Lebron as King Kong on the Cover of Vogue

vogue lebron
Photo: NJ.com

I guess Anna Wintour found out there are other black men besides Andre Leon Talley  LOL!  Ok, I thought it was just me until I checked a couple other blogs and did a Google search. Lot’s of folks agree that this month’s Vogue cover featuring Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen looks like an ode to King Kong. Annie Leibovitz shot the photo…she knows better.

Concrete Loop has posted the alternate cover that they didn’t go with. Radar Magazine says:

“While no one questions the historical importance of James’ cover appearance–he’s the first black man ever to be so featured–word in the black blogosphere is that the cover plays into the old stereotype of the black man as a savage in search of a prized white woman. Some have gone so far as to say it evokes the dreaded imagery of King Kong and question the choice of photo when a less highly-charged alternative was available.”


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2 responses to “Lebron as King Kong on the Cover of Vogue

  1. I’ve been commenting on this cover all over the place. So many issues, so far to go, so little time.

  2. Think

    I saw the cover a week or so ago in Walgreens. It stopped me visually in me tracks. Vogue? For women? LeBron on the front cover with gym shorts on and some dusty sneakers carrying a white girl under his arm? Huh?

    Well, LeBron is a young brother trying to get his “money and fame thing on” and he is not sophisticated enough to understand the accute racism and sickness in the fashion world. It is racist to the core!

    How many black people wear all the latest fashions, etc., and pay good money to boot, and yet these white folks who make decesions about who goes on the cover, let alone the photographers who shoot the covers, don’t think enough of black folks to put elegant and sophisticated black folks on their covers? Hmm? And what about black photographers? Where are they on Tyra’s show?

    Even Essence uses white art directors and has white photograpers en masse shooting their covers and inside the book. What really has changed?

    I would not spend one wooden nickel on Vogue and Mr. Talley, well, is just at Vogue taking up space like most black folks on the job with no power.

    Lebron must understand that the road to “being all that” to white folks and being regarded as a marketable clown in the imagination of thite folks is one and the same. But, the hype machine has LeBron believing in this “I am a witness” thing.

    Get your money. Take that money and set up a space in your mansion and let your history and that of this country. Do not let the handlers of white supremacy make a complete fool out of you.

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