Friday Question: Are those Michael Jackson’s Kids?

I’ve been having a lively discussion with one of our readers, Kelly, about Prince Michael Jackson and whether or not I think Michael Jackson is his father.   If you read the post you will see that I’m tired.  Kelly has made some good points and presented her case well.  So, today’s friday question is….

Do Prince, Blanket, and Paris share any DNA with Michael Jackson?

Kelly has provided a boat load of pics…here’s a few more.
Prince and Paris

Blanket aka Prince Michael II (with their Nanny)


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49 responses to “Friday Question: Are those Michael Jackson’s Kids?

  1. Cassie

    Hello Negro,

    There is no way those two older children are Michael’s. NO WAY!! I consider myself a expert on black people passing ( quite a few @ work) and those children have absolutely no AA features. Sorry. And that little boy that Kelly used as an example, sorry Kelly but he looks like a little mixed boy. Tan or not I knew he had something in him. Michael’s kids……… not so much. LOL

  2. kelly

    because he’s wacko jacko right and he’s not ” man” enough to have kids right.
    just tell me how does jan silva look black? he has stringy blond hair without of hint of curl to it. his nose looks like a little peg nose its not wide and flat.And he has blue eyes. i just don’t see how you can say he looks black. if you just look some of theses other pictures of
    him his skin isn’t that tan and he really looks like a little white boy. he’s cute but he doesn’t look black.
    especially at the ones above Ilona Young, Jarrko and Leander Paes. in fact is the first picture with the woman. he looks like her.

    i guess you don’t think quincy jones daugter rashida is his either.

    i bet if jan silva was michaels child you would swear on your life he couldn’t be his but you will believe that man( his father) who is two shades darker than michael ever was can have a white looking child.

    and how can you say that don’t have any black features i admit paris looks nothing like him she looks like debbie rowe but prince does and his lips look pretty big in that picture above to me

  3. kelly

    And you are not as good as an expert as you think because if you saw me you would NEVER be able to tell i was black (and i not an albino )the only black thing about me is i have kinky ( not nappy) hair but my hair presses out good and it looks bone straight when i press it. i can’t even dance and believe me when i say both of my parents are black . my mother has pictures of me still in the delivery room.

  4. kelly

    look at this picture of prince and michael
    at the top the first one

  5. Cassie

    Kelly you are the same person that thought that little boy you posted didn’t look like he had AA features. I wish that you could send me a picture of yourself so I could point out to you your features. I just saw a white woman who looks just like a white version of my very black grandmother and I KNOW they ain’t related. Looking kind of like someone doesn’t mean thats your kid. Hell most people I know kind of look like their pet dogs after a while.

  6. kelly

    yeah right. what are the chances michael would pick some random white sperm donor and the kid still looked a little like him look at those eyes you know that boy has his eyes

  7. kelly

    tell me what are jan silvas ” black characteristics”, beside his tan skin than any white person can have if they are out in the sun all day long.

  8. kelly

    and you never know that white woman may be related to you

  9. Cassie

    P.S. What the hell did dancing have to do with anything?

  10. kelly

    you know they say black people are suppose to be able to dance. well i have no rthym

  11. Cassie

    Ur right there are lots of white people ‘related’ to me. My great great great grandmother was part white. What does it mean. When it all comes down to it all I’m saying is that I knew that little boy had black in him, whether you believe it or not. And y would it be so odd that the little boy could look like him? I have people asking me all the time am I related to such and such.

  12. Cassie

    Kelly you are saying some real racist sterotypical *ish with that dancing one. Not all black people are able to do something because another person did it. Please miss me on that example

  13. kelly

    you knew jan silva had black in him because I stated it . i i hadn’t said it you would think he was white
    and yes it would be weird. you mean to tell me you don’t think that boy is related to him at all even though he looks like him? So michael just randomly picked a white sperm donor and the kid still came out looking like him. come on the chances of that happening are 1 in a million

    and the dancing thing was a joke.

    and you still haven’t answered all my questions (maybe cause you know i’m right?)

