Annie don’t wear no panties: Erykah Badu Video

The BEST Erykah Badu song I’ve heard from her new stuff.  I was in love with “The Healer”, but now…it’s all about Annie.  Hil-lar-e-ous!!!!  I love the lyrics to this song.  Love, love, love!!!



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7 responses to “Annie don’t wear no panties: Erykah Badu Video

  1. I’ve been curious about this song ever since I saw the spoof of “Hey Ya” in her video for “Honey”. Definitely want this single when it comes out.

  2. Yes, she is such a talented lady. I love this song too.

  3. Talulo

    This is from her up coming album Lowdown Loretta Brown!… Love this girl!

  4. I’ve seen her perform this song twice live. The best performance was in 2006, at the Austin Music Hall with Fung Shui (Wendy/Lisa, James Posyner, Jazzy Jeff, Questlove and Doyle). The second time was in Dallas, the kick off to the Sugar Water Tour. I guess this is the “final” product. Was disappointed when it was on New Amerykah.

  5. Ivy

    this is great.
    artistic creativity at its best.
    can’t wait for the next album!!

  6. carline

    were do i get the lyrics?? (i am a not well englishspeaking singer) want to do this one! anyone knows?

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