There can be no dream ticket…

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said what is just evident. There can be no dream ticket (Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama) and it’s Hillay Clinton’s fault. I’m not blaming Hillary for being in it to win it, however her foresight is rather blury. You can’t in one breath totally discredit your opponent by suggesting the republican nominee would be a better President and then suggest he could be your Vice-President (though Barack’s the one leading in the delegate count!). McCain doesn’t have to campaign against either of them at this point. Hillary’s already done it.


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2 responses to “There can be no dream ticket…

  1. Obama doesn’t need Hil to win, but she needs Obama to win, ie the black vote. She’s burned a bridge she can’t rebuild even with the *cough* first black president *cough* as her hubby.

  2. As I’ve continued to read most political blogs throughout the day, I can only sigh, and dream of the day we (The Democratic Party) got along, and we were dreaming of ruling the free world once again. If the idea of terrorist/suicide voting remains, I don’t think either can pull it off. In some ways, despite his stance on the war, McCain is starting to come across as that old “war hero that can lead our country back to its glory days”. I’m wondering how much of the “leaked” information is coming from either (Obama or Clinton) camp. I won’t disagree with what I’ve heard or read, yet I would like to hear and read the few lines before and after each controversial comments. Additionally, I have to wonder if both are as intelligent as they “appear” why they are both coming across as “desperate” in their own way?

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