White Woman’s Gang Life Memoir is a FAKE

Margaret Jones wrote about being a half-white, half-native American foster child growing up with black family South LA in her acclaimed memoir “Love and Consequences”. Now she’s been outed as a fake.  She’s really Margaret Seltzer, a private school white girl from Sherman Oaks, CA.  The L.A Times reported that in her deception, she went as far as to gave broadcast interviews about her book voicing a fake tough-girl cadences.  I was browsing through this book on Friday waiting for a friend at Union Station. I thought the cover was sorta OFF (looks like a black grandma with a light-skined black girl).  I did think it might be an interesting read…in paperback. LOL

I love what she admitted to the NY Times
“For whatever reason, I was really torn and I thought it was my opportunity to put a voice to people who people don’t listen to,” Ms. Seltzer said. “I was in a position where at one point people said you should speak for us because nobody else is going to let us in to talk. Maybe it’s an ego thing — I don’t know. I just felt that there was good that I could do and there was no other way that someone would listen to it.”  Oh the great white saviors of the world!  What would we poor colored folk do without them??

Read all about it…


Memoir ‘Love and Consequences’ Revealed as Fiction

Entertainment Weekly – 12 hours ago
Margaret B. Jones admits tale about growing up as a drug dealer in South Central LA is pure fiction (THE NEW YORK TIMES) — The book Love and Consequences,
Fake memoir not going to change book business CNN International
Author Admits Gang Memoir Was Fabricated NPR

The New York Times reports…

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One response to “White Woman’s Gang Life Memoir is a FAKE

  1. Lucem ferre

    I haven’t read the book and probably would not have done so even if it were factual. There are probably a lot of very good books written by legitimate people who grew up in foster care, White, Black, Native American, Bi-Racial and so on, however, my personal pain from my own experiences won’t let me start the read on any of them.

    Foster care is such a twisted, mangled, confusing, scary, imperfect and misunderstood system that to have a fake book written about a fake child living with a fake foster family can only do more harm than good.

    My family, two older brothers, one older sister and me all spent most of our childhoods and youth in children’s homes, foster homes, group homes and the like. Personally, I had at least 17 sets of parents by the time I was 17 years old an my story is much better than that of my beautiful sister who died 4 years ago from Leukemia.

    My demons are alive and well in me and perhaps one day they will win, so I know first hand how hard it is to, not make it like Bill Gates but to survive daily to the point where we can hold down a full-time job, live in the same home for more than a year, date the same girl for more than a year, graduate from school, go to college, get married, have children and be a descent parent and husband. It’s nearly impossible so please forgive me if I don’t have anything nice to say about this or any desire to read the book.

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