Hillary at the Black State of the Union

I SO wanted to see her have to go toe to toe with Sharpton and Farrakhan. Oh, Tavis, you PUNK! LOL

Hillary left her campaigning duties to take advantage of the drama Tavis created around his “Black State of the Union” event in New Orleans (Obama won Louisiana’s primary by a margin of 57 percent to 36 percent by the way). She had to defend her husband’s civil rights record, discuss why he didn’t apologize for slavery during his 1998 trip to Africa, and how he did apologize for the Tuskegee experiment. Wait a min, who is running Hill or Bill? I don’t want to here about him?!?!? Why is she apologizing for him? (Not a good sign…they set you up on that one Hillary. Those Negroes! LOL)

Clinton must win in Ohio and Texas. Honestly, I don’t think that catering to African Americans at this late hour is going to help her. It might actually hurt. Black people know when someone is desparate. So many of us are familiar with desparate circumstances. I personally am not impressed. Barack is winning by appealing to all voters. He is not the Black Vote candidate, like Jesse was back in the day. Most black people agree…you can’t win a presidential election via the Black Vote alone in America in the year 2008.


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2 responses to “Hillary at the Black State of the Union

  1. yvonnjanae

    lol, black folks know when someone is being disparate AND desperate! Hillary is both!

  2. I have an honest question. If whites set up an white college fund, would blacks scream racism? What about WET (white entertainment tv) like BET?

    The only way to stop racism is to start in your own backyard.(this applies to everyone and all races)!

    Just an honest question and something to think about.

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