Our New Fav Blog: Secret Council of American Negroes

Great, well written, witty content. We love it, however we love every blog with “Negro” in the title. We really hope they accept our application for membership. *fingers crossed*  LOL

Check out the Introductory Letter from the SCAN Public Negro Handbook, 1933 Edition

January 19, 1933

Dear Distinguished Negro,

Welcome! Your recent fame and success has lead you to the public life of a distinguished Negro. We at the Secret Council of American Negroes want to congratulate you on your newfound success. But with that success comes great responsibility as being a Negro does not mean one can simply relax and enjoy their new prominence, for in these difficult days since the Great Emancipation Negroes of note are scrutinized in ways that our fellow white Americans could ever imagine.

Because of this we have sent along the 1930 edition of our SCAN handbook, commonly referred as the “Bible” for newly famed Negroes. While you may take in the handbook at your leisure, encourage you to read it in its entirety to better prepare you for the life fame has brought you.

For a sampling of the knowledge to be found inside the tome, please read the passage from the first chapter of the book: [Click here for the rest of this post]

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One response to “Our New Fav Blog: Secret Council of American Negroes

  1. Thelma

    This is very interesting. I would love to have this book and the Green Book, where can i find these books. I heard JC Penny had a catlog with slaves in it for masters to pick who they want. IOs this true.

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