joe mingle outside the building where the dance was being held, I had to agree. He was with a bunch of kids, but to me he stood head and shoulders above the others. He was so handsome with his gray eyes and copper-colored skin, in fact, that he literally took my breath away. I had no idea whether he played the saxophone, and I didn’t care.

  471. 18091992


    Without knowing ethnicity of the person we can’t understand why Michael and many black americans have white-looking children with white partners. It is possible ONLY if there is white in their’s gene pool.

    Michael Jackson genetically is only PARTLY black. Having indian and white predecessors on both his father’s and mother’s side is far from being “pure” african.
    Debbie Rowe is white Don’t forget this !. Plus Michael’s family is white mixed. So their is white genes on his side too. The combination of Debbies white genes and the white genes in Michael produced white-looking children. There are much more Caucasian gene in Prince and Paris(more than half). And there are too little african gene in Prince and Paris to look black or bi-racial. They have to look white.
    If Michael had black wife and their’s children was white-looking it would be questionable. But Debbie is white.

    Sorry for my english

  472. 18091992


    Kids name:

    Blanket is nickname of Prince II

  473. lilkunta

    The birth certificate for the 1st son says MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON JR. Mike Jr is his name, Prince is his nickname.

    But since ‘prince’ is the 2nd son’s legal name, I think the sons should be called Mike Jr and Prince. Stop this “blanket” bullshit!

    Seriously, PLEASE STOP
    PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP please stop all these posts on the ethnicity of the jacksons.

  474. 18091992

    Prince’s name is PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON, JR.


  475. 18091992

    The King Of Pop And His Little Prince
    OK Magazine Part 1
    OK: Michael, how does it feel to be a father?
    Michael: It was an incredibly joyful experience. I’m in bliss 24 hours a day.
    OK: Can you talk us through the birth of your son?
    Michael: It’s hard to take step by step, but the snapshots in my mind from the birth show our excitement and nervousness. Debbie was so strong throughout the delivery. There were shouts of joy when the baby was born. I couldn’t believe the miracle I had witnessed. It was unbelievable!
    OK: Michael, describe the relationship between you and Debbie.
    Michael: Debbie and I love eachother for all the reasons you will never see on stage or in pictures. I feel for the beautiful, unpretentious, giving person that she is, and she fell for me, just being me.
    OK: Debbie, what are your current feelings for Michael?
    Debbie: I love him even more now then before our son was born. Fatherhood has brought out a very protective streak in him. He is so loving and strong.
    OK: What is the boy’s name? Why is he so named, and which of you does he look like the most?
    Michael: His name is Prince Michael Junior. My grandfather and Great-grandfather were both named Prince, so we have carried on that tradition, and now we have a third Prince in the family.

    OK Magazine Part 2
    OK: Michael, what are your hopes for Prince Michael Junior’s future?
    Michael: I want him to grow up being surrounded by love and family, to recieve the best education I can provide him with, to discover and develop his talents, and to use his resources to make life better for those less fortunate than he.

  476. Peterpuffer

    I am sure that not only MJ’s kids are white, but MJ is white himself… only painted black.

  477. lilkunta ( 18091992 ) )

    Hey 18091992
    Seriously, PLEASE STOP.
    It is a new year. Pleaase if you do not have tangible things that are YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, please post nothing at all.
    Happy New Year, it is 2010!

  478. 18091992

    Joe Jackson has light eyes. Debbie is light eyed. So Paris is light eyed too.

  479. 18091992

    Equus2011 WRITES
    July 1, 2009 at 11:10 pm
    @18091992: then why did his brother’s kids come out looking biracial if there is so little black in their gene pool? his brother’s had kids with white women yet the kids came out atleast with some jackson features. and your right, like it or not they are seen as his kids, even if they’re not biologically his.
    we should stop the debate now, he’s not biologically their father end of the debate.


    Pebbie Jackson’s husband Nathaniel Brown is black

    Jackie Jackson’s wife Enid Spann is half Korean half black

    Tito’s wife Delores “Dee Dee” Martez is from Dominican Republic (Latino or half black half Latino)

    Jarmaine Jackson’s first wife Hazel Gordy is black

    Jarmaine Jackson’s common-law wife Margaret Maldonado is half italian (from mother’s side) and half Mexican (from father’s side)

    Jarmaine Jackson’s wife Alejandra Oaziaza (Loaiza) is Latino from Colombia
    (Jarmaine Jackson and his last wife Halima Rashid have no children)

    Randy Jackson’s wife Eliza Shaffe is Persian

    Randy Jackson’s wife Alejandra Oaziaza (Loaiza) is Latino from Colombia

    Marlon Jackson’s wife Carol Parker is black

    Michael Jackson’s wife Debbie Rowe is white


  480. lilkunta

    Seriously, PLEASE STOP
    PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP please stop all these posts on the ethnicity of the jacksons.

