Obama Hung in Effigy on a Kentucky Campus

A life-sized likeness of Barack Obama was found hanging from a tree with a noose around its neck Wednesday at the University of Kentucky, the second time in about a month such an effigy of the Democratic presidential nominee was reported on a college campus.

UK spokesman Carl Nathe said the effigy was found in a high-traffic area between a classroom building and parking garage. Police immediately took it down but released no information about their investigation.

University President Lee Todd said he planned to apologize to the Obama family on behalf of the school and that he is “personally offended and deeply embarrassed by this disgusting episode.”

Federal authorities have been notified, Todd said.

George Fox University in Oregon, a small Christian college, recently punished four students who confessed to hanging a likeness of Obama from a tree.


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10 responses to “Obama Hung in Effigy on a Kentucky Campus

  1. Cezar

    whats wrong with these people. seemingly educated, christians too, come on! we need to splash some serious Holly Water, that damned demon hatryed of self and ignorance is still having a hand in raising the youth. Lets hurry up and get Obama in, so we can expose these lost ones and throw out a life line, or lock their buts up. America is going to see what real power is, starts with Love, a Jesus kinda Love

  2. Rick

    Freedom of speech is for both black and white. Because you are enraged, upset, or hurt feelings does not constitute a hate crime. Get use to it this is just the beginning. Speech, guns, homes, jobs, education, and genocide. Idiots are enforcing laws that do not exist. Freedom is not free you must constantly fight for it. The sheep are going to give it all away. Wake up smell Obama or BO.

  3. leftistdestroyer

    I see, but it is perfectly fine and dandy to hang Sarah Palin in effigy? http://cbs2.com/local/Sarah.Palin.mannequin.2.849299.html

    One’s “hate crime” is another’s joke, right? It’s bullshit is what it is.

  4. I attend the university of kentucky, and I agree with Rick. Passing by this in the morning didn’t phase me much @ all….I know this is just the beginning

  5. Um…no one said anything about that incident. Is a faux lynching ever right? Um…duh?

  6. Cindy Everling

    Hi Everyone,
    I decided some months ago that this was a forum for me to read and learn from, but as a 60++ white girl, not for me to write. Each time I visit here, I learn.

    Today I am compelled to write a huge, huge, huge
    THANK YOU & an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Thank you Cindy! Don’t be afraid to contribute your ideas. Yes WE Did

  8. Cindy Everling

    I decided some months ago that as a 60+ white girl, this forum was for me to listen and learn from but not to write. But today I am so overjoyed at the election, I just have to say:

    For all of you who have worked so hard on Obama’s campaign, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    For the first time since before Reagan, I have hope that I can be proud of being American again. For the first time since Martin Luther King Jr., I have a national leader inspires me and in whom I can believe. For the first time since the 60’s when I made King’s dream my own, I am moved to tears of joy to see this moment come.

    I know I cannot know directly how it must feel to you to have a president who looks like you. I do know how having a president who reflects back to me all of my core values feels to me.

    Unlike what you may be hearing in the media, I am excited about the possibilities this younger generation will bring to this country. I am excited to see how you will come of age and what you will contribute. I don’t have a “culture war” with a younger generation; I don’t have a “culture war” with people who don’t look like me. I don’t have a “culture war” with people who may not share my faith (or lack thereof); I don’t have a “culture war” with people who have reasoned but different opinions than I have. I DO have a “culture war” with Bush and all the evils he has come to represent; I DO have a “culture war” with those who appear to me to have no civilized culture at all.

    I am not afraid that an African American is our new leader; I am overjoyed. I am not afraid that our federal government will look and be different from any that have come before; I am inspired by the possibilities. I do not worry that the “minorities” may more fully come into power. I am happy beyond belief. It’s about time; it is long overdue and, from my perspective, it IS the very best thing that can come to be. I do not worry about this younger generation; I know enough younger folks to have full faith and high regard for their intelligence, skills, ideas and commitments.

    With my thanks, my respect, my hope for the future here and in the world, I send you today
    my love and belief that together,
    YES, WE CAN!

    for what it’s worth,

  9. Cindy Everling

    didn’t realize my first draft paragraph was posted. duh. …

    That’s what I get for staying up half the night. The coolest personal thing for me is when my grand kids (who happen to be black and adopted) called from the celebration in Chicago last night with their white dad Mike and their Brazilian dad Alex. OH how I wish I could have been there. Wow.

    As the Edwin Hawkins singers sang many years ago,

    JOY, JOY IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, back to reality and the trenches

    but with more hope for the truly disenfranchised than I’ve had in many years.


  10. Cindy Everling

    Hi Sista

    Fear hasn’t stopped me from writing. Humility has.

    Years ago when I switched jobs and cultures to work in the trenches of the east side of Detroit, I quickly realized that nearly everything I thought I knew I had to throw out if I was to build quality relationships. To remind me of that, I made a sign for my desk with a picture of a 1950’s style white housewife, entitled, “Our Lady of Assumptions.”

    I still have it posted here and when folks ask what that’s about I tell them, “If you catch me making assumptions about who you are, tell me!”

    So when I think about posting something here or elsewhere I have to ask myself about my assumptions, why I want to write, and what positive dialogue my writing may add to any discussion. Most of the time I am happy to read, to listen and to learn. It gives me a much better understanding than I will ever get for hearing myself think! What I learn here, I get to pass on to those who are in my life… I will never have The Truth, but only my truth to offer… and that is all good.

    If I ever stop being a student of what it means to be human in all of humanity’s remarkable variety…. just shoot me!


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