Rapper Da Brat gets 3 years in jail

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution – A DeKalb County judge sentenced rapper Da Brat to three years in prison Friday for hitting an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader in the head with a nearly full liquor bottle at an Atlanta-area nightclub, causing permanent facial damage.

Superior Court Judge Gail Flake also sentenced the rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, to seven years probation and 200 hours of community service. Harris also must get substance abuse treatment and a mental evaluation and attend anger management classes.

A handful of Harris’s family sat on the back row of the courtroom. They wept when a sheriff’s deputy took her into custody.

“I love y’all,” Harris, 34, said as she was led out of the courtroom.

“We love you too” the relatives replied in unison.

Dressed in black pants and top with her short hair in braids, Harris did not comment other than to answer “yes” several time when the judge asked her if she understood her guilty plea to a felony aggravated assault charge and her negotiated sentencing.

On the night of Oct. 31, 2007, Harris went to a private Halloween party at Studio 72, a Lawrenceville Highway nightclub owned by rap mogul Jermaine Dupri. At some point she bumped into Shayla Stevens, an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader working as a hostess at the event.

Moments later, Harris struck Stevens in the head with a nearly full bottle of rum, prosecutors said. Stevens fell down some stairs to a cement floor and suffered a severe facial cut. Stevens has a permanent scar, the judge said Friday in noting the severity of the attack.

Stevens was in court but did not speak or talk to reporters.

In a separate civil case, Stevens is suing Harris for unspecified medical and other costs. The case is pending.


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16 responses to “Rapper Da Brat gets 3 years in jail

  1. Po'Sha

    GOOD! You can’t go around hittin’ people upside the head with bottles…but I wonder if it was Paris Hilton would the sentence be as harsh???

  2. Terence

    Da Brat should let go of this female gangsta personification. Maybe this will be a lesson for her. I also feel badly for the woman who was the subject of Da Brat`s assault. As well as having suffered a permanent scar. This is just another case of senseless violence perpetrated upon another human being. SMDH…

  3. e zora knight

    DAMN…. Guess she turned the Brat down and she couldn’t handle it. LOL… No seriously, DAMN

  4. vanessa

    Da Brat needs to stop acting like a brat and grow up!! 34 years old and acting like a teenager? Get a grip!

  5. PA

    The question should be, does the sentence fit the crime? Also if it was Britney, Lindsey or Paris, remember her 30 days in jail (what a joke), would the sentence be the same. This is just another example of how the system manages to brand us, legally, AND RUIN OUR LIFE WITH A STOKE OF A PEN and never let us forget we are always going to be judged unfairly, and live in a society where we will continue to be unequal. The lesson learned here should be never give them a reason to call or treat you like the n word, because at first glance that’s how they identify you. We as a nation of African American’s should be outraged and make a personal commitment to ourselves and our communities to embrace our heritage as descendants of KINGS and QUEENS and take back the power we continue to allow society to have over us. Unfortunately the Brat (Shawntae Harris) behavior was exactly as society expected and her sentence was justified under the laws which we are governed. SHAME ON HER FOR BEHAVING LIKE AN N…., and living up to the stereotype, proving them right.

  6. K.C.

    Da Brat is a celebrity for Christ sakes. Even though she hasn’t made a hit in a long time she still roles with high profile people. J.D., Mariah, and her sister Lisa Ray. She can’t blame nobody but her “DAMN” self for this one. She should’ve had some damn class about herself, she’s walking around with one the most famous Diva in the music biz, acting like she has no home training. Your at a plush ass B-Day party, your down with the B-Day girls crew and you hit a hostess with a bottle. WHY?!And you have a criminal record for this kind of behavior. Oh well. Swallow it and do your time. And stop acting like a NIGG@!! Yeah I said and I’m black too!

  7. jay chill

    That’s the B-r-a-t; ya’ll some Haters. From a real Chi-town rider.

  8. Ivy

    blame it on the goose.
    blame it on the liquor.
    blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.

    sometimes, people jump out of line.
    no one questioned what role this atlanta falcons cheerleader played in this altercation.
    some things just can’t be talked out.
    some things just can’t be overlooked.
    and sometimes, yes, sometimes,
    we just have to smack a bitch with a bottle.

  9. yup

    Def agree with IVY. No one knows what role that other b*tch played and most of yall that’s getting on the Brat prob would have done the same thing or worse if in her situation. What happen happened and she is owning up to it. As for the sentencing that’s crazy, think its 2 much. We got ppl like R. Kelly chilling….SMH

  10. I’m very disappointed in a lot folks comments about Da Brat! I feel like no one really knows what the cheerleader actually did or said to her! I like Da Brat, I like her music, I like her style and I like her as a person. 3 years, she didn’t deserve, maybe only community service, hell maybe not even that! I just found out this morning about Da Brat being in jail by watching The Wendy Williams show and I was very not happy to hear that! Now tell me this, what’s going to happen to the cheerleader?!

  11. leebo

    I am very disturbed by comments made by some people. Does it matter what the hostess did? Is there anything that consitute this type of reaction. Cumminity service for assault? She could have killed this young lady and now she has a permanant scar. People wake up, stop trying to justify immature irresponsible behavior. It just shows what level you are really on.

  12. William Jefferson

    I wish that the black on black crime would stop completely. We have two beautiful black women mixed up in something that was probably nothing in the first place. I hate to say this but we are our own worst enemy. We are killing ourselves and we don’t even see it. Lil Kim said that money, power, respect is the key to life. No, it is not. Respect and love for each and every black brother and sister should be.

  13. Maria G.

    I agree with yup &Ivy,no one know what the chick said or did to tha Brat for her to react like that. They could already had beef we don’t know . Sometime u have to let a bi**ch know u are not the one . Not saying that the girl deserved that hit with the bottle but again we don’t know what happen so we sound not comment period. Now as far as the sentence 3 years is too much maybe a 1 1/2,she did deserve just the jail time (only because the girl could have died and have permenant scars) and not the extra stuff.

  14. Neasha

    I’m really shocked at the people that are defending the Brats behavior, by stating we dont know what the young lady did. No we dont know what role this lady played in the incident, but if she was your sister, cousin, aunt or best friend you guys would feel different about the Brats actions. There is never a reason to scar anyone for life. All it takes is a little maturity to think before you act and obviously the Brat lack the skills to make good sound decisions. She did this to herself and yes I feel justice has been served. That woman have to wear that scar for the rest of her life, the least she can do is three years….I bet she won’t hit anybody eles with a bottle!

  15. anonymous

    Da Brat please learn from life lessons.

  16. maria g

    @Porsha , hell no she would not get anytime ! And u know whats funny Brandy killed somebody with her truck and did not go to jail , Tha Brat hit a chick with a bottle and get 3 years! That is not fair @ all !

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