Obama and Clinton aka “Bros before Hoes”

bros before hoes

Sorry I just couldn’t resist posting this.

Don’t blame me, blame T-Shirt Hell…home of some of the most controversial shirts online.  I’m not calling Hillary a hoe…they are.  You know I love controversy! This shirt may be extra popular depending on what happens this month.


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9 responses to “Obama and Clinton aka “Bros before Hoes”

  1. OMG… this is the funniest thing ever!

  2. Dennis

    Love that t-shirt, but don’t think I have the balls to ever wear it.

  3. aj

    ROFLMAO-the way she’s been behaving….I ain’t even mad about it.

  4. Terence

    I`m following the primaries today and I must admit I heard some very disturbing news. According to some reports, if they are true, Hillary Clinton has stated she`s open to The Vice Presidency. What a SCARY thought.

    This woman is absolutely without shame. Here is Barack Obama on the verge of technically clinching the nomination and this woman is still scheming. She couldn`t gain access to the White House (possibly through the election) so she`s trying to sneak through the back door.

    The nominee has the right to freely choose his running mate. So what does she do? She comes out to steal, or try to steal, his shine by backing him into a corner to choose her as a running mate. Again, if reports are true, this is a SCARY thought.

    Hopefully Obama won`t be bamboozled and see through this COLD, CALCULATING snake and not get bit. I, for one, don`t want her anywhere near The White House. Maybe I have my own selfish reasons. However, with her track record she has more than proven to be a SCARY proposition….

  5. I don’t think that t-shirt is appropriate. In fact, I think it’s just straight up wrong and is beneath you.

    This has been a nasty campaign, but it’s time to let thing go guys. We all need to try and embody what our candidate is calling us to. A better way of doing things.

  6. Bryan,

    Thanks for that slap on the hand.

  7. dee

    Appropriate or not the t-shirt is funny.

  8. That is so funny, I kinda want one of those shirts.

  9. Generally I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really admirable post

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