Highest ranking Black Man in the NYPD stopped at gunpoint by NYPD?

From NY1 – A police group and a local lawmaker gathered Sunday at police headquarters to express outrage, after a white police officer is accused of inappropriately questioning a black driver.

The driver turned out to be the highest-ranking African-American officer in the NYPD.

Chief Douglas Zeigler — who heads the Community Affairs unit — was confronted by two officers while sitting in his car last week. Police say one of the officers tried to force open Zeigler’s door, even after the chief had identified himself.

The group 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement and State Senator Eric Adams say the incident is an example of the discrimination that is prevalent in the department. They said they are looking for changes in the department to address what they call institutionalized racism.

“When you have the head of the Community Affairs division stopped at gunpoint, what kind of community affairs do you have?” asked Adams.

Adams says things could have ended badly for Zeigler under different circumstances.

“The only difference between [police shooting victim] Sean Bell and Chief Zeigler, I believe, is that Chief Ziegler didn’t make a move towards his glove compartment,” said Adams. “If he would have done that, he would have gone to the same destination and went to the morgue instead of going home.”  [full article]

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One response to “Highest ranking Black Man in the NYPD stopped at gunpoint by NYPD?

  1. Whew, I said it before and I’ll say it again NYPD is dirty as hell!!!

    I remember a few years back when a NYC cop shot an undercover police officer than while he was drugged in the hospital took snap shot with the brother trying to make it look like he being forgiven.

    There is a reason they are listed on the Human Rights violators list.

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