Video: Hillary’s Fearmongering 3am Attack Ad

Oh Lord…Who DO you want answering the phone???  In his response Obama said that the red phone moment was Iraq and that Clinton, McCain, and Bush all gave the wrong answer.  Good counter!

She must have been mad about this…


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3 responses to “Video: Hillary’s Fearmongering 3am Attack Ad

  1. angelicious

    I’m not sure I liked either of the advertisements. But I am definitely an Obama supporter. I am tired of Billary referring to all of her white house experience. How many other presidents have had previous white house experience before election? The experience argument is getting old…

  2. I, too, am a Hillary supporter. I’ve weighed both platforms and while Obama is “overall eloquent” it’s the “missing” details that cost him my vote. I truly love Obama as a Leader and a Man, I am not convinced he and Michelle are ready for the White House. Nor am I truly convinced that White America is ready for Michelle. While Hillary doesn’t have actual “Presidential Experience” I’d trust that the “bedroom discussion between Billary would have a lot more experience then that of Mobama.” Additionally, I do think it’s interesting that people downplay Michelle’s political aspirations and not see her as possibly being the mastermind.
    And both advertisements are arrogantly absurd.

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