Black on Black Love

A white friend sent me the link to a very interesting blog recently.  It’s called (That photos is from their site).  It’s fairly accurate (from what I can tell, anyway), enlightening, and funny.  The author calls it “a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like”.  I think it leans a bit toward yuppies, but it’s interesting none-the-less.

I liked it so much…I’m developing a site dedicated to stuff Black people love.  I didn’t think “like” was strong enough when it comes to Black Folk.  We love and we love hard.  Check it out.


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4 responses to “Black on Black Love

  1. I went to the new site, so far it looks good … but I’m worried … very worried. The Jheri Curl is cool, but if I see watermelon, chicken (actually … I really do love chicken), grits, chitlings, crack, or anything on the long list of OVERLY black and stereotypical … I’m calling Al!

  2. SBM, you’re going to have to call Al because Black Folk love grits, chitterlings, watermelon, etc. If I can’t talk about those things too, what’s the use?

  3. yvonnjanae

    Those things are delicious …

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