I think Tina Fey will be a wonderful VP…Oh…what?

Is it just me or does John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin look like Tina Fey? OH this is just ripe for comedy. I can’t wait to see Saturday Night Live. I hope they bring her back just to play Palin. For the record, this is a gimmick in my opinion, and I feel it is a very patronizing choice. Women are not going to vote for this woman because she is female. But I’ll write more on this later…sigh. McCain…what are you thinking???

Can you say Dan Quayle?  I can.  Oh so many flip flops to come.  She didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s “whining” during the primary season.

Can’t tell them apart huh? That’s Tina on the right. My boy Urban Bohemian thinks she looks like Fey too: McCain’s VP/Baby Mama?

Other people agree too:
Sarah Palin: Oh Lord, Tina Fey’s gonna have a field day…
Tina Fey for Vice President
Obama’s Big Bang, McCain’s Other Woman
Separated at birth


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10 responses to “I think Tina Fey will be a wonderful VP…Oh…what?

  1. e zora knight

    I didn’t want to be a stalker, but I have waited most of the day for you comments. And yes, she does look like Tina Fey! McCain and Bush have been drinking the kool-aid. Additionally, I wonder if the Party will have to accept her? The convention is going to be very interesting.

  2. Palin looking like Tina is the most interesting thing about her.

  3. Can you say Dan Quayle? I can
    This is a BS pick. He only met the woman 2 times prior to today! No wonder he picked someone with no experience, who just looks good and is female. I’m sure she’s bright and a good leader for Alaska, but she’s not looking like VP material. No record wise. This is an insulting choice if they think Hillary supporters just want a female on a ticket. They wanted HILLARY on the ticket.

  4. omg – she does look like her! lol. wow.

  5. yvonnjanae

    The resemblance is uncanny and hilarious.

    In fact, everything about McCain’s campaign has been really humorous. It’s almost as if the Republicans are trying to lull the Democrats into a trap by appearing to be lame and clueless. Then, when the Dems put down their guard, the Republicans will strike with a Cheney-like ferocity that the world has never known!

  6. Not to worry – Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with this! I’m just waiting for Joe Biden to debate and enbarrass the hell out of her. As Doctor Dre said in the movie trainign day:

    “You a long way from Starbucks homey.”

  7. Women might vote for McCain now just because his VP is a woman, I really wouldn’t be surprised at all. But he has a 50% chance of dying in office and that means she takes over, which I don’t agree with.

  8. this website is right on time ladies. i’m loving it!

  9. Tina Fey is hot in ways Klondike Barbie can never touch. Ms. Fey would be a way better president than any of the candidates.

  10. Danielle

    Why in the hell it took me so long to find your site is beyond me – but now, I’m stuck like chuck. You are funny as hell. I saw Palin on tv this morning and I was like, why is Tina Fey standing next to old man McCain????

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