Video: Lil Kim vs. the NYPD

Cops gave her a ticket at the gas station, huh.  She is not trying to have drama with the law…I’m extra sure of that.

That ‘s right, Kim! You better call your lawyer girl! If you’re going to be driving a black Lamborghini, you better be able to call a lawyer at the drop of a hat and they get there quick.  That’s called celebrity when you turn something like this into a photo op, I guess.  I wonder if she or her people called Extra.  Where was TMZ on this?  LOL

Thanks to illseed for posting this.

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One response to “Video: Lil Kim vs. the NYPD

  1. man i think it`s all good !
    it would be awesome though if she also had a backstage channel like this one of fiddy:

    he posts loads of stuff live from tours with his mobile phone !!!

    peace !

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