Light Sentencing in Megan Williams Torture Case

Williams family says sentences too light
calls for protest march
by Shaya Tayefe – Chicago Defender

CHARLESTON, W.Va.–The parents of a Black woman who was allegedly tortured by six white men and women in Logan County are lashing out at the county’s prosecutor for not demanding harsher penalties.

Matthew and Carmen Williams held a news conference recently at the First Baptist Church in Charleston to voice their frustration with Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham.

”We were OK with the first two deals that (Abraham) made with Alisha Burton and George Messer, but then he started getting up to plea deals with Karen Burton and Frankie Brewster,” said Carmen Williams, referring to four of the defendants.

”I think they should have gotten, to be honest, life in prison. We were very dissatisfied.” Her 20-year-old daughter MeganWilliams was allegedly held captive at Brewster’s trailer in Big Creek for days last summer, forced to eat feces, sexually assaulted and stabbed.

MeganWilliams was rescued Sept. 8 after an anonymous caller alerted deputies. Karen Burton, her daughter Alisha Burton, Brewster and Messer all were initially charged with kidnapping, which carries a maximum life sentence.

Alisha Burton and Messer each pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assault but received 10-year sentences. Karen Burton and Brewster pleaded guilty to lesser charges. ”To me, what’s going on here is a slap in Megan’s face. Not mine, but Megan’s.

They promised her one thing, and then destroyed it,” Matthew Williams said before breaking down into tears and leaving the podium. Abraham said all six defendants were given identical charges before the investigation was complete, and that those charges were never intended to stand throughout the criminal process.

”Each defendant will be held accountable for his or her personal actions in the case,” said Abraham. ”I have and will base all of my decisions on the evidence that the investigation has revealed.” The Williams family said the 49-year-old Brewster’s sentence could be especially light. Brewster pleaded guilty to second-degree sexual assault, which carries a 10- to 25-year prison term.

Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 12. Karen Burton, 46, of Chapmanville, pleaded guilty to malicious wounding, assault and violating Williams’ civil rights. If served consecutively, the charges could result in 30 years in prison.

Karen Burton was the only defendant charged with a hate crime. Felony charges including kidnapping and sexual assault are pending against Brewster’s son, 24-year-old Bobby Brewster of Big Creek and Danny Combs, 20, of Harts.

A seventh defendant, Karen Burton’s son, Linnie Burton Jr., 21, was indicted on a misdemeanor battery charge. At a recent news conference, Abraham was also criticized for not providing consistent information to the family about plea agreements.

”He spoke with my husband maybe half an hour before giving one of them a plea bargain,” Carmen Williams said. Abraham said that, as in all cases, he consulted with the family, by phone or in person, before each plea agreement. He said he planned to meet with the family again Thursday.

”I don’t know why they held a press conference a day before we had a scheduled meeting. They could have spoken to me,” he said. Abraham noted that outside groups, like Washington DC-based Black Lawyers for Justice, and the family have a financial interest in generating publicity about the case.

”I am concerned that the press conference was attended by groups that have endeavored to generate publicity for special interest causes and have in the past acted contrary the best interest of the case,” Abraham said. The Black Lawyers for Justice organized a hate crimes rally in November that generated $5,000 in donations, and the Rev. Al Sharpton publicly gave Carmen Williams $1,000 for MeganWilliams as a Christmas present.

In the past, Abraham and the Williams family have clashed publicly over the family’s presence in the media. Against Abraham’s wishes, the family marched through Charleston on Nov. 3, along with more than 1,000 protesters, to demand that hate crime charges be filed in the case. Abraham filed a guardian ad litem request Nov. 7, calling for a legal guardian to be appointed to protect MeganWilliams’ interests.

He later dropped the request. At the time Abraham said, ”Obviously, if they went back on what they told me, then I could go back to court and file the same motion.” No such motion will be filed, he said later. ”This continued quest for publicity will undoubtedly adversely affect the case.

However, I have provided more than adequate advice against this conduct and will take no further action,” Abraham said. Megan Williams did not attend the news conference. She recently underwent surgery for internal injuries. The Associated Press generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but Williams and her mother, Carmen, agreed to release her name.

Carmen Williams has said she wanted people to know what her daughter had endured. ”Of course, she’ll never get over this, but she’s recovering very well,” Carmen Williams said.


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10 responses to “Light Sentencing in Megan Williams Torture Case

  1. AfroPuff

    This is why we need to become district attorneys and police officers. No one is going to look out for you but you.

