Tavis vs. Obama: If you don’t have anything good to say…

Barack turned down an invitation from Tavis Smiley to attend the “State of the Black Union 2008” conference on Feb. 23 in New Orleans – and all hell has broken loose. This drama is all over black radio, with Smiley addressing the situation on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”.

It all started when Sen. Obama sent a letter to Smiley explaining that his hectic campaign schedule in advance of critical primaries in the coming weeks will not allow him to make the annual conference, but Michelle Obama would attend in his place.  Smiley wasn’t having that.”I believe this is a critical miscalculation and a missed opportunity,” Smiley reiterated Thursday on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.”

Furthermore, Smiley says he was never contacted by the Obama camp with an offer to send Michelle Obama to the conference.  “It never happened,” Smiley said. “No letter, no fax, no e-mail, no phone call, no document whatsoever to my office ever regarding Michelle Obama. She was never offered, it was never discussed.”

      Smiley said he would’ve respectfully declined the Michelle Obama offer anyway.  “Just as we would have declined had Hillary Clinton offered Bill Clinton, had John McCain offered Cindy McCain, had Mike Huckabee suggested Janet Huckabee,” Smiley said.

      Meanwhile, Michelle Obama appeared on the “Michael Baisden Show” to address Smiley’s comments and explain her husband’s decision to remain on the campaign trail. “We believe in what Tavis has been doing and are obviously supportive, but as people know, we’re at a critical juncture in this bid for Barack to become the next President of the United States. He’s in a position that no one could’ve ever anticipated. But it’s not over, and every single vote and every delegate is going to count. That’s why Barack has made the decision to spend every minute that he has trying to reach voters who don’t know him in states that have still remaining primaries.”-EurWeb.com

Come on TAVIS!!!  You know Obama is in a fight, especially in TX.  He’s sending his wife in his stead…is she not good enough?  Sure, he says he didn’t get the message, but there is a thing called human error, and I’m sure that Tavis doesn’t answer all the phone calls in his office or open all of his own mail.  He’s an important “negro leader”, right? 🙂  This is just silly.  I’d rather he campaign hard and get the Presidency in the end.  Then, you can invite the First Black President to “State of the Black Union 2009”.


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14 responses to “Tavis vs. Obama: If you don’t have anything good to say…

  1. Lucem ferre

    Some people really believe they are more important than they are. I like Smiley but for him to call the Obama snub a “critical miscalculation” is rediculous. And who is he to decline Michelle or Bill Clinton? Does he really believe he has that luxury or that he is that important a figure? Sorry Smiley, you’re not.

  2. angelicious

    Barack needs all of the support that he can get right now! Tavis needs to quit, These comments and conflict stirred up in the African-American community can be devisive. Obama has to walk a fine line right now; first not to alienate people of other races and second to continue to embrace the African-American people with which he identifies. HE’S ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL! Give the guy a break!

  3. scorpio sista

    Yes Smiley does need to quit!! We need to support Obama as much as possible..Michelle Obama is “his right hand man”…why would Smiley decline the offer…Please, give him a break…it’s bad enough Bob Johnson was on his back…now you Smiley!!

  4. Angela Marie

    It is very simple. Tavis is displaying crab mentality that is notorious amongst our race. People are watching. Just as Mr. Smiley feel what he is doing with the state of the black union is crucial, Senator Obama has to chart his course for what he believe will get his job done. Tavis, all day every day in my office, memos are lost, emails get looked at and logged in late, letters don’t reach there intended destinations over and over. Get a grip on reality. Or is it hard to do since Barack was on Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden and you feel personally slighted? Forgive the senator and the amercian public will forgive your critical miscalcuation and missed opportunity to apologize to us and the Obama family.

  5. lovelymurrell

    I have been reading about this all over the web and I think Tavis is the one who miscalculated. I live in Texas and I for one am glad that Obama is not hanging out with Tavis and Cornel when he should be on the campaign trail. The only reason why Hillary is going to the SOTBU is because she has fence mending to do. Well Obama has a
    nomination to win and he cant do that stroking Tavis’ ego.

  6. Keebee

    Tavis needs to get over himself. Who does he think he is? Obama has too much going on to worry about some foolishness. Get over it, stop trying to derail the campaign trail. Obama needs to work on us here in TX and we need not to let measly stuff like that hinder what’s really important. Tavis is the one looking silly in this whole mess. Move on.

  7. Tavis Smiley needs to realize that no one gives creedance to his point of view. He is overrated and just an opinionated fart. I second KeeBee Smileys does need to get over himself. Tavis adn Tom Joyner need to realize the ligth on them is dimming and they are fading into obscurity.

  8. Jan

    It is Tavis that is making a “critical miscalculation.”

    He should be grateful that Michelle is taking time out of her very busy schedule as a campaigner and a working woman with a young family, and it would be totally understandable if she too has higher priorities than to get on a show with someone suffering from a swollen ego.

    Geez, the #1 problem in the world is masses of people each of whom suffers from the ignorant delusion that they are the center of the universe. No wonder Galileo was so reviled when he spoke the truth.

  9. Lynch St. University For Obama (Jxn, MS)

    As a 22 year old college student in Mississippi, I believe Tavis should really give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt. For heavens sake, this man is trying to win the nomination for the President of the United States. He cannot be everywhere at all times. “In Our Lifetime” This is the text that is on the cover of Ebony magazine this month. I never remotely believed that I would experience the feeling of having an African American truly vying for the highest office in the land this soon in my life. As a black male, Barack gives me hope and inspiration that I can accomplish anything in my life. Jesus has blessed this man to help bring us together. And as black folk, we need to get off our butts, stop complaining, work harder, and help to put this man in office by voting and taking our rightful place in society. “No Excuses, Just Results for my People”

  10. SuJay

    Go Barack! Tavis, you’ve really lost it. Barack is running for the Presidency of the United States, not the Neilsen ratings. Tavis, you should be supporting Barack, not trying to tear him down. Get Over It!

  11. Laylah

    Today I found a reference to this “story” on Huffington Post, and have, unfortunately, followed it to the Star Telegram (Dallas), this site, and too many others. Mr Smiley has gotten his “15 minutes of fame.” He’s managed to create rifts in the African-American community and has made sure that his very slanted and strongly worded”story” has been splashed all over the internet, print media and on the airwaves for everyone to see.

    Thanks, Mr Smiley, for the nice gift that you’ve given to the Republican Party. They really need it right now.

  12. Scott Robinson

    Unfortunately, we as a people are still ignorant and backwards (wholistically). Most AFRICAN-AMERICANS that support Mr. Obama don’t know what he stands for. The reason that I know this is because I’ve sampled blacks around me, and have come to the conclusion that most don’t know why thier supporting him, and I simply can’t excuse such behavior. It’s really sick. Also, I view us as and unloyal. The Clinton did well by us, in my opinion.

  13. Calvin Woodland

    As a person that used to work as a designer in the auto industry, I’ve seen many of
    Our jobs shipped out of this country thanks to Clinton’s NAFTA agreement.
    During the Clinton administration the incarceration of Black men took a tremendous raise.
    Most Blacks are not ignorant to these facts. The Clintons did not do us well.

    To Mr. Scott Robinson please continue to use the internet to educate yourself and others
    To what’s going on in this country and the world and to also find out the real truth on
    Issues that effect all of us.

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