Hillary’s Dream, My Nightmare

hillary’s dream

LOL LOL LOL!  Don’t blame me…I’m just the messenger!!!


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2 responses to “Hillary’s Dream, My Nightmare

  1. Lucem ferre

    A picture is worth a thousand words, someone once said, and they were right. But what words are most likely to represent this picture? Driving Miss Daisy or Bonnie and Clyde or Harold and Maude or Thelma and Louise or…? I think I understand or at least see the message one is hoping to reveal in this picture but aside from Bill’s awkward and hidden to most Whites racist comments a few weeks ago, I fail to see a clear enough picture of Hillary’s racism. If Bill were in the back seat I’d agree with the inference but his wife is less likely to be caught up in that crap and not as skilled at trying to get away with it as her fake husband, the same husband that swooned 90% of the Black people of this country for the past 15 years.

    Sometimes we need to look at ourselves rather closely before we can see others.

    I like Obama to win it all but I was sure he wouldn’t even come out of the primary. I based that on my belief that the south is still the south and even White Democrats will prove to be afraid of having a Black president. After all, it was only 40 years ago that they were called Dixicrats. but now I have to re-evaluate why I thought this and learn from the new paradigm.

    Isn’t life great? A Black man as president. What will that say about us all and how will we all respond to that?

  2. LoL…I wish it was Bonnie and Clyde.

    “my belief that the south is still the south”…think “stay in your place” when you think of this image. Sure, Barack can drive the car, but who would be in control in this picture. Barack is not staying in his place, thus the problem, the rub, for all who wish to limit what a black man can do in America. A Black man can be President. It’s the idea of a “Black President” which is limiting. The president of these United States is just that…the President. No racial classification should be needed. The same is true for women. “The Female President” is not an inclusive or accurate title for all that a woman in office would be.

    However, with what Hillary has been saying about Barack lately…she might like this photo

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