The Worst “Moment of Truth” Clip

Karma is a Bitch, Kids! You really don’t want to experience it LIVE on nationals television.

This brother should have known better.


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3 responses to “The Worst “Moment of Truth” Clip

  1. Wow…I don’t watch this show, but the first clip is out of control! I think the concept of this show is crazy…putting people in situations where they are willing to hurt people to win money…

  2. I wanted to go on that show, seriously. I want my ex boyfriend to tell the truth. He was like, hell to the nah… It’s a good show.

  3. Everybody wants to hear the truth, right? The show is very Jerry Springer’esk… Some things should be done in private, and shouldn’t be for everybody. That being said, the show is more than likely staged and everybody knows what’s going on before hand, except the audience who takes it for being reality. Staged reality is the new thing that is making millions, and it should be for entertainment only, but some people are really blurring the lines of reality and entertainment, which I think is the problem with these type of shows.

    @ the end of the day, too many reality shows makes for a dull life. Really, what is your life about if you watch countless hours of what others are doing? Not to say, watching a show here or there, but to get caught up in others reality is kinda weird. Especially the brand of reality they are promoting nowadays…

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