So Racist: From Piglet to “Niglet”

I was looking for information on racist comic act “Shirley Q. Liquor” and ran across this info. Oh my! It’s interesting how young white people these days are so comfortable with racist imagery and blackface, to the point where they just post things all over the net. CRAZY.

From Ban Shirley Q. Liquor – University of Alabama student Elizabeth Dennis recently changed her Facebook profile image from Piglet, a Winnie the Pooh character, that was in blackface with one hand holding a watermelon and the other holding a bucket of KFC Fried Chicken, with the word “Niglet” underneath. After it got around that the photo was up she posted a new pic and added the confession “the profile pic was a joke … Sorry if I offended.”

But after looking at all of the photos that she posted of herself in blackface, I am even more disappointed that she was apparently supported by other brothas and sistas to do what she did.

Elizabeth must have missed the big speech yesterday because these photos were up TODAY.

But America’s transcending race and blacks need to get over it. Yeah right!

I wonder what’s the percentage of white college students dressing up in blackface to black college students dressing up in whiteface and then being stupid enough or smart enough, depending on how you look at it, to post the photos on Facebook or Myspace.

Let’s see now… reported on the photos taken last year on the bank of the Red River, where students from the University of Louisiana at Monroe decided to reenact their version of the Jena 6. Then there was Texas’ Tarleton State University and South Carolina’s Clemson University who came under scrutiny after photos posted on the Internet showed Martin Luther King Jr. Day parties with white students dressed to mimic stereotypes of Black people. Mimicked stereotypes included Aunt Jemima and gang members. One student is pictured with his entire body painted in black, while a female padded her buttocks. To add injury to insult, the students also appear to be drinking 40 ounces of malt liquor and eating fried chicken. And although he’s no college student, let’s not forget Charles Knipp’s Shirley Q. Liquor.

And we’re transcending race how again?

Click here to read the whole article and see more photos…but I gotta warn you, it ain’t pretty.


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4 responses to “So Racist: From Piglet to “Niglet”

  1. Oh yeah, feeling real ‘transcendant’ just now.

  2. brandon

    look at the “altered piglet” picture. The page had the “altered piglet” added. The piglet ear crosses the top border boundary. That most likely is not the original web page.

  3. Kicks

    U mad bro?

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