Single Black Women, let us pray…

…for this Negro. *sigh*

A few days ago I wrote about a documentary called The Wedding Proprosal (click here) that featured an interview with Thomas Lopez-Pierre of the Harlem Club. Mr. Lopez-Pierre had some “interesting” [cough…scathing] things to say about the prospects most black women have when it comes to getting married. He came off very pompous and flippant, so I was not surprised that he took the time to comment on the post. Here’s what he had to say:

To my professional Black sisters:

I am sorry that so many of you will never find a husband.

Only God will be able to help you.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre
Managing Member
Harlem Club, LLC

LOL. What kind of advice is that? The situation out here is so bad that Mr. Lopez-Pierre suggests that you call on the Lord! Or, if you’re cute you can send a headshot and if you’re worthy old boy might let you join the Harlem Club (headshots required for the ladies). Well ladies, what do you think? Is God your only hope and refuge?


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22 responses to “Single Black Women, let us pray…

  1. Sorry, that comment was just garbage. I don’t even know what else to say…

  2. Real

    Well to be honest, if a woman has a man or not, regardless if she is black, blue or purple, if she beleives in a higher being, then God is the man above her husband at home.
    Really tho, this man is obviously stiff in a shell because there are many black woman who are married. Likewise there are many black woman who chose to remain single. Individuals must come to understand that we live in an ever changing society and the more it changes is the more likely we tend to sway away from those traditional vows! Get with the program Thomas! On a better note, dont make it seem as though the black woman is inferior to becoming married, or as though we are some burden that is un fit to be a wife.

  3. REALLY?

    Preposterous. And absolutely condescending! Who is this guy? More frighteningly, who does he think he is?

    Rhetorical question…I think I have an idea, based on his site,

    Don’t read me wrong, I am not adverse to the likes of “pretty women”, I just wish I would have known before I was born that I could have gotten into his “zealous” club — free of charge — if I’d only been born a “pretty woman”, adhering to the dress-code.

    But then again, with all the media coverage his exclusive den of heathens has attracted, who are we to question his agenda. At $5000 a member, he must be donating a percentage of that net to charities. Don’t you think? A guy as credible as he? And God willing, if those “pretty women” aren’t being proposed to, they’re at least getting a cut.

    (I just don’t get it. Sometimes, I feel like an alien on this planet.)

  4. REALLY?

    Oops. I absolutely apologize for posting a legitimate site and associating it with the Managing Member of, Mr. Thomas Lopez-Pierre.

    The two sites have nothing in common, and their only relation is in the context of the word “cro-magnon”.

    Please forgive me…Jessica and Jules.

  5. Keebee

    LOL! An ignorant reply. I’ll just pray that God will help him. That is just funny. I can’t believe that people are intertaining his site. Hilarious. More comedy like this please!

  6. Madame Zenobia

    Well ladies, what do you think? Is God your only hope and refuge?

    Errr, NO. This man is pure comedy. SIT DOWN! LOL

  7. REALLY?

    I need to express — being that I am a happily and successfully married, “white” man in my thirties with children — that I am a minority.

    Forget about my income and career status, the people around me are either also single, childless and in their 30’s OR single mothers in their 30’s.

    The kicker, if it applies, they’re all “white”. Surprised? I don’t think you are, because the people on this site know that statistics, in whole, are generated to pollute our minds. And only the ignorant feed into them. (Of course, there are always exceptions.)

    Look around you. You think you’re the only one who hasn’t “settled down”. Don’t settle, for humanity’s sake!

    The cliché — that there’s enough children in the world — is not only true, but most of those children grow up in emotionally unstable conditions. More often than not, I say, people should not be having/raising children. And I’m the first to say, parenthood is a challenge. A beautiful experience, and a real challenge. I’m a father, and I’m also human. (Read: makes mistakes.)

    As far as being somebody’s “wife”…Good God? If he’s not Mr. Right, then he’s Mr. Wrong. So, really…

    Granted, I can’t speak for no one but myself, and yes, my inner circle is not only predominantly “white” (go figure), they’re also naive to what I’ve read within these virtual pages.

    Please excuse my preaching, but some things just need to be said.

    Thank you for having me.

  8. unknowndiva

    Tell that pig to get a life cuz he’s the one who will need God by promoting such a “club”. It’s obvious what the “club” is about. “Pretty women do not have to pay dues” and “Men do not need to send in a photo”. I mean, damn, at least make it look decent. We won’t be able to find husbands cuz they all tied up in that so called club doing God knows what.

  9. ndenise

    I’ll take being a professional (albeit pretty) woman any day over being an accessory in his tacky ass looking bar.
    I can’t stand these Diva Dudes who think that just because they have an education and no children that they’re God’s gift to Black women.
    I figure he’s avoiding professional women because of his own insecurities. Arm candy doesn’t have an opinion.

  10. REALLY?

    Ha, ha…arm candy. That’s funny, ndenise!

  11. thecomebackgirl

    The proof is in the pudding…I’d like to know how much membership is for the dusty bar. Do I BYOL too his top shelf isn’t even full.

    Take that with a grain of salt….

  12. REALLY?


  13. yvonnjanae

    Dear Mr. Lopez-Pierre:
    In all likelihood, God has some things awaiting you, too.
    I’m pretty sure The Man Upstairs is adverse to a son that he has blessed with so much uses it to discriminate and condescend to others.
    Especially one who uses a Hispanic-French hypenated name to appear somehow more sophisticated, more of a bon vivant.
    Rufus. That’s your real name I’ll bet. Rufus.

  14. thecomebackgirl

    Rufus Jenkins…Who can’t even put a little pledge on that there bar.

  15. REALLY?

    My money’s down on Rufus…Rufus Jenkins. If I’m right, I’ll pledge my winnings on a shelf’s worth.

  16. lovelymurrell

    Rufus Jenkins…. hahahahahaha y’all aint right but you are funny. hahaha

  17. Um guys? Have we considered that this is a thinly-veiled escort service?

    That tip jar is way too crusty for it to be anything else…

  18. Also why is he on the website in a boat but surrounded by grass?

  19. REALLY?

    Ha, ha…And after he spends a weekend varnishing up that kiddie-bar, he might want to consider allocating some of “the Fund’s investment” into that professional website of his. I kept clicking everywhere, trying to open up some other windows. Nada.

  20. Ms. Infinite

    Thomas Lopez-Pierre is on the down low. He is really trying to get at Terry MacMillan’s ex. The pretty woman thing is just a good cover. He’s checking for the boys.

  21. Keebee

    Rufus Jenkins!!!!!!!Woooo! I am on the floor! I got more comedy just as I asked! Thanks yall!

  22. jharris

    like it o not o boy is right. not only that brothers now disrespect black women more than ever. we have 2 things on our side: 1. since we birthin/raisin the brothers we’d better teach them to respect us, 2. sisters are really ahead of most brothers as most get locked up, feminized, & institutionalized 3. keep your heads up sisters, we still producing men and WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THAT SHE-AT!

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