Friday Question: Who are today’s black leaders?

Hello, Negro wants to know who you consider to be a black leader in the 21st century?  Please, don’t just name Obama and Oprah…and Jesse, and Al.  Pull out that most influential people issue of Ebony magazine if you need to.  LOL


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16 responses to “Friday Question: Who are today’s black leaders?

  1. yvonnjanae

    (no particular order)
    Linda Johnson Rice
    Tom Joyner
    Spike Lee
    Donna Brazile
    Cornell West
    Henry Louis Gates
    Marc Lamont Hill
    Michelle Obama
    Magic Johnson

  2. Hashim Warren

    This is why I prefer the Covenant with Black America movement.

    Instead of looking for our big leaders, the covenant calls on all of us to be activists and hold all of our leaders (local and national, Black and White) accountable to serving our communities.

  3. I’m not sure if anyone else agrees, but I want to add Terrance Howard to the list. I name Howard because, he’s helping continue a long legacy of outstanding black actors that inlcudes(though not limited to), Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, and Denzel Washington. In a time where there are more Mo’niques and Eddie Murphys than is neccessary, I think it’s good that there are still serious-minded blacks on the big-screen.

  4. Lucky Larry

    I believe that Bill Clinton is the most influential Negro of this era.

  5. Angela

    Aaron McGruder and Saul Williams are doing it big.

  6. green party

    cynthia mckinney

  7. LOL…Bill Clinton. Alright, Larry.

  8. Dave

    I’m inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama, Henry Louis and Sharon Lynn Gates, Robert and Cheryl Franklin, Charles and Mae Blake, Denzel and Pauletta Washington, Ben and Candy Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Eric and Marcia Dyson, and Eugene and Jackie Rivers.

  9. Not exactly on topic, but I’m sure you will see a report in the news today that the Obama campaign snubbed 2 Muslim women who were wearing traditional clothing at a rally in Detroit. They were not allowed to sit behind Obama. They rightfully complained.
    UNFORTUNATELY, the local and now national press has attributed the “snub” to the Obama campaign. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. The arena in Detroit hires contractual workers for such events. It was these workers, and NO ONE associated with Obama, who disrespected the Muslim women. I heard reports from a friend who was there that the headgear “made” them decide the women were a “security risk”.
    We (last count at least 75 of “us” Obama supporters in the Detroit area) have called and written to the media demanding that they correct their reporting! Just wanted you to know…

    I have a large number of African American folks who are heroes and leaders in more ways than I can count. Many will never be all that well-known. If I get a chance to write again later, I’ll add my list.

    For now I’ll just nominate myself, which is even funnier than Uncle Bill C. who feels all of our pain.
    : > )
    the old white woman, (who once upon a time never could dream we could have an African American president…. I am so excited about this possibility! Finally a new voice, a new dream is being heard. How cool is that? )

  10. “Black leaders”.

    Are we talking folks in various leadership positions that happen to be black, i.e.

    Condi Rice
    Clarence Thomas
    Ward Connerly
    Larry Elder
    Oprah Winfrey
    Robert Johnson

    or black folks who actively seek to lead black folks, i.e.

    Al Sharpton
    Tom Joyner
    Tavis Smiley
    Marc Morial
    Cornel West
    Michael Eric Dyson
    Deval Patrick
    Russell Simmons
    Boyce Watkins
    Michelle Obama

  11. Crops

    There are no black leaders. Since those who do actively stand-up for Black People usually save all of their criticism for Black Men while coddling and giving sympathy to BW, eventhough the men are in bad shape and recieve no support from their women, myself and other BM have turned our back on the community and decided to separate ourselves from those who would scapegoat us. And the Movement is spreading. There will be no unity among BP until BW come clean and stop pointing fingers at BM, exclusively w/no self reflection or revelation. In the meantime, no one leads me nor the brothers.

  12. Marc Giles

    Black leaders are we who take resposibility, for our families, friends, neighbors, employees, employers, customers and clients on a day to day basis.
    If you seek leadership find us and follow us. We live right here among the crowd, doing what we know to do inspite of conversations of “lack of leadership” and the state of black affairs in America.
    I suggest if we are looking for leadership we write down all the traits of leader we would follow, and then be that.

  13. Leaders who just happen to be black:
    Walter E. Williams
    Condoleezza Rice
    John McWhorter
    Thomas Sowell
    Alan Keyes
    Shelby Steele
    Michael Steele
    Clarence Thomas
    Apostle Claver
    Bishop Richard Allen (Freedom’s Prophet)
    Pastor Martin Luther King, Jr. (the Republican)



  15. Micheal Rivers

    Thats the point there are no BLACK LEADERS who stands up for the BLACKS there’s only stars and politicans and all are trying to get your support; not your surrows

  16. canadamrc

    The point is that there are no leaders. There are only the people. Revolutionary movements exist because of the masses. We don’t need leaders, We need education. It used to be that blacks were scared of a nigga with gun, but in reality, they are more fearful of black with a book.

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