Friday Question: What are Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s motives at this point?

Friends and family, we are gathered here to day to discuss my message. That message…The Friday question! Can I get an AMEN up in here?!?!?!


Comment and let me know what you think! Money…5 minutes of fame…righteous indignation…educating the masses??


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4 responses to “Friday Question: What are Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s motives at this point?

  1. I think his motives are mixed. I think he feels insulted and used, and he wants to defend himself. Also, I think he’s jealous of Obama (even though he’d never admit it). And I think he’s also subconsciously afraid of Obama becoming president, and the paradigm shift that will represent (people get comfortable in their old paradigms and don’t want change, even when it is good; see Exodus 16:3).

  2. Oh, and one more thing: I think he still doesn’t “get” the internet. If you compare his appearance with Bill Moyers versus his time at the National Press Club, he seemed to think the latter would be like a visit with old friends – where he could say whatever he wanted – and forgot it could be broadcast around the world.

  3. Helen

    Rev. Wright’s motives at this point are what his motives have always been. They are to educate and motivate blacks in America. He has always wanted to make us aware of how we are treated in this country.
    It amazes me how many blacks want to limit his right to freedom of speech.
    Any black person who tells the truth and “offends” white America is told to shut up. If the truth offends you then you have a problem.
    Dr. Wright has always had more speaking engagements than he could handle.
    I suggest(especially to our young blacks) to read his books and books he recommend. You might just learn something.

  4. Buena717

    it must be fame because I haven’t heard anything NEW in his “educational rhetoric”… I don’t have a problem with him speaking- but I sure hope he doesn’t think he speaks for all of us…
    And why did his Church change the website following the attention from the media? If they were so on point, they could have left it alone, but that definately shows admission of guilt…

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