Cops that Killed Sean Bell Cleared in Court

Justice Arthur Cooperman, a 74-year-old bench veteran, acquitted all three detectives. Let the outrage begin.   As you would expect, lots of people have a lot to say about the three cops who were cleared today in the Sean Bell case.  The whole situation is a shame, a d*mn shame.  Honestly, I didn’t think they’d see time.  There was Black on Black crime involved (2 of the detectives were black) so you know society is cool with blacks murdering other black people.  Hell, some parts of our culture celebrate that (no, I’m not just talking bout white folk).  Here’s some highlights from the web.

CNN – Commentary: Testimony of Sean Bell’s friends sank case

Time – Were the NYPD Acquittals Inevitable?

Associated Press – 3 NYPD detectives cleared in wedding-day shooting

Village Voice Runnin’ Scared – UPDATE: Sean Bell Cops Not Guilty

DailyKos – Sean Bell Cops: Acquitted on *ALL* Charges

Governments Gone Wild – 50 Bullets + Cops = Dead Unarmed Man and an Acquittal

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