Friday Question: Do you remember this Afro-Am clip from Sesame Street

A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter.  OH my goodness.  I almost teared up when I saw this on YouTube.  As a child this was one of a few animations on Sesame Street that had black characters.  This was my FAVORITE!!!  I was that lil black girl going to the corner store for Mom, jamming to my own rhythm.  Sigh…I’m such a sap sometimes.

“From 1972, the classic animated segment about memory, which has done a pretty good job of sticking in the memories of a generation of Sesame Street viewers. Produced by Jim Simon’s Wantu Studios.”


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5 responses to “Friday Question: Do you remember this Afro-Am clip from Sesame Street

  1. I still use that method of memorization for trips to the grocery store.

    And inevitably forget the stick of butter.

  2. holy crap!! I remember that bit. I was born in ’80…so that clip aired on sesame street for a while!

    My favorite was when Ernie wanted to learn to play the saxophone, but didn’t want to let go of his rubber duckie. They had a song called “Put down the duckie”..or something like that. I remeber it being pretty darn jazzy….and they had celebrity cameos in the video.

    Good times.
    (I also remember prank calling operators from the pay phone asking “can you tell me how to get…how to get to sesame street”…oh the days of being a kid in Bed-Stuy)

  3. gosh youtube is great…

  4. te

    i def remember that and i was born in 86..

  5. VirginiaMom

    I remember that animated skit, and I was born in ’68! Thanks for takin’ me back … 😉

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