Steve Harvey…shirtless and bald

steve harvey shirtless

I’m blind.  No, no…let me give him some credit.  It really could have been worse.  He’s 50 yr old…I give him a pass.  The cast of The Steve Harvey Morning Show are going topless for “Take Off Your Shirt” Campaign.  I can’t find any information on the Campaign and  I really thought these were photoshop’d at first.  See more photos here.

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One response to “Steve Harvey…shirtless and bald

  1. Cami B

    WTF! I do believe, I have never heard any woman young or old say that they thought Steve Harvey was sexy. Not everybody is sexy in the general sense. And some people just need to stick to what they do best, he’s one of them. Steve!!! Do us all a favor, stick to telling jokes you are not a sex symbol and at 50+ you are probably never going to be. Good grief…

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