Kentucky Congresman sorry for calling Obama “that boy”

Kentucky Republican Congressman Geoff Davis apologized to Democrat Barack Obama after referring to him as a “boy.”

At a Republican gathering Saturday in Kentucky, Davis said, “That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button.”

Davis said Monday it was “a poor choice of words” while discussing national security issues. He sent a letter of apology to Obama, asking for forgiveness.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton called the comment a “condescending and personal attack” on the first African-American presidential candidate to be a leading contender.

Source: NY Daily News/Association Press


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2 responses to “Kentucky Congresman sorry for calling Obama “that boy”

  1. c

    i am shaking my head because it’s the same, same thing all the time.

  2. Whoa (seems I’m often reacting to your posts this way)! Unreal … and yet so real. I’m tired.

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