  14. Cassie

    Listen Kelly,

    I knew the little boy was mixed with something because when I saw him on Ellen that was MY OPINION. It had nothing to do with what YOU SAID. YES I believe that people can look like people they aren’t related too. I have adopted cousins who look like they are apart of the family. AND? Please inform me of any questions that I didn’t respond to

  15. Cassie

    Well Kelly,

    Its that time for me. Thanks for helping me pass the time on the way out the door. You have a very wonderful day and beautiful Easter. Feel free to send me responses maybe if I have time over the weekend I will respond. Until then……..

  16. kelly

    thats okay sista cause one day when the kids get older and start going out in public more you will see they are his. I just think it’s awful how would you feel if someone told you your child wasn’t yours just because the child doesn’t look how they want it to look. Its not a good feeling. And it happens to people all the time especially black fathers who have white looking children. and sometimes they even get arrested because someone thought they kidnapped their child

  17. kelly

    heres something for you to read

    read the long article that says ” read this if you are bored” under welcome

  18. kelly

    Its ashame that in the year 2008 people are still so ignorant about something simple like genetics

  19. kelly

    sista to further educate you you should know that michael is not 100% african and i will prove this to you very easily

    If you have ever seen the documentary African american lives they did genetics test on all their celebrity guest. they tested some very dark skinned black people who looked like they were pure african and guess what they weren’t . lets don cheadle

    he looks african doesn’t he. He has played africans in movies. but guess what? he is 19 % european( what the show on youtube if you don’t believe me.

    mow if don cheadle is 19% european tan you know Michael has some european ( and native american)
    in him too

  20. kelly

    example 2 quincy jones

    now quincy and michael were about the same question. and would you believe quincy is only 60% african.

    so that tells me michael might only be around 60 something percent african

  21. yvonnjanae

    How does someone get to be 60 percent something? I’m trying to do the math on that.

    Don’t any of you remember your high school biology class on hybrids? It’s entirely possible Michael and Debbie could have a child that looks totally caucasian like Debbie. Or totally black like Michael. The likelihood that all three kids would look white is very low.

    An Jan Silva does look biracial. Get real.

  22. kelly

    yvonnjanae your first statement was so ignorant it ruined all your credibility. quincy jones is 60% african and 30% european how is that hard to understand.( there are almost no 100% pure african black people in america unless their ancestors immigrated here freely.) And if you have ever seen blanket he does NOT look white. he doesn’t look black but he definitly doesn’t look white he looks hispanic or indian , very exotic and he has dark tan skin.
    (he has michaels eyes too, look at this picture of michael at age three)

    And about the other two i think paris does look ” mixed” she just doesn’t look like michael.he looks like a mixed version of debbie rowe
    (just looks at her hair its curly (and its probably flat ironed when it looks straight) and her skin is kind of a tan color

    Prince looks like michael but he looks white like a white version of little michael

  23. kelly

    hey thats the wrong website heres 3 year old michael

  24. Save the drama!

    can you find something else to prove a point about please? I mean really now!

  25. yvonnjanae

    Again, explain to me how someone becomes 60 percent something. You have two parents. That’s 50 percent and 50 percent. Your parents have two parents, and so on. That’s 25 percent times four. Since I’m so ignorant, explain to me. I really want to know.

  26. yvonnjanae

    And if Quincy Jones is 60 percent African and 30 percent European — what is the other 10 percent?

  27. latorquemada

    You can be any “percentage” — let’s say you have seven black grandparents and one white one, then you are 87.5% black and 12.5% white. If your ancestry is mixed going back, then you can end up with any percentages.

    I have no idea where those Jackson kids came from and I really don’t care, but I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of consistency of complexion in the black families I know. Genetic studies show almost all black Americans are mixed, so it’s really just a roll of the dice which set of genes are expressed in any one person. If Rowe is the mother of two of them, then it’s even more up in the air — I know some biracial families where all the siblings look similar, and others where they all have different skin and hair.

