“Typical White Person”

3 words that I wish Obama didn’t utter…”typical white person“.  I can just hear Clinton’s camp laughing with glee.  For those of you who don’t know, Obama called his white grandmother a “typical white person” who has fears about black men on a Philadelphia radio sports program.  Now, I really, really don’t see why people are surprised.  I see why people are running with this story…but I can’t understand why they are surprised.  There are black men that I would not want to run into in a dark alley.  I can admit that, however I don’t stereotype all black men and grab tightly onto my purse when they walk my way.  We all are indoctrinated by television news to fear the black man.  Since the days of D. W. Griffin and “Birth of a Nation”, when the fear of black men ravishing white women caused hundreds to be lynched, this kind of fear has been promoted in America.  Lots of white folks know that they have fears about black men.  This should come as no surprise.

The surprise is that Obama, knowing that he has to win the white vote to be the first black president, is not extra careful and extra sensitive.  All I can say is this…
Speak interview Obama!  You know how to speak interview don’t you!!!  Damn! 


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5 responses to ““Typical White Person”

  1. Yes, he has to be careful. He is under intense scrutiny from both sides. I can’t imagine the pressure.

    Great website!

  2. you’re right…as a politician, he has to be careful in choosing his words…still, it’s hard to hold back the truth and not condemn that stereotyping attitude of some white people…he probably said it somehow at a subconscious level…I think these truths shouldn’t be avoided actually, though they may be harmful when it comes to politics and voting…but blacks and whites should fight together to overcome stereotyping and discrimination…

  3. Yes, it’s important for him to choose his words carefully … but at the same time, I want him to be able to say this kind of thing, this kind of real-and-everybody-knows-it thing. I (naively) want to think that saying these things will force people to have more honest conversations about race and that we’ll be able to keep race from being the sole issue of the Democratic run for president. Yeah, ’cause that will happen. Sure. Right.

  4. Old Pro

    From the context of what he was discussing, I can tell that he did not mean “typical white person” the way I mean it when I say it (yes, I say it). For instance, years ago I used to clean offices in a building in Detroit, and this one particularly nasty lawyer (who used to pick his nose and eat it) would work late and complain about everything. His sense of entitlement was so much that it would not have surprised me if he had insisted that I wipe his ass. I asked one of the older ladies about him once, and she said that “John Jacobs is a typical white person” as if that explained it. These days, when I meet a white person who expects me to act as his personal servant (despite the fact that I am probably better educated than that individual), I think of that booger-eating John Jacobs from the Dime Building (or was it the Guardian Building) and I say “typical white person.” Obama, on the other hand, was simply discussing a characteristic that he felt was typical of people who are unfamiliar with black people and black culture, and such people are, typically, white.

  5. lovelymurrell

    @ old pro
    “I think of that booger-eating John Jacobs from the Dime Building”
    I just want you to know you made me laugh so hard I cried, i’m still cryin’. I am gonna remember your awesome sentence structure the next time I run into a “typical white person” and I’m gonna laugh my ass off instead of getting mad.
    Thank you,

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