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Message from Sista…

Hey, aka is looking for contributors.  How do I know?  It’s our newest blog.  LOL  Yes, Hello, Negro’s newest venture is trying not to let the site turn into another “Hot Ghetto Mess” and at the same time foster some discussion about Black popular culture.    The whole stuff(fill in the blank)peoplelike think is trendy right now, but we we want to create something lasting, so that means diverse content.   I thought about it…give it a good 200 posts and you would be hard pressed to find something new to say Black people like that is acutally authentic and genuine.  We don’t just want posts about stuff Black people like, we also want you to write about what black culture is (and what it’s not). Who better to do that than a whole lot of different black folk from different backgrounds.  We’re just starting out so there isn’t much content, but take a look.

If you have a blog and would like to be a regular contributor send a link to your site for review.  If you would just like to submit a post, send it and we’ll review it.  Email:  We will eventually convert this blog into a community blog.


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5 responses to “Contribute to

  1. Ms. ATL

    I would like for someone to write about:

    1) Fashion Shows
    2) Hair Shows
    3) African American Marching Bands (Show Bands)
    4) Fraternities and Sororities
    5) Church

  2. I actually love the site … it’s how I found this page (and why I am now the proud owner of an excellent “Everybody loves a black girl” bag). I’m not sure I’m ready to be a contributor … but I’ll think about it.

  3. Sincerely

    I was really interested in this site after I found the other popular site. I hope this really takes off like the other blog. Check out

  4. frank

    40 oz malt liquor
    chicken box
    white girls
    abercrombie and finch/ slipknot tshirts
    other peoples hair
    intimidating white people
    Final Call and beanpies
    Obama- pretending to know about politics
    believing dreadlocks were invented by rastafarians
    salt,pepper,ketchup,hotsauce,old bay
    the stanky leg

  5. matt

    i hope this site wont end up being hella racist. LOL @ stanky leg by the way

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