  28. kelly

    okay my bad i meant 60 % african and 40 percent european i’m’s sorry i did the math wrong. i’m an honest person so i can admit when i’m wrong

  29. kelly

    garcelles baby daddy is white with brown hair and blue eyes,

    debbie rowe is pasty white with natural blond hair and blues eyes

  30. I thought Obsession was just a fragrance…

  31. kelly

    its not an obsession i only post when i done with all my other work

  32. MJ fans keep posting pictures of mixed children who are light skin as ‘proof’, but they still have notable features like a wider nose, nappy hair, full lips, etc. Take all of Kelly’s examples for one, lol. Not saying it isn’t possible to come out appearing to be completely white, but for it to happen twice in a row … some MJ fans believe in too many coincidences.

    However, Prince “Blanket” the second, like Daniel (Solange Knowles’ son) has “black” features, despite being very light skinned.

  33. kelly

    none of those other” white” biracial children had nappy or even slightly curly hair. none of their noses were that big either i see little white kids with ” pug” noses all the time. And none of them had full lips. name the children i’ve posted that have a wider nose, nappy hair or full lips.

    And i’m sorry but prince does not look white to me he looks like a mixed boy with a bad dye job. and i think he looks just like little michael the only thing different is his nose is narrower

    paris looks like her mother so you can’t say she isn’t michaels because she doesn’t look like him. because if her father was white she would still look like debbie rowe. and her hair is curly. in some pictures it looks straight. but it could easily be flat ironed. the nanny flat irons her own hair. so i know she knows how to do it. most black women know how to press hair.

  34. kelly

    i really feel sorry for garcelle its sad. black people can have a white looking child but people are so ignorant that when it does happen the child and the parents have to suffer from people constantly asking offensive questions and starring at them in public

  35. kelly

    someone please explain to me how garcelles babies look any blacker than prince

  36. kelly

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people on other discussions use tito kids( 3T) to prove theres no way michael could be the father, just because tito’s kids look stereotypically mixed. But what most people don’t realize is that the mother of titos kids ( dee dee) was not white. in fact she was a very dark skinned hispanic women, she was almost as dark as tito acually.

    heres some pics

    here are some more pics of 3t



    some pics when they were children taj), check out the brown hair) again)

    you can see they look what most people would consider mixed with black and WHITE. but their mother was a dark skinned hispanic woman with thick black hair and dark eyes

    i just wanted to post these because some people think that just because titos kids are darker than michaels kids should be as dark as them. But debbie rowe is pasty white white with blond hair and blue eyes

    i mean really look at her she is probably 100% european with no other ancestry. all children get half their genes from each parent, its obvious the only genes prince and paris could have gotten from her are white genes. michael is mixed just like all black americans and you can tell he’s mixed recently because how else could joe jackson get green eyes eyes unless he has white in him.

    if the white genes michael got met up with debbies genes then the kids could look white!!! its not impossible

  37. kelly

    so this and this

    can make these

    but this

    and this

    can’t make this

  38. kelly

    compare this picture side by side with prince and you will see they look alike

  39. Keebee

    The kids are his-if it’s his DNA or not. Even if he adopted them, they are his. This was very entertaining.

  40. REALLY?

    Sista…The one-liners on this blog site are hilarious. Everyone has contributed at least one gem.

    “I thought Obsession was just a fragrance…”

    Ha, ha, ha…

  41. Really?

    Nothing like a good one liner. lol

  42. REALLY?

    Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but what is “nappy” hair, because it sounds very derogatory? At least in the context kelly uses.


  43. kelly

    yet another example of a very dark skinned black woman with a very light baby

  44. pam

    Kelly, do you have any idea what a DNA test consit of . There was a DNA test done at my job about a year ago, and we as employees sat down with each other and talk about what person in the room we had the most in common with. Two white men sat by each other because they felt that they had the most in common, a chinese girl and a women from thiland sat by each other because they felt that they had the most in common with each other, and the rest of us blacks sat down, because we though we had the most in common, after we did our test and got the results back we found out that both of the white men had more in common with the blacks then they had with each other. the same for the girl in china, she thought that she had more in common with the thiland but she had more in common with the native indians then she did with her own race, DNA has been mixed for generation and you can never say who is mixed and who is not, i have more in common with the white men in our group did i would if i would have been a full breed afrian american. never say that you know something, because science is a mtf, it will make you are break you, so i advise you to go do a dna testing and you might discover a little hidden color gender in your back ground.