  2. Angry White Visitor

    I am so disgusted with this. This poor family deserves better. That poor girl. Most of these people should get life in prison. Amen Afropuff. I don’t want these people to ever get out and these prosecutors and judge. God will get it right some day- that is my only solace.

  3. This saddens and sickens me. I am so fed up with the inequality and blatant misuse of our judicial system. When is this going to CHANGE? I don’t want to see anymore of these stories, they are so prevalent and unrelenting. Over and over and over. You know if this had been some blond haired blued girl, they would have been given life. Every last one of them. Anyone that denies that is living in a fantasy world. I have followed this story and was convinced that justice would prevail. Yet again, it falls flat on it’s face. Justice is not only blind in this country it is also deaf and dumb.
    Shame shame shame

  4. Yea but just think of what the “non-racist” negroes will do to these bad, bad “racist” Whites once they get to the penitentiary? A 10 year sentence is worse than 20 years of hard labor and may even end up equating to the death penalty ala Dahmer.

    Most of America’s prisons are 60-80% negro – these White folks don’t stand a chance.

    BTW, I don’t agree with what they did to the girl. Torturing others is a game that should never be played. But, on the other hand, negroes slaughtering 10-12 Whites each day in America while raping 20-30K White females is something us bad, bad Whites could do without as well.

    Jewish forced diversity and multiculturalism was and is an utter failure. Nations who partake in it will be consumed by it and will eventually die. I think it’s time to sub-divide this nation along racial lines. We’ll let the Aztec warriors take six states, you nice, kind and sweet black folks can take six states and us “racist” Whites will take the rest. What six states do you all want?


  5. Ohhh, comments are moderated LMWAO – well, wonder if mine will show?

  6. I like to let a white racist or two post from time to time. “Makes my teeth white”

  7. You should, you let the black racists post regularly.

    BTW, that’s mighty white of you.

  8. ETA, that has to be one of the strangest things I’ve heard a racist say to me. LOL

  9. Lucme ferre

    the best part about listening to people like expose… is that he/she is tortured every day in this country because he/she can’t change things back, back to the good-ole-days like those prayed for by them good-ole-christians. too bad, too bad.

    hey expose…have you ever read the bible? i’ll bet you have and i’ll bet you’re a good god fearing christian too. i’ll bet you can quote lots of verses that contribute to your point of view and i’d guess that the Ham story is one you like to quote, you know, the son that was cursed by god himself and allegedly moved to africa. that’s how we know he was black right ozone?

    i’ll bet too that you can quote every anti gay, anti woman, anti black, anti communist, anti socialist, anti atheist, anti anything you believe in verse to support all your righteous views, yet your god has forsaken you my son/daughter. your god has apparently turned his back on people like you.

    where is your god my son/daughter? why does he not listen to your cries for segregation. hell, he came around to your way of thinking when that tower of babel was built all those years ago. remember that expozone? god told the multicultural city of people that he was scared that they might build a tower that reached all the way into heaven and because he was so scared of the oneness of those people he decided to strike down the tower and…what? what is next excomfortzone? that’s right, he divided their tongues-split up their language in order to confuse them so that they would what…? that’s right, find it so difficult to communicate and that they would turn on each other, fight each other and kill each other so he, your god, could continue to live in his paradise and not worry about li’ll ole man getting in his face.

    jump forward a few thousand years and guess what bozone? here we go again. we’re building that gosh darn tower again, g-w, which must be pissing your father off, right? so, why hasn’t he heard your prayers and fulfilled your dreams of a segregated American/Babylon? HMMMM! oh well, perhaps he wants you to do his dirty work for him. is that what you are doing, god’s dirty work for him? i’m sure he appreciates your efforts. perhaps you’ll be rewarded but if not, suffer the lord my friend for unlike lot who suffered the lord for no good reason you are suffering the lord for a just and righteous one i’m sure. god bless you man/woman.

  10. the twisted truth of megan williams sept.2007 she got taken from 216 stockton st. no rat dogg human poo no gun no hot eater etc.alot that said happen to megan it did not happen i got her little sister shayla williams she also been abuse by carmen williams and matthrew williams spend all megan s money she did not get a penny out of her money me and my five daugthers help pay her restitution off she was looking at 1-10 years in prison please get back yes we know carmen is no longer with us i do not wish death on nobody we was tryin to get the real justice for megan williams 6145150981 get back please thanks

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