Friday Question: Do we still have real elections in America…

…or is it just a glorified popularity content conducted by parties, corporations, and the popular media?  Do our votes really count or do corporations control the president and congress in the end anyway?  Is america’s government determined by the people?  Are politicians just a type of celebrity?

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4 responses to “Friday Question: Do we still have real elections in America…

  1. c

    You know, i don’t think it should be a game or popularity contest, but sadly i think that’s just what it’s become. And not just this time around. i think it’s been this way for some decades now. But i think especially now, as folks are busy and don’t want to dig that deep, work that hard, for their information. But my lord!- we’re talking a major player in the world we’re picking out!

    And speaking of who’s picking what, i think that no matter what we think, there are people in our government (probably all of them) who believe they know better than we and can change the rules of the game at their discretion. And what’re we supposed to do about that? What can we do?

    Overall, i’m pretty jaded about the whole mess.

  2. Reading Chomsky has only made me more skeptical. But do you blame me? The American election process has been so entertaining that it has taken from my sitcom time. After a while, it dawned on me that if this process were as serious as it is supposed to be, it would not bare this strange resemblance to a soap opera.

    There is frankly more substance in a Michael Moore documentary than there has been in this presidential race. Again, I am forced to conclude that the world’s future is not looking great.

    ps, this is a fantastic blog

  3. NB

    I know African-Americans want Obama to win, but that is just because he is African-American. No hate here; it’s true. Hasn’t really done anything in the senate. Anything come to mind? Hillarious Clinton’s qualifications are spending 8 years in the white house not giving Bill what he needed. McCain scares the shit out of me and visions of the 4 horsemen come to mind. Didn’t he say gooks a few years ago? That’s not stable. We are screwed no matter who wins. I am not in the States. Good luck with the new boss.

  4. jharris

    If you have to ask the question, the answer’s NO.
    I think we need to lay off the politicians & get some humanitarians in office. Politicians suck at helping the nation-just look at this nation and the world they are supposed to be leading for that matter.

    None have mentioned the impoverished….I see no glory in this game.

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