    Family Tree

    By : Barbara Delinsky

    Dana and Hugh are white, but their baby, a little girl named for Dana’s mother, clearly has African American characteristics. The trouble is, no one knows where they might have come from.

    great majority of this book is devoted to characters asking themselves and each other “What are we going to do?” and “Why does it matter anyway?” As much as everyone seems to think it shouldn’t make a difference, to most people, it does.

    Good fiction book exploring this very subject and interesting read

  46. BOSS UP!!!!!!

    First of all I came across the web page on a random search for MJ’s children, I must that I can’t believe you guys would actually comment on this mans kids. Flat out you all sound very ignorant to the point that I am ashamed that you all are of my race. Wow Willie Lynch sure succeeded in brainwashing all of you all. What are “Black” features? My entire family, I repeat my entire family is fair and none of our parents or grandparents or their parents are white. My aunt Vanessa has blue eyes and blond hair. All of our noses are thin and my hair comes down to my ass I don’t even need to blow dry it. So due to the rape of our ancestors AA’s today come in many beautiful shades. So to say these aren’t his children strictly due to their skin color is crazy. What I read really made you all sound like some ignorant NIGGAS, and I mean that. I am one of the darkest people in my family and I am so light and tan its ridiculous. Only in America does color matter. If you ever get off line and go travel the world then you would see that people don’t care about color in other countries. My fiance is from Sao Paulo Brazil, he is light tan with blue/grey eyes. With no white in his family he said that the color and the eyes runs in his family, which it does because when I was there his ENTIRE family has blue, grey, or green eyes. So Boss Up people and let’s love Michael for the great artist he is/was and let his memory live on with out all this hate and speculation from his own people.

  47. Equus2011

    I still don’t feel those are his kids. at gabrille’s twins pics, those kids may look white as they were infants, but looking at them now its clear they are of mixed race. all i know is it’s been reported those kids weren’t his. i know its possible for kids to look like one parent, i looked like a mixed child for a large proportion of my childhood, people use to ask me if i was mixed with something, when really both my parents are black. and as far as i know my great great grandfather was labeled as mulatto my other great grandfather was able to pass for white, so that probably played a factor in my skin tone, but i still turned out with black features. i know that not everyone’s case is the same, but those kids are questionable to me, and i don’t think those are his kids. the lady from fresh prince to me had kids that still showed a more black feature, and besides, michael looked fully black, he didn’t resemble a mixed person. if your mixed and you get with someone white well you know what? your kids have a more likely chance in coming out white, but since MJ isn’t directly from his parents mixed, then i don’t know how those kids couldn’t atleast get some curlier hair, or some darker skin. i don’t know if a mixed parent can be used in this situation since they aren’t one color, Gabrillie is and resemble a mostly black person and her kids turned out with some curly hair, and some black features, its clear for them that they’re are obviously mixed. Now MJ resembles and is mostly a typical black amercian with different genes running through his veins, and he is clearly black. how none of those kids resemble even a smidget of black mixed child or a jackson for that matter is strange. until i see a DNA test, i’ll believe those aren’t his kids.

  48. my how the tables have turned

    After seeing this. It looks like Kelly was right and wasnt so crazy after all.

    and no thats not a birthmark

    Ya’ll can preach to me all day long about how black michael was and how his kids aren’t dark enough for you all you want. There is no way in hell Michael just happen to adopt some random white kid and he still came out with Vitiligo. That is Michaels child right there and so are the others. I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe anyway. Both of his boys look like him if you can get past the skin color. His daughter looks like a darker version of her mother.

    And for those who still want to keep spreading the bleaching bullcrap. Michael’s autopsy says he had it. Look it up.

    The media lied on Michael all his life and you negro’s ate it right on up. Michael was our only black star who ever made it to the top with the white mans hero’s elvis and the beatles. That will never happen again. We had him, we treated him like crap and now he’s gone. There will never be another one. Know that.

    I’m with Kelly on this one.

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