Stacy Dash may have a covenant with the devil

How the hell does she look this good at 42 years old?? How? I know black doesn’t crack…but it does age.  I swear she much have a deal, a covenant agreement with Satan himself. You know I wouldn’t usually post a backshot, black men’s magazine picture like this, but dag. Can someone just bottle her DNA and sell it? I’d buy.

stacy dash on the cover of king


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4 responses to “Stacy Dash may have a covenant with the devil

  1. Crops

    Thanks, aint passed a newstand in a while.

  2. Keebee

    Man, I wish I could afford to be placed on a magazine and airbrushed.

  3. c

    She’s older than i am and i look like her grandmama. 😦

  4. Well, she looked amazing when she was in her 20s. She was in her 30s I think when she was in “Clueless.” She obviously takes care of that body. Women like Stacy, Angela and Halle make me look forward to aging. I know magazine photos are edited to death but candids are not. They look FABULOUS and I feel bad for skipping my morning run right now.

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