We should have went hard like this about Imus: Chinese protest CNN

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times
More than 1,000 ethnic Chinese protesters gathered along Sunset Blvd near N Cahuenga Blvd shouting “Liar” in front of CNN’s Los Angeles office, demanding a “sincere apology” from political commentator Jack Cafferty for calling Chinese “goons and thugs” on the air last week. Haven’t these media figure heads learned anything. OH, sorry…I forgot. They don’t really face any REAL, lasting circumstances. They just take a vacation from being on the radio, on TV, whatever…then they are back on the air.
Hello Negro says: “Go Hard, Chinese people. Represent your set!”


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3 responses to “We should have went hard like this about Imus: Chinese protest CNN

  1. You mean to say that you are on the side of a people who substitute poisons for wholesome ingredients in such items as pet food and cough syrup (200 humans dead in Guatemala last year from this), who suppress and murder millions of their own people (“Cultural Revolution”) and continue to do so (Tibet) *aren’t* thugs and goons?

  2. lovelymurrell

    Hey xylol
    I think those folks in the picture are americans and even if they are not the chinese people have about as much control ( actually alot less) over what their government does in their name as we do. I didn’t sign up for AbGhraib or the war in Iraq yet these things are being done in my name because I am an american. You are right what the chinese government is doing in/to Tibet is straight up thugish, but it is the government doing it not the people.

  3. REALLY?

    Though I get where Xylol is coming from, and truths will be truths, I agree with lovelymurrell…

    When I travel, I meet the people of that place. Not the political scam-artists. Not the corporate thieves. Mot the militant murders. I meet “the people”. And they’re all just like us. They were raised with prejudice. They were raised with fear. They were raised to protect family first. But deep down inside, they have a (global) consciousness. They have love that is just crying to pour out of them. I’ve held a sobbing man who only just wanted a quality of life for his family. The kind we (generally speaking) take for granted here in North America.

    In order to stop being sheep, we have to stop acting like sheep…calling ourselves sheep. Calling others wolves. To be a victim only serves those who feed on our limitations and weaknesses. (You know, the ones “they” tell us we have.)

    We’re all brainwashed to some degree. So if you can’t trust your mind, listen to your soul. Your spirit. Your essence…Whatever you want to call it.

    Even Jesus, the holiest of holies, carried a big stick. But he knew how to use it.

    Listen within before you strike.

    Bottom line (finally), I agree with your sentiment, sista. Everybody needs to be responsible of not only what they say, what they think, but also, what they feel. That’s where I believe it all resides. “Hate” is an emotion. A feeling. And we all know how powerful emotions are. The work is not in the head, but in the heart.

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