Friday Question: Are we back to Amos and Andy?

jim crowThe question for today is…

Are we excepting Step n’ Fetchit, Amos and Andy, big eyed, slack jawed, caricatures of black men from movies and television Willingly? Think about Mr. Brown from Meet the Browns and Flavor Flav before answering. Are we going to see more and more of these types of “characters” in the media?


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3 responses to “Friday Question: Are we back to Amos and Andy?

  1. c

    Sadly, these types of characters are numerous and i wish they weren’t.

    My daughters love to watch Disney’s That’s So Raven. In its beginnings, i thought it was okay. But as the show progressed, the title character became a screechy, blundering caraciture of a young Black woman.

    But on the flip of that, some people feel that Black characters portrayed any other way is false- even Black folks feel this way sometimes. i remember when the Cosby show was on air, people complained that that particular portrayal of the Black family was not “realistic”.

  2. yvonnjanae

    Everyone loves to laugh. Every ethnic group has silly characters. Our problem is a narrowness in the realm of humor. If there were more Cosby families, more Girlfriends, more Everybody Hates Chris, there wouldn’t be a need to flinch over Flavor of Love or Madea. They’d just be part of a healthy mix of comic characters.

  3. I agree. The producers of movies and television focus on what they feel will get the ratings. I’m sure there is much more in the way of comic diversity, but these creative people are pushed to the side for these degrading characters. I’m not sure if things will get better?

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