Paul Mooney on Barack Obama, Lil Kim, and Al Sharpton

Paul Mooney stand up routine on Barack Obama and an interview between Paul and JR Valrey (Oakland, CA). Oh Lord, and he tells my favorite joke about a white guy and a genie on a beach!!!!

(7m 59s, mp3, 7.3MB)Download File

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4 responses to “Paul Mooney on Barack Obama, Lil Kim, and Al Sharpton

  1. c

    i listened to this last night and laughed.
    i like Paul Mooney. His comedy style is like storytelling. And it is hard, core issues he attacks with his humor.

    i like what he said regarding comedy giants of the past. i think the question was who, today, is like Richard Pryor. Mooney said no one. He was who he was, it’s been done, it’s the past.

    He’s right, too. There’s no one like Pryor.

  2. viki fox

    paul i been looking for you…fox is in sacramento california email me…….if you don’t remember fox then ask donald stroud maybe he will tell you…waiting for you ….no not at the whiskey a go go door either…lol

  3. Marlo

    Thanks for interview.
    Paul Mooney is a true legendary survivor.
    What a wonderful opportunity we have to hear these recordings.

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