Hillary’s problem…

“If Barack Obama were a white man, would we be talking about this as a potential, real problem for Hillary? …If he were a woman of any color, would he be in this position that he’s in? Absolutely not.”

This is the insinuating quote from Geraldine Ferraro, former member of The US House of Representatives and the first and only woman to represent a major US political party as a candidate for Vice-President, that is the current talk around water coolers in America. She was also apart of the finance committee for the Hillary Clinton campaign. One of the greatest offenses I feel regarding this statement is the notion that Hillary Clinton is somehow clearly deserving of the presidency of The United States of America, and Barack Obama is just some “problem” on her way to her predestined appointment. From allowing one of your team members to say such things (reminiscent of what Geraldine said when Jesse Jackson ran for President) as well as demoting the current front-runner in the democratic election by suggesting he be your Vice-President, Hillary has clearly brought to the surface her sense of entitlement. Maybe if Hillary weren’t a woman AND married to Bill Clinton, we wouldn’t be talking about her so much and she may not be in the race for The White House. Truth is, there are a myriad of reasons why people are drawn to different candidates, some political and some otherwise. However, to assume that Obama’s only draw is that he’s black and a man and to think that being a woman and married to former President Bill Clinton has nothing to do with Hillary’s appeal is a bit presumptuous. And what exactly did Geraldine mean when she questioned whether a woman of any color would be in the same position in the race as Barack???

The FULL interview is below. She had a lot to say…

Note: Ferraro: My comment wasn’t racist, it was a fact – Hot off the presses from CNN Political Ticker


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2 responses to “Hillary’s problem…

  1. Lucem ferre

    I’m sorry but if you won’t say it I will. Geraldine is a bitter, mean, desperate older woman who has hitched her failed VP candidacy of 25 years ago to another woman so she can feel the thrill of being a suffragette. The race is on between women and Blacks to see who will be the first. Man, I’d love to hear from some Black women about this because you must be having some split and divided loyalties.

    With Geraldine, we can really see what the taste of power does to the other gender. Never again do I want to hear anyone say that men are this and men are that and that women will rule the world so much better when in charge. (Just a side note here. I like it when women say that God is a women because I ask them to explain how being female has made God any kinder or smarter? The way I see it, God seems to have condemned most of us to hell and God has called for Armageddon, and the God of the Old Testament was ruthless. If that is what a female god will do, then I see no reason to think she is any better than the male ones).

    Okay, back to this. Put power in the hands of most “people” and all the same temptations and evils are likely to follow, whether male or female. Thank you Geraldine, for not apologizing and for showing your bloody teeth, just like a man would.

  2. Ktruth

    We asked that question in the post titled? “Black women, is it more compelling to support Hillary because she’s a woman or Barack because he’s black?”, but no one really bit. I think there are divided loyalties that some are not as comfortable sharing. If Hillary were a black woman, now that may have caused an issue…

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