Friday Five: Your Five Favorite Soul Food dishes

Nothing is more a part of our history than our meals.  Soul Food helped us to survive on scraps, feed us at churches before we marched for civil rights, and helped us build businesses.  I has also taken some lives…gotta watch your health, Negroes.  🙂

We are talking main dishes, side dishes, sauces, gravy, dessert, etc.  He’s my list…even though I’m converting to Veganism.  *sigh and a collective “Negro, Please” ring throughout the readers*  LOL

1. Fried Chicken

2. Collard Greens

3. Pound Cake

4. Mac and Cheese

5. Gibblet Gravy

How about you?


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5 responses to “Friday Five: Your Five Favorite Soul Food dishes

  1. Can’t have a top 5 for soul food without ribs! Just can’t.

    Mac and Cheese would be second.

    Cornbread in third.

    After that … who cares … got ribs, macaroni and bread.

  2. Bar-b-que ribs (Pork)
    Collard Greens
    Mac & Cheese
    Sweet Potato Pie
    Dressing (Not Stuffing …. LOL)

    *Honorable Mentions
    Pulled Pork
    Potato Salad
    String Beans or Cabbage with Seasoned with Fat Back or a Ham Hock … LOL (Can’t get that flavor any other way.)
    Fried Fish (No one can fry fish like Black folks)

  3. c

    1. Greens
    2. Smothered cabbage
    3. Blackeyed peas
    4. Chicken Gumbo
    5. Peach Cobbler

    Now i’m hungry!

  4. FoxyScholar

    Well “Negro, please” to me as well ’cause I’m two weeks into a vegetarian diet…. I don’t miss the animal flesh…. LOL!

    Fried/baked chicken

    Turnip & mustard greens

    Jiffy corn bread (don’t take my black card but I don’t like the skillet bread or whatever it’s called! LOL!)

    Fried corn (not my fave but I don’t each that much soul food….)

    Banana pudding

  5. yvonnjanae

    Stop! Stop! I’m starving!

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