Barack Obama – The Antichrist???

Sista can vouch for me that I predicted that Barack would be called the Antichrist. I just didn’t want to post it to give anybody any ideas… This video does not come out and say that he’s the Antichrist, but that’s the way that it’s being interpretted. I can see how it’s poking fun at people’s adoration of Barack, but if it’s viewed as a suggestion that he’s the Antichrist you know some cautious Christians will be compelled to “vote their conscience” once again in 2008. McCain can put us in another war or keep us in Iraq for 100 years, but at least he’s not the Antichrist, huh…This is a mess…


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4 responses to “Barack Obama – The Antichrist???

  1. Mz. Optimistic

    Some of my friends and I have been wondering the same thing. God Already know who will win this election. But you right it does makes me wonder. In the same breath I have faith in Obama and I really dont think it is hm that he have to worry about. But I aint gonna lie I have been referncing back to revaltations for some clearity. I enjoy your blogs. Hello, Negro.

  2. Yes K Truth,
    I have to admit…you called this one. This is some mess!

  3. The Antichrist Obama and his Pro-Abortion Communist Gestapo will CHANGE USA into USSA – United Socialist States of America.

  4. Chris B

    This is crazy. Very few people believe this – to most people this ad is comedy and especially to the cynical lying negative warmongers and war profiteers who actually made it. McCain said so himself…”we’re just having a little fun” to be precise. What an insincere and wicked pugnacious little…ah but let’s not go there now.
    Barack is a good decent Christian man, no doubt in my mind. Peace and blessings. C

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