My Favorite Reverse Racism Election Night Text Message

I got some crazy text messages myself on Nov 4th after Obama won, but the one John Thrasher posted to his blog was classic.

text message imageBefore my inbox gets flooded with messages from white supremacists, please realize this is entirely a joke and not meant to be serious at all.

Billy Price is one of my favorite black men in all the land, which makes this text message absolutely hilarious!

I need to get a good night’s sleep; 7AM is pretty early.


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11 responses to “My Favorite Reverse Racism Election Night Text Message

  1. VaNessaa

    I get the joke, but it wasn’t funny. I’m black and not sensitive to every black issue, but it’s the obvious joke to use and isn’t creative. Come on, let’s do better.

  2. johnthrasher

    HAHA! Glad you’re spreading the hilarity. We’ve come quite a long way. Imagine if this text was sent in 1960. It’d be all over newspapers the next day. Black is the new President! WOOOO!

  3. To each his own, VaNessaa.

    John: The thanks goes to you John (who is a white man by the way!!!!) for getting the joke and not being all “sensitive”. LOL. Racism is a reality that doesn’t change because Obama won. Colorblind is still blind.

  4. Joe

    That’s incredibly funny! I love it.

  5. dee

    Hehehee.. it’s funny b/c it’s inappropriate.

  6. Aletha

    I always say that the key to having a good sense of humor is to first be able to laugh at yourself…you pass in this class…A+ John!!

  7. Deana

    How does one get to be a “housewhitey” please?

  8. Eliza

    Wow, our country has come so far and yet smut like this is considered “funny?”
    Obama was elected because the country as a WHOLE, including all races, black, white, asian, hispanic… etc. voted him in Together!
    Racism fuels racism! If our country continues to degrade ourself with ignorant comments/texts like this, then we will only end up falling backward…

  9. E Zora Knight

    that was some funny stuff right there. Of all the ones I recieved, I didn’t get that one.

  10. johnthrasher

    I’m glad that a few days later people are generally still laughing at this! I think Eliza up there might be taking herself too seriously! Relax! I’m a white man and was able to take this text in stride. I’m not angry, so why should you be!? It’s all love!

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