How about a Historically White Kollege

Time and time again I hear white people say…

“What if there was a college fund just for whites??”

“What if there was a TV station called Caucasion Entertainment Television?” [I call that the Country music channel actually]

This cartoon did the best job of expressing just how these statements sound to me.  It really puts it into context…extreme context, yes…but context none the less. Good job Cox and Forkum.


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13 responses to “How about a Historically White Kollege

  1. Confused

    I don’t get your point. You’re saying that it’s racist for white people to wonder why there are no “white college funds” but it’s okay that there are “black college funds?”

    It’s not “reverse racism.” It’s just racism. Against whites.

    It’s suddenly become cool to segregate by race, except whites aren’t included in that? Isn’t that the very definition of racism?

  2. Are you not familiar with “Whites Only” as a concept? Are you not familiar with Segregation? We had “Whites Only” practices and legislation for centuries here in America. This concept is nothing new and something with a rich, public history that I would assume white people would be very familar with.

    It’s not racism. It’s history.

  3. Neonnea

    It’s not just history, it’s present day practices. Oh’s okay for whites to have a country club, “secretly” for whites and the only black faces you see are in the kitchen…humm….I guess that’s called intergration, affirmative action, equal opportunity. They had it all, they have most of it still…why dream about?

  4. Confused

    I am familiar with history, so what you’re saying is that because it was done to you that it’s okay to do it back? It was wrong back then and it’s still wrong now. One would think that blacks would eat up this time to “be the bigger person” and not single themselves out into their own groups. They could show the right example by doing this. But then they continue to segregate themselves and cry that they are not equal. Well, you continue to prove that time and time again. The other races are just supposed to “take it” because it was done to blacks 150 years ago.

    I got news for you. Almost every race has been persecuted against in one form or another. Ever hear of 6 million Jews and something called the Holocaust? You don’t see any Jews crying about how they were persecuted against. They picked up and moved on and became some of the wealthiest, most educated, highest ranking members of society.

    Look in the mirror before you look out the window and point the finger.

  5. Sigh…Thus the concept “It’s a black thang…you wouldn’t understand”.

    Affirmative action is what we are talking about here [see cartoon above]. What is affirmative action for minorities about? Correcting the imbalance caused by “white privilege” and the history of systematic racism in America. If you don’t know what white privilege is, I suggest you go on YouTube and search “Tim Wise”. He’s a white guy and can explain it far better than I can.

    PS: Affirmative action has also helped a lot women [white, black, hispanic, etc]…just another affirmative thing about it.

    And I know you didn’t say “You don’t see any Jews crying about how they were persecuted against.”. Are you serious??? There are Jewish people who have dedicated their lives to making sure that the world never, ever forgets their persecution. They talk about it ALL the time. American whites are sometimes uncomfortable when black folk talk about racism just like some Germans are in denial about the Holocaust, so…

  6. Cami B

    Maybe, I can shed some light on this for you. The HBCU’s were established because there was a time when blacks were not admitted into white colleges. They were established so that blacks could attend college. And the difference here is that they are not discriminatory. They are called HBCU’s because that’s what they are, “Historically Black”, but whites and other races are permitted to attend. Very unlike so called white colleges where blacks and other races were not permitted to attend at all except to clean floors. There are white students who attend HBCU’s. There is a white valedictorian who just graduated from Howard University. And any black college funds are established to help offset the imbalance that exists where minority children and white children are concerned. If you look at statistics you can see that it is much more likely that whites will have more opportunity and support to make it to college than minorities. These college funds are set up to help even out the playing field some that is already off balance. And it is easy for someone on the outside looking in to pass judgement. Jews do talk a lot about the Holocaust and for good reason. Why are whites who cry reverse racism always more apt to listen to gripes about the Holocaust than slavery and the systematic racism that has existed since against blacks? Could it be because Jews are white? They were able to become wealthy and affluent because the chips were not stacked against them from the start the way they are for blacks in this country. Were they enslaved and brainwashed to believe that they were less than human for hundreds of years? Then even after being “freed” systematically lynched, raped and mamed by a majority for yearas there after purely because of their skin color? I think not. When someone sees them are they viewed as less than acceptable in some way? No because they look like you sweetie. There is a difference, you are trying to compare apples and oranges. Not to downplay the plight of Jews, and other minorities but there is no comparison.

  7. THANK YOU. Its ridonkulous! The majority/the main people on television, for example, ARE WHITE, so why would there be a channel dedicated to white entertainment? A fool.

    I don’t see these same people saying anything about the Irish day parade, right?

    I don’t see straight people complaining, why do gay people have their own parade? How come straight people don’t have their own flag?

    Why come theres a spanish speaking station ‘telemondo’? How come there can’t be a television station that is in all English?

    Why the ‘girl power’ and the whole women’s rights movement? Why can’t there be a men empowerment movement?

    See how stupid these sound? I can’t stand when white folks don’t get this concept.

  8. yvonnjanae

    “You don’t see any Jews crying about how they were persecuted against. They picked up and moved on and became some of the wealthiest, most educated, highest ranking members of society. ”

    Obviously, you don’t keep up with the news, or history, because there are organizations, movies “Schindler’s List” is one, books, plays and a host of other forms of media that deal with the oppression that these people suffered.