    The kids are named Michael Jr, Paris, & Prince. There are multiple errors in Mj’s wills. But the birth certificates dont lie.

  481. 18091992

    What’s wrong with the ethnicity of the jacksons?

  482. 18091992

    Michael in interiew says HIMSELF

    The King Of Pop And His Little Prince
    OK Magazine Part 1 – 1997

    Michael: His name is PRINCE MICHAEL JUNIOR. My grandfather and Great-grandfather were both named Prince, so we have carried on that tradition, and now we have a third Prince in the family.

  483. 18091992

    In TV Guide Interview (Nov 2001) Michael says

    MJ: Yeah. How can they go into society? HE’S PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON. She’s Paris Katherine Michael Jackson. It would be too difficult.

  484. 18091992

    If you listened to that big interview Michael had about 8 years ago (Living With Michael Jackson) you would hear him tell the interviewer that he has Indian in his family. He mentioned the trademark “high Indian cheekbones” which Michael does have. And all his family. He also said his father (Joe) had blue eyes which he does.

    We gotta look at facts here. Michael is not fully black himself. Basically African-American Michael is really African/Native-American/European Michael. The only way anyone of African ancestry is going to have kids that look white that is if they are mixed themselves.

    Debbie passed down half of hers white genes from her to Prince and Paris and Michael passed down half of his african, indian and white genes from him to Prince and Paris. There is African gene in Debbie’s and Michael’s children but the percentage of African genes to White or Caucasian genes is substantially lower in percentage.

    Prince was born with dark hair. MJ bleached his hair in order to disguise him a bit. Prince has beautiful big brown eyes just like his father Michael. And Michael has got them from black ancestry. That is clear as day. And Why people say there is no visible black features, I don’t understand. And Prince’ nose is not as thin as Debbie’s and Paris’ noses. Prince’ nose is wider than Debbie’s and Paris’ noses but thinner than Michael’s. His nose is in the middle between Debbie’s thin nose and Michael’s wide nose. Prince looks like his father Michael and even Michael’s granddad from Joe’s side Samuel. It is very strange that people say Prince resemble Debbie. They have nothing in common.

    Paris has light eyes because her mother has light eyes and Joe Jackson has light eyes so Michael carry on one light-eyed gene in him. Paris has got her curly hair from Michael. Her hair for the most part is straightened. She resembles Debbie in the face.

    And the skin color of Prince and Paris is not so light. They are a little bit darker (yellowish). And Prince and Paris have brown hair, not blond swedish-like and never was. Debbie has light-brown or brownish-blond hair. She is not black-haired.

    And though Prince and Paris has got some their features from black ancestry, on the whole they don’t look black or mulattoish. It’s impossible.

    The third who we know as Blanket is from a different mother who Michael says was Black but he claims she was a light skinned black (interview Living With Michael Jackson). And Blanket is the image of Michael.

  485. lilkunta

    180: I never disputed that the 2nd son/youngest child was named Prince. The kids are names Michael jr, Paris, & Prince. You, the tv, the print media, etc need to stop calling him Blanket.

  486. 18091992


    Michael says HIMSELF in 1997 and 2001 that name of his first kid is PRINCE MICHAEL JUNIOR.
    Why don’t you believe him?

  487. 18091992

    Nickname Blanket is given to Prince II by Michael himself. See Living with Michael Jackson interview

  488. lilkunta

    Bc MJ was doped up on many many drugs so he wasnt coherant. The kids birth certificates says Michael, Paris, & Prince.

    MJ’s nickname from his mean Dad was “big nose” & “crater face” & you dont hear us calling MJ that.

    Lastly, thanks for stopping the book excerpt posts & posts on ethnicity.

  489. 18091992

    The kids birth certificates knoy nothing

  490. 18091992

    lilkunta Do you think that Michael was on drugs when he gave those interviews in 1997 and 2001? And Deddie was on drugs too? And all Michael’s siblings call the first kid Prince. Are they on drugs too?

    It’s not good argument. Michael said 1997 «His name is Prince Michael Junior. My grandfather and Great-grandfather were both named Prince, so we have carried on that tradition, and now we have a third Prince in the family.»

    The kids birth certificates know nothing about it

  491. lilkunta

    Just when I think we have made progress you back track. The birth certificates DO know about it. That is their legal name. MJ & Debbie may have called them the nicknames Prince & Blanket, but that wont be on their license,nor passport.

    Mike Jr, Paris & Prince are the kids.

  492. lilkunta ( 18091992 )

    The kids are named Michael, Paris, & Prince.
    These are their legal names, these are the name on all their documents: passport, father’s will, all court documents, etc.

    As far as you calling MJ FrAm/Indian/European COME ON. AfrAm needs to STOP diluting their ancestry. The cheekbones Michael says are Indian are not Indian.