Hate group membership on the rise after Obama nomination

There should be no surprise that the possibility of an African American president would encourage membership in groups like the KKK that are blatantly anti-African American (anti-African, Jew, Gay, Catholic, Asian…etc. You know, haters in general.) The media has done some “research” on the trend. Take a look…

Hate Groups’ Newest Target: White Supremacists Report an Increase in Visits to Their Web Sites – Washington Post

Racist groups gaining members because of Obama: Hate experts reporting resurgence of activity by white supremacists – Florida Courier

Racist groups may exaggerate their reach
Kansas City Star

Never trust a Klansman to give accurate membership numbers.

So recent reports that Web-based hate group activities are up dramatically because of Barack Obama’s presidential run may not be the whole story.

Unfortunately, the Internet has given hate groups a convenient outlet to spread their vile attitudes. And no doubt the idea of the first black president has riled some mostly anonymous racists.

Racists (sometimes one person with a computer) and organizations that monitor them say the possibility of Obama winning the White House has caused increased traffic at Web sites run by Neo-Nazis, skinheads and others of their ilk.

What’s unknown is just how much traffic increased, how many actual members are recruited, and how fervent their activity is.

News outlets can neither afford to dismiss reports of rising supremacist activity outright nor give such claims more credibility than they deserve. The anonymous nature of some Internet postings brings out the worst in some people, although many of them would never join a group like the KKK. The Star’s Web site sometimes must limit comments on articles because of cruel racial attacks.

And yet it is indisputable that Obama had strong white support in primaries and caucuses and he continues to attract many white supporters. A generation ago, this would have been far less likely.

White supremacists are a minority of the population who should be monitored. But fortunately, they are far outnumbered by reasonable citizens who will cast their vote for the presidential candidate they feel is best qualified, not against one race.


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5 responses to “Hate group membership on the rise after Obama nomination

  1. Chris B

    hmmm…I don’t think I’ve heard the term “overtly non-white…” before. (attributed to White Revolution leader, Billy Roper in the Washington Post article).

  2. NB

    I resent the fact that I request that a post be done on Obama’s protectionist retoric vis-a-vis Korea, and sistasoulja has to accuse me of having an “agenda.” What does that even mean? This is (obviously) a forum for topics dealing with African-American issues. Why does “the man” have to have an “agenda.” This is part of the reason that African-Americans (and in particular the women) are marginalized by society. Is everything necessarily a conspiracy perpetrated by the man to keep a brother down? (Rhetorical…look it up souljagirl). Grow up. We cant have reconciliation without trust and dialogue. This is EXACTLY why he will not be elected president. Plus, any demographic voting +90% for their own race is inherently racist.

  3. marlon b.

    Well… I think Jesse Helms committed suicide knowing a white mother and black father produced the democratic nominee and next president of this nation. Just maybe more die-hard racist and bigots will follow his lead; now, wouldn’t that be nice.

  4. Cami B

    @ NB
    Go sit on a tack.

  5. Dragon

    When the GOP decides to not blatantly prove that theyare anti minority, anti female, and anti compassionate they will get the votes of these people. Instead the ranks are filled with neo Nazis and KKK types. If your in the KKK what party are u in? It’s simple as that. People vote for the party that is most likely to carry out their wishes. If Clinton was in office she would get the same 90% Black vote. That’s why when someone votes GOP I am curious about their background.

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