  9. Get Over It

    WOW…As a black woman in the south, I am honestly not bothered by the fact the white people want their own colleges, their own funds, their own tv show….true they have it already. But the key point is, why are people offended by them using the word WHITE to describe it? If we have it, so should they.

  10. Get Over it,

    As always, I can agree to disagree.

    Sounds like you may think segregation was a really cool thing…and while I love that there were many wonderful black institutions and lots of fortitude that came out of the need that that American apartheid created…anything thing “Whites Only” just doesn’t make my heart sing.

  11. Hi Sista,

    1956: the lines defining who would attend my grade school were changed to exclude a Mexican family. 1961: for over a year we (whites) boycotted the most popular hangout spot around because black folks weren’t allowed there. 1962: 3/4s of our high school picketed for days because a mixed race couple wasn’t allowed to attend a prom. 1967: The Klan blew up 37 school buses to stop school integration; the attorney built a very successful public career based on that. 67: /riots. From my house it looked like everything from Pontiac to Detroit was on fire. Daily during those years: needless beatings, killings, and the huge loss of ML King… If I knew someone’s address I knew the color of their skin, and what course of study they would be allowed in the schools. When 1 black family moved into our neighborhood, just about all the white folks moved out.

    I’m a firm believer in integration (how I want to live) and Affirmative Action — and whatever else it takes to level the playing field. I’ve “lost” jobs to black candidates. Reverse discrimination? That is an oxymoron. Or just not true. I just don’t buy it. Besides I’ve “lost” jobs to white folks, straight folks, Jewish folks etc. I’m just never in charge of the outcome. I can’t “lose” a job that isn’t mine.

    I don’t have a problem with black colleges or the Negro College fund. I do have a problem with white-privileged networks that serve one class/race to the exclusion of those who never had a chance to belong to the “club”…. That is what Affirmative Action set out to do. Given that the playin’ field still is far from level, it is still the right thing to do! The more people in the world who have a chance to become educated, to find & develop their talents, to work using their talents, education and skills ..the better off we all are! I suppose I could choose to feel threatened by someone else’s abilities .. or I can feel blessed, as I am and long have been: not just the Motown of my teens not just discovering jazz greats not just the brilliant african american authors –and on and on –but by normal folks and even some folks who many just defined by their problems. Especially one young beautiful black man who died of AIDS in his 30s because he had no life skills (among many other reasons)… but what he did have is one of the most compelling talents I have ever known writing music for and directing his churches choir. Outside of 1 or 2 little zip code areas, few knew of him. His music and presence in my life were a huge blessing; he was a “lamb of god” in so many many ways. Over 600 folks showed up for funeral. I was the only white person, which seemed to bother other folks a lot more than it did me. His kids came running up to great me as did his wife. Towards the end of the service one brave soul asked me how I knew him. I told him he was a special friend, a gift from God when I needed one most. However much grief his life-skill problems caused both of us .. his gift out weighed everything.

    We blessed each other because I could do a lot for him he couldn’t do for himself. And in return, I was blessed with glorious gospel music. I still think I got the better end of the deal.

    I never once would have thought back when I was younger we could ever have a black president or a woman president. I am awed at this election as it can, if we allow it to, change everything for many people. Here’ to PRESIDENT Obama, . I wish him god speed.

    to the rest of you as well. I know absolutely nothing in history that is remotely the same as what happened to people’s enslaved from Africa. Nothing. It IS a black thang

    I salute you! Brilliance, beauty, creativity and more…sheer guts and sheer survival… wow,

  12. cook2rk

    Look I go to a college that is predominately white and the white people there always complain about how unfair the black scholarships are. Personally, I just feel they’re upset because they’ve always been privileged and here someone is telling them there is something they can’t have. You always hear “How would blacks like it if we had a historically white college”. Well what they don’t understand is that they attend a historically white college. The scholarships and assistance given to minorities are to encourage them to integrate their schools. They call them diversity scholarships where I go. Which doesn’t really make sense because they segregate the recipients of those scholarships and put them in their own building. So what you get is a building full of hispanics and blacks and then the rest of the white population. The only other black people play sports. This is all about the foot race people. Scholarships and assistance only put minorities at the starting line so that we may have a FAIR chance at succeeding.

  13. Jenna

    There are predominantly black schools where, if you are white, then you are the minority and can get a scholarship to attend. There are black only country clubs, just like there are asian only country clubs. But this country was founded by a white society, and any rights for another race had to be fought for tremendously. I am a white girl (1/2 Cajun French and 1/2 Irish) and there are so many aspects of black history that I love learning about. I want this nation infused with the rich culture they provide. For all the people complaining about “why can’t white people have their own clubs, and scholarships, and blah blahblah…” well, we already had it. We didn’t have to fight for it, we didn’t have to petition for people to respect us as fellow human beings, and we didn’t have to scream and march for our voices to be heard. I don’t like anyone who has a grandeur sense of entitlement. I truly try to love and respect my fellow man, as God has ordained me to do so.

    I will say, though….I do find in my conversations with the older black women who’s hair I do, that they are mostly disgusted by the youths of their culture. One woman said, “We fought so hard to be respected and considered a valuable part of society, that when I see these young ones calling each other hateful names, being lazy and collecting welfare when they are perfectly capable of working, babies having babies….well, it’s a slap in the face for everything I worked so hard for. They talk about respect and do nothing to deserve it. Makes me sick.” She’s just one of at least 30 clients who share these feelings.

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