Tavis Smiley Quits The Tom Joyner Morning Show

You know, as much as it may irritate me that it appears that Tavis is throwing a temper tantrum, I am consoled in that there tends to be understanding and overwhelming, unconditional love (unless your Clarence Thomas…there’s hope…I digress) in our community. Tom Joyner is putting out there that the “hate” that Tavis has been experiencing as a result of his gripes against Barack Obama has caused him to quit the show. He is apparently not speaking to black folk for a time like he stopped speaking to his mom (for 2 years) when she made him step down as class president. Tavis didn’t cite this, but this is my interpretation. Some people can only receive compliments and crumble if you criticize them. It seems that he doesn’t get that just like he is respected even though he disagrees with mainstream opinions at times, we still respect him even though he doesn’t agree with a large portion of black folks this time. We still love you Tavis! No one’s asking you to change, but to take some criticism, backed in love. We can certainly disagree lovingly. Don’t take your ball and go home…

By: Tom Joyner

Well, you did it. This isn’t the way you wanted it to happen but it happened anyway. Just like I knew it would.

I got a call from Tavis on yesterday. And he told me he was quitting the show. He told me the reason was that he was tired and has a lot of things going on, and he feels that now is a good time to leave the show.

We all know that isn’ t the real reason he’s leaving the show. The real reason is that he can’t take the hate he’s been getting regarding the Barrack issue—hate from the black people that he loves so much. He needed to feel the love. We all do, whether it’s from our radio audience or from people we know personally. He wasn’t feeling any love so he quit.

A while back he told us that I don’t speak for him. But this morning, since he isn’t here to speak for himself I think it’s my job as a colleague and a friend. And maybe this time, you’ll really listen to me.

Tavis truly loves black people. I tried to tell you that. The hate he’s been getting hurts. He’ll never admit that but it’s true.

And here’s something you may not want to admit. Black people need Tavis. You may not agree with what he has said, but he said it because he has love for black people. I’ll admit that sometimes listening to him was like trying to figure out the Davinci Codes. I’ll also admit that I wanted to Tavis to show a little more love to Barrack Obama and that I was frustrated over his failure to do so. But what Tavis was saying made us think. It had us talking, it has listening to a different point of view, and it was damn good radio.

Tavis on the radio, not saying everything that we want him to say is a lot better than not having Tavis on the radio at all. The Tom Joyner Morning Show without Tavis gives our listeners one less reason to tune in, and in case you don’t know, all of us in radio, and in black radio especially are in a battle for our lives. We need good, controversial, compelling radio and Tavis brought that.

When Tavis put the first Covenant book together, he was on a mission to hold who ever led this nation accountable to black people and to things that were critical to us. At the time, he had no idea that Barrack Obama was going to run for resident. His goal was for EVERY presidential candidate to answer to every covenant in the book during this campaign. He has said all along that he is holding Barrack and all candidates accountable. Dr. King would have done the same thing.

When asked What Would Dr. King want him to do on this campaign, Barrack has said Dr. King would want him to address the issues.

That’s all Tavis was asking of him and I think Dr. King would have been proud of Tavis.

But because Tavis has not come out and said, “I am for Barrack Obama” everybody has started hating on him and threatening him and clowning him and he can’t take it. Those of us who know him well, know that.

If you read his autobiography, “What I Know for Sure,” you know that no matter how deep his love is, if he feels that he’s right, or that you’re wrong, he doesn’t back down. When his mom made him step down from being class president because his grades were slipping, he didn’t speak to her for two years. His own mama, a single parent of eight,! He lived in her house, ate her food while he sat at her table and didn’t say a word to her for two years. All because he didn’t feel the love that his mom was trying to give him.

Tavis said the things he said about Obama because he wants the black people that he loves so much to think. But to most of you, it sounded like hate, and it sounded like that to me, too.

Love or hate, real or perceived, none of it matters now. What matters is that Tavis wants quit the TJMS and that’s real.

I want you to call him, e-mail him, text him, hug him, kiss him, get him in a corner and wrestle him, and tell him how much you love him and appreciate his love for black people. Everyone needs that sometimes, and Tavis needs it right now.


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9 responses to “Tavis Smiley Quits The Tom Joyner Morning Show

  1. lovelymurrell

    Well of course we still love Tavis. I am sure that alot of us were criticising him from a place of respect and at the same time some of us were not.
    He is a journalist and a professional and I am sure he knows this.
    Sometimes you have to pick your battles and maybe he does just need a break for a bit. If that is case I can understand that. get rested and get back in the game.
    Maybe he is “taking his ball and going home”. If thats the case as we all know and he will soon find out he aint the only kid on the street with a ball and the rest of us will start a new game while he is in the house pouting.

  2. ktruth

    Love the analogy! Thanks for the comment.

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  4. Fuzzy Wizzle

    Good riddance! I hope Hillary is answering all of his covenants and being accountable to all black people. I could care less about Tavis “in the pocket of Hillary and corporate America” Smiley. I lost respect for him when he was riding against Barrack. I lost even more respect for him when he tried to sabotage Barrack by inviting him to the black state of the union, knowing that it would polarize him in the eyes of America. Can you imagine the field day that the MSM would have had with clips from the Union? We need to put the pressure on the negro mafia. Michael Nutter, Julian Bond, Charlie “reinstate the draft” Rangle and a host of others are next!

  5. wayco57

    i have never really liked tavis anyway and most of his views i didn’t agree with, but he did talk about things that others wouldn’t talk about,and gave his honest view,and thats all he needed to do was give an honest view and then let us decide if we agree or disagree.he’ll be back,and i hope he will, he showed no fear in his views and he had a certain fire that we need to hear

  6. Derrick

    I am glad to hear Tavis is gone. Its about time he see its not all about him. His commentary are made for some people with PHD’s to understand what he is saying. You need a dictionary to know what hes talking about and some of his commentary, he repeats the sentence as though we are babies. It got to the point that when he came on, my radio went off. Let him go and do his commentary in the Clinton’s troop. He must know by now that Barack is for the human race, not just the black race. Tavis is for Tavis race with his huge ego. I am so glad hes gone, my prayers where answered. We have others that just as qualified as him.

  7. yvonnjanae

    I’ve always respected Tavis, but I can’t say that I’m sad to see him go. If he can’t handle criticism any better than this, perhaps it’s time for him to move on.

  8. Well, this is what happens when Egos’ get in the way of an Eagle!

    It’s amazing how we are so concern about Tavis Smiley when a black man in Long Island New York is fighting for his civil rights that will have an everlasting effect on all black americans.

    TJ, I ask you to devote some time to the John White issue (Google John White and the Miller Place Shooting). Mr. White recently appeared on 20/20. His situation is unbelievable for the year 2008. Now, having made both of you aware…,

    Sorry TJ and Tavis, there are many more important issues that we must deal with in our communities. At this time, we must stay focus and press on and deal with issues destroying our communities so our children will have a chance to have productive lives..

    So, Tavis if you must take your ball and run, then run on. Black America loves you, but we can’t deal with the Ego standing infront of the Eagle!


  9. Kassie…Thanks. We wrote about John White back in December 2007 when it happened…before 20/20. http://hellonegro.com/2007/12/29/jury-convicts-black-man-in-murder-of-white-youth/

    Lots of news to report….whole lot of news. Stuff is happening with black folk everywhere…we try to stay on top of